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Text Chapter 68 Expanding New Business

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    A few days later, news came from Meng Chaoyang.

    "The Legend of Langhuan" was a complete failure, no platform was willing to take over, and the post-production was not even finished.  The various public relations of "Mrs. Pearl" also suppressed the popularity of the Happy Tour. Fans held high the banner one by one: "Support girl mothers!"

    Netizens are forgetful.

    Even if you are not forgetful, many people don't care: it's just watching a drama, what do you care about so much, just be happy!  In the same way, it¡¯s just reading a novel, what do you care about so much, just be happy!

    In the same way, isn't the sneaker just looking for my brother to endorse it, don't care about me, it's just a pair of shoes.

    Zhuang Zhou is currently only working on "Love in Uniform", and he knows that he has offended Qiyi and the girl's mother, and he is looking forward to how the other party will take revenge in the future.

    Be sure to report it, otherwise he will be so boring.

    Zhuang Zhou is different from ordinary netizens, who take the money from selling cabbage and only want to sell white noodles.  He has 8 million yuan in his pocket and 80 billion yuan in his heart.

    The key is that he really has 8 million.

    Now, he was looking up some information on the Internet about the star's virtual ip.

    The so-called celebrity virtual IP refers to the two-dimensional animation image created by real people.  At present, it is mainly used for live streaming, online games, online and offline cross-border linkage, etc.

    (By the way: It¡¯s not that I like to use code words, but this book is strictly supervised, and it will be deleted if it involves real names. So students who know it, try to explain the science in the chapter, so that everyone can eat melons.)

    For example, the virtual image "angela3.0" of the big baby was released at this year's Dior spring show, because she is the Dior brand ambassador.

    There is also the virtual image of the four-character brother "Qian Miao", who has become the first virtual spokesperson of Tmall.

    There are also Pang Di, sister koi, male stars with big mouths, etc., all of which have avatars, and there are many.  Even Cai Ming turned into Nanako and made his debut at station b.

    If you are a virtual idol alone, it is difficult to succeed.

    However, with the blessing of a real star, the avatar can be realized as quickly as possible.  They are more flexible, have many, many ways to play, and engage in deep interaction with fans.

    Similarly, avatars can also release more ip value of stars, and use fuller character settings to satisfy fans' reverie and happiness.

    "It's really rough!"

    "This is a business, and we can do it in the future."

    After Zhuang Zhou checked the information, he made a note in his notebook.

    If he holds the right to operate all the top-notch avatars, it will be great. By then, ummmm It's a pity that the foundation is weak now and needs to be developed.

    2049 has a lot of technology about film and television.

    "Virtual No. 3" is mainly about characters, and there are other software with various functions.  He is now familiar with these software in order to develop the corresponding market.

    Don't be afraid of more complicated ones, he still has the 2049 team.

    Generally important things, he is used to taking notes, looking at his small notebook, there are a lot of densely written on it, divided into categories.

    "Head change: the main business at this stage, high income, easy operation, medium demand, long-term development, stable source of funds - can further expand the market, deeply cultivate traffic demand, and promote its beautiful vision of getting something for nothing."

    "Picture retouching: small income, high demand, can be done."

    "Virtual image/idol: the main business in the mid-term stage."

    Other projects, as well as animations, short videos, movies, TV dramas, commercials, etc., all have their own plans and goals.

    There is one last thing, fix.


    Zhuang Zhou clicked on his notebook, and wrote two words after the restoration: public welfare.

    "Why public welfare?"

    A Yuan leaned on his shoulder and rubbed against him.

    With the power of my mother intervening, the relationship between the two became closer. A Yuan was also used to his love, and Xiaozuier had already kissed him.

    "For this project, the relevant domestic units really can't afford money, so it's better to use it to build a reputation. If you want to make money, you're making money from foreignersI have to lay the groundwork first."

    Zhuang Zhou opened station b and found a video "I used artificial intelligence to restore the image of the capital 100 years ago" in his collection.

    The date is 2020, click to play:

    "The source of the original video comes from a documentary video released by "People's Daily" in 2016, which was shot by a Canadian photographer exactly one hundred years ago.

    I mainly used AI to achieve coloring, frame rate repair and high-definition. The sound effects come from the Internet, most of which are recordings of folk culture in Beijing. At the same time, I would like to thank the two masters, Yan Qiuxia and Luo Yusheng.?I quoted some fragments from their works"

    Following the feature film, I don¡¯t know where the capital is. There are bridges and houses. Pedestrians, rickshaws, and camels are walking on the street, accompanied by the unique rhythm of the Beijing rhyme drum

    It was originally a black and white video, but now it is in color.

    The so-called AI restoration, simply put, is to first segment the video through algorithms and training to distinguish trees, sky, faces, clothing, etc., and then colorize the black and white images.

    Traditional restoration is hand-painted by artists and recolored frame by frame. A film often requires dozens to hundreds of people to work hard for dozens of days at the same time.

    Artificial intelligence is the same step, but with faster efficiency and lower cost.

    For this 10-minute video, the up master spent 7 days alone.  Of course, these colors are the result of AI's self-calculation, not necessarily the true primary colors of history.

    The video is very popular, because it was reported by CCTV, with 2 million+ clicks, 100,000+ coins, and 80,000+ favorites.

    "how do you feel?"

    "It's very mushy!"

    A Yuan pointed to the video and said: "The color is too light, unnatural, and has a vague feeling, and there are color blocks in some places, like coding."

    "It's already great. There is no decent technology in this area in China."

    As Zhuang Zhou said, he took the high-tech computer and downloaded a 2049 repair software.

    In 2049, there are a large number of ancient black-and-white images, and because of the war, people pay more and more attention to the preservation of historical materials. The country invests a lot of money in restoration and archiving, which also leads to the improvement of this technology.

    Same as and, it is a fool's operation.

    He downloaded this video from the Internet, repaired it with software, and the high-tech computer began to work consciously again

    "I have already authenticated the account, and I will often post some things in the future. Station b is a good publicity platform. We must make good use of channels to showcase our products.

    This work must be done for a long time, and you will do it while I am away.  "

    "Are you not here?"

    A Yuan grasped the key point: "Where are you going?"

    "This place is different from yours. I can't stay in Lingshui County all the time. I need to talk about many things in the future. I may run around in the future, and I can't live without people at home, so it's the safest thing to do inside and outside.  "

    A Yuan understood, and clenched his fists: "Don't worry, I will guard my house and prevent the enemy from stealing the tower!"

    "Tsk, play less games!"

    Zhuang Zhou hugged her and kissed her.

    Start to feel each other.

    This is a feeling that is hard to describe. It is crispy from the inside out, and even the hairs are comfortable.  Those who have experience will definitely understand, and those who have no experience will forget it.

    Slightly slightly.


    After a while, Zhuang Zhou raised his head and panted, "Okay, okay, I won't be able to hold back any more."

    "Then don't hold back." A Yuan also panted.

    "No, I always feel guilty. Anyway, Chinese New Year is coming soon, and it would be nice if you were one year older."

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