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Text Chapter 65 Mom!

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    As soon as Xiaoyaoyou debuted, it caused a big commotion.

    The old god Zhuang Zhou is here, and he not only knows how to change heads, but also has many skills and a huge market!

    In a blink of an eye, December, winter.

    Lingshui County itself has no characteristics.

    A Yuan is already familiar with the environment and looks more and more like a girl in 2021.  And she discovered that in a small county, there are not many opportunities to show her ID card.

    So be bold, brave the cold wind when you have nothing to do, and wander around on a shared bicycle.

    It's afternoon.

    Zhuang Zhou drove back from a hot spring bath 30 kilometers away.

    I don¡¯t know if there are other places. Anyway, there are a lot of places in the Northeast. Build a field like a greenhouse, plant some tropical plants in it, dig a pond here, and dig a pond there.

    ? Men, women, old and young, regardless of the seasons, wear swimsuits to eat dumplings, and squat by the pool to rub their feet

    Basically all the boiler water is burned, known as hot springs.

    The two came back from such a place, and Ah Yuan kept asking: "Why did that woman talk to you just now?"

    "Want to fuck me."


    "I'm young and handsome, with a huge sum of 8 million yuan in my hand. Is it normal to want to date me? Don't make a fuss, successful men are always tempted by beauty."


    "Because beauty does not seduce unsuccessful men."

    Ah Yuan scratched his head, did I tell you this?

    There is a buffet in the hot spring, but the two of them saw that the food was not good, so they came back to eat.  To eat hot food in cold weather, I just found a small noodle restaurant.

    Parked the car, romping around, laughing and joking.

    Zhuang Zhou didn't notice that on the other side of the road, a woman kept looking this way until they entered the shop

    Beauty salon, chess and card room nearby.

    Zhao Yufen, Aunt Guan, and Aunt Zhang had already set up a posture, and three were missing one. After waiting for a long time, Aunt Liu arrived late.  Don't talk nonsense, let's do it.

    Zhao Yufen looks very good recently, and she feels comfortable from the inside out. She is nearly fifty years old and feels the affection between mother and child for the first time.

    Since his son went on a long trip, he suddenly became sensible when he came back. He took the initiative to ease the relationship, often greeted him, chatted with him when he had nothing to do, and even acted like a baby with his mother.


    It's not that the two have a bad relationship, it's just that they are used to the previous way of getting along, and it's embarrassing to talk.  Now that she is much stronger, once she puts down her career ambitions, the former richest woman in Lingshui County also longs for the warmth of her family.

    A few days ago, my son borrowed some money and repaid it within a few days. He said that the studio opened successfully and received several business deals.

    Zhao Yufen was happier, she lacked nothing but a daughter-in-law.

    "A chicken!"

    "Nine cakes!"


    After playing a few hands, Aunt Liu answered the phone, it was her son.

    "Mom, I'm overspending again this month, please support me with living expenses!"

    "How much?"

    "Hey, look at it, 10,000 to 20,000 is not too much."

    "Seventy thousand!"

    "Oh, Mom, you are so"



    Aunt Liu transferred 10,000 yuan, and Aunt Guan asked casually, "Is your son still in Shanghai?"

    "Well, open a photography studio, earn a day and lose a day, and I have to support it from time to time, I'm so worried."

    "Nowadays, young people start their own businesses. It's okay to go out and venture out, and come back after having enough fun."

    "I thought so too. The house here has been prepared long ago. Let him come back when he is 30 years old. It would be great to meet a teacher, civil servant, etc., so as to save me from messing around with those dubious people."

    Aunt Liu suddenly turned her head and said, "Hey, Yufen, I just saw Xiaozhuang and his partner."

    "What object?"

    "you do not know?"

    "The kid didn't tell me."

    "Maybe it's a new place. The little girl is pretty good, but she is short and looks young. The two of them are very close, and they hold hands every meal."

    "Really, then I have to see It's blurry!"

    When Zhao Yufen pushed the card, she was a little angry, and the little bastard didn't tell me who she was with!

    If she put it back in the past, she really didn't care much. Isn't the relationship between mother and child warming up now, and she suddenly has a sense of responsibility.


    Night, bedroom.

    ? Two high-tech computers are consciouslyWork hard for the 8 million.

    Zhuang Zhou and A Yuan were playing a game of kings with their mobile phones.  Zhuang Zhou naturally uses Zhuang Zhou, A Yuan likes Angela, and there is another Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao.

    For the remaining single dogs, use Liu Chan.

    He knew he was going to lose as soon as he got started, because the IDs used by Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao were: "Amber Boy | Lemon Girl", what the hell are real couples.

    It's still a big kid who doesn't study hard.

    When couples play games, they just want to be happy for their boyfriend/girlfriend, winning or losing is not important.  The result is the same, Zhou Yu protects Xiao Qiao with all his flesh and blood, and doesn't care about anything.

    Zhuang Zhou looked at it, and simply followed A Yuan.

    Liu Chan: "Nima coins!"

    Of course I lost.

    "What are you doing with me, can you play?" A Yuan said angrily.

    "It's a loss anyway."

    "Then work hard, let the opponent die laughing, I don't want to form a team with you!"

    "Oh, here we go again."

    "No, no, no!"

    He touches once, she hides for a while, he touches again, she hides again, and soon they will stick together shamelessly.

    In fact, the relationship between the two is not passionate, it belongs to the long-term relationship, of course there is no date yet.

    Due to a special environment, they are forced to stay together, thus discovering each other's goodness, attracting each other, and slowly developing a feeling.

    Needless to say, I know it well.

    Feeling the man's gradually eager breathing and hardness, A Yuan was a little shy and scared, and broke away and said, "I'm hungry."

    "What to eat?"

    "Crispy rice, five-flavored."

    "I'll buy it for you."

    Zhuang Zhou has a lazy temperament, but he wants to do something, and he will never procrastinate, just go downstairs when he puts on his clothes.

    When I got to the canteen downstairs, I took a few bags of crispy rice, potato chips and quick-frozen dumplings. As soon as I paid the bill, my phone rang, and I saw it was my mother.

    "Son, where are you?"

    "At home, have you finished playing mahjong?"

    "I just finished playing. I think I have nothing to do. I'll go to your place to have a look."

    "I have nothing to see, I'll see you tomorrow!"

    "This is what I said, I think my own son is not good enough? What secret do you have?"

    "No, no!"

    Zhuang Zhou suddenly got excited and had a very bad premonition, so he hurriedly asked, "You, where are you now?"

    "I've already entered your courtyard, let's not talk about it, hang up."


    At this moment, the surprise (xia) brought by my mother was more exciting than when he traveled through time.

    The brain of a man in his 20s was spinning at an unprecedented speed. He exhausted his IQ and quickly called A Yuan: "Hurry up and go downstairs!"

    "What are you doing?"

    "My mother, my mother is here!"


    "You wait downstairs, leave the rest to me!"

    He stuffed a bag of things to the boss: "Put it here first, come and get it later!"

    Following him, he ran out of the canteen, went to the barbecue restaurant next door and shouted: "Ten meat skewers, one Malatang!"

    Immediately afterwards, she ran into the gate of the community again, and under the dim streetlights, she saw a dark shadow in front of her, and she was about to go to the bottom of the unit building.

    Damn it!

    He sank into his dantian, and roared with all his strength:


    (Also ?
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