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Text Chapter 66: Meet (first order)

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    "Emma, ??scare me!"

    Zhao Yufen was also shocked, turned around and saw the eldest son, and said, "Aren't you at home? Why did you come in from outside?"

    "I'm buying a barbecue! Why did you come here suddenly today, what's the matter?"

    "It's okay, can't I see you?"

    "No, you were too sudden, you made a phone call with your front foot, and then you entered the hospital with your back foot"

    After slapping a few sloppy words, Zhao Yufen got impatient and said directly: "Okay, I heard from your Aunt Liu that you are in a relationship?"


    Zhuang Zhou's hairs stood on end, his face was calm: "How did she know?"

    "When people watch you during the day, they hold hands and eat noodles. That's called being intimate."

    Depend on!

    Aunt Liu, you are removed from my friends list, let Guan, Zhang, and Zhao fight the world!

    "Why didn't you tell me who you were dating, when did you meet? How old is the girl, what job does she do, and where is her home? Are you two living together? You are not young anymore, it's time to think about personal issues"


    Zhuang Zhou's continuous questioning made it difficult for him to resist, so he sighed helplessly and waved over there: "Xiao Yuan!"

    "Emma, ??you've been here all the time!"

    Zhao Yufen was taken aback again, and complained: "You said you child, like running an underground party, I just stood here talking for a long time let's go, go upstairs!"

    "Don't tell me, the two of us are about to have supper. I have ordered the barbecue. Let's go to the store."

    "Oh, that's fine too. Hey, it's a bit careless to eat barbecue when we meet for the first time. Come, come, let Auntie have a look!"

    Zhao Yufen took advantage of the dim light to see a petite girl approaching, wrapped in padded clothes and snow cotton, her bulging silhouette made her even more lovely.

    With a small round face and big watery eyes, he looks really good.  It is not the kind of beauty that is stunning at first glance, but the kind of beauty that is very attractive and attractive.

    She leaned over and called out shyly and crisply: "Hi Auntie, my name is Yuan Yuan."

    "Hey, good."

    Zhao Yufen's first impression was good, she held hands enthusiastically, and walked out together.

    Accompanied by Zhuang Zhou, he could clearly see the goosebumps on the back of her neck, and after walking a few steps, she began to turn around, so he secretly shook her other hand.


    A Yuan turned his head, nervous, terrified, bewildered, and even a little irritated.

    Zhao Yufen is also looking at her, looking at her facial features, the fine hair on her face, her waist ratio, her upturned little butt, and her mannerisms.

    There are often people who are blind on the Internet, and you can tell if it is right by walking.

    There is no scientific basis at all!

    However, people who have experienced it can almost estimate it based on the judgment of various situations.  Zhao Yufen had a bit of a spectrum in her heart. She was not a stubborn elder, but her impression score must have increased a lot.

    At the same time worried and relieved: This girl looks young, but fortunately her son is not a beast!

    When he arrived at the barbecue restaurant, Zhuang Zhou shouted deliberately: "Is it ready? Don't take it away, eat here."

    "OK OK!"

    The boss brought the meat skewers and malatang to the table, and Zhuang Zhou ordered some more casually. A Yuan sat next to him, rubbing his legs under the table with his little hands.

    Zhao Yufen saw that she was nervous, and smiled kindly: "I'll call you Xiaoyuan, how old are you this year?"


    A Yuan lied about his age, and Zhuang Zhou secretly praised it.


    Zhao Yufen blinked, she was indeed a little smaller.

    "Is your home local?"


    "At your age, you should go to college, right?"


    "What do parents do?"


    The more she asked, the more she lowered her head. Zhao Yufen was surprised. Could it be that she has some mental problems?

    Zhuang Zhou coughed, got up and closed the box door, and said in a low voice, "Mom, I'm telling you the truth, don't shout."

    "I'm not mentally ill, what are you shouting about?"

    "Uh, it's like thisXiao Yuan is a criminal."

    "What the hell!!!"

    "Slow down, low down!"

    Zhuang Zhou can't panic, because if he panics, he will definitely be abolished. He said: "Her hometown is in the countryside of Hebei Province. She was a superborn. She has no household registration since she was a child. She has been working back and forth between Hebei Province and the suburbs of Beijing. Now she has no relatives at home.  .

    I also met by chance, and I liked her very much, so I brought her backup.  In order to bring her back, my buddy drove all the way home.  "

    "Are you quite infatuated?" Zhao Yufen snorted.

    "That can't be helped, who made me like her."

    But any normal mother would not agree.  It has nothing to do with the person itself, but an additional thing such as identity, education, social status, etc.

    Zhao Yufen glanced back and forth between the two, not to mention angry, just upset.  The same mentality as the father who watched his daughter get married, the cabbage he raised was raped by pigs.


    A Yuan kept his head down, not daring to make a sound.

    ? My heart is also upside down, what should I do now?

    Should I cry?

    So she closed her eyes, thinking hard about Grandpa, Master Qian, and Uncle Wu, her nose was sore and she shed a few tears.

    Zhao Yufen frowned and stretched out her hand.

    "Mom!" Zhuang Zhou called out hastily.

    "What are you doing? I can still hit her? Don't cry, I don't like to watch this."

    ? Zhao Yufen handed over a wet wipe, and A Yuan squeezed her hand and didn't wipe it. This would be really sad, and she couldn't stop emotionally, and she burst into tears.

    "Wipe, wipe, hurry up!"

    "Tsk, you kid, it's like I'm bullying you!"

    Zhao Yufen became more and more upset, and said: "If I don't come, are you planning to keep it from me?"

    "No, I just haven't figured out how to tell you."

    And I'm busy asking for my salary!

    Zhuang Zhou continued to add weight, saying: "Mom, Xiao Yuan is very pitiful. She has suffered since she was a child and even picked up rags. You can see that she is short because of malnutrition when she was a child, and she has only recently improved.

    Although I like her, I just don't mean it, and I can't bear to meet her!  When I met her, I was being bullied, such a big child, holding a plate taller than her, look at her hands, they are all left from work"

    "All right, all right!"

    Zhao Yufen tilted her head, but she still couldn't help but glanced at it. Sure enough, those small hands were very rough, and it seemed that she had really suffered and tired.  And the more so, the more obvious the contrast, this child is too clear.

    Like a blooming flower, it has plant-based hormonal characteristics.

    And she could feel that her son was sincere.

    "Then what are you going to do, open an account for her?"

    "Well, isn't my second uncle in the village? I wonder if I can get a quota through him."

    "You have an idea!"

    Zhao Yufen sneered, too lazy to stay any longer, and said, "You're too old, anyway, I can't control you, do whatever you like, I'm leaving!"

    She stood up and looked at A Yuan, who was already crying. She was blessed with a good skin, juicy and a spring onion, and she was a little beauty.


    The former richest woman in Lingshui County exhaled through her nose and strode out of the barbecue restaurant.


    Zhuang Zhou heaved a sigh of relief, he had thought about this matter, but it happened too suddenly today and he was caught off guard.

    "Don't cry, just wipe your face."

    He wiped away A Yuan's tears, and said: "The cooperation was very good just now, you cry when you say so."

    "I'm really sad, and I'm also afraid, what should I do in the future?"

    "It's okay, it's okay, she has a knife mouth and a bean curd heart, this test has passed."

    (Fifth update is over! I have said everything that needs to be said, thank you everyone. ?
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