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Text Chapter 69 Treasure UP Master 1

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    Big city, 10 o'clock at night.

    The migrant worker Chen Juan just got off work.

    She is in her early 30s, single, and works for a big company. The salary is not bad, but what follows is endless voluntary overtime.

    ? I have already had dinner at the unit, and I don¡¯t want to move when I come back. I wash up, lay down on the bed, and do a pre-bedtime exercise that must be done no matter what time I go to bed every day:

    play cell phone.

    She doesn't like to watch Douyin, is an old user of station b, a low-key level 6 boss.

    Click on the app, and the homepage is full of videos recommended based on big data: What about butchering pigs, repairing donkey hooves, Guo Dastanson reciting "Will Enter the Wine" in Shaanxi dialect, the first 4k+ai color restoration of the Eighth Route Army battle scene  ¡­

    And a bunch of up masters who talk about political economy, revolutionary history and culture.

    I don't know when Chen Juan started to like watching this kind of stuff.  She thought it was quite small, but found out that there are many like-minded people on the Internet, and she enjoyed watching "The Age of Awakening".

    Like her generation, they grew up in the era when public knowledge monopolized the right to speak, and they experienced "frustration education". Japanese summer camps, German sewers, and American domineering little passports are all famous stories handed down from generation to generation.

    She remembered that when she was in junior high school, the Chinese teacher told the students very firmly: "Japanese people love cleanliness. There is a street in Japan that is wiped with a rag, and they can drink the water in the toilet directly"

    Although the Chinese teacher has never been to Japan.


    At that time, I yearned for it infinitely.

    This mentality has been maintained for many years, until I was working, and the information age came, and I learned to think, especially this epidemic that has stripped off Western underpants.

    When she suddenly came to her senses, she felt confused at the same time. The 80s who were defeated, the post-90s who were brain-dead, and the post-00s who withered, who said these nonsense?

    ? Publicly known teachers have overturned their cars one after another, and their lives are under great pressure. They are washed away by a large amount of fragmented information on the Internet every day, and everything is on par with Natoule.

    On the contrary, it is these spiritual mentors from a hundred years ago who can enrich themselves.


    Chen Juan was swiping, and suddenly came across a video "AI Restoration, Film Texture, Images of the Capital City A Hundred Years Ago".

    Click on it casually, and at a glance, I found that I had watched it, it was the very popular restoration video at station b.  Look at the up master again, the name is "Xiaoyaoyou".

    She extracted memories from a large amount of fragmented information. She seemed to have heard about it, but she had forgotten what it was.

    "What the hell? Still voting for self-made, blatant plagiarism?"

    Chen Juan continued to watch patiently. There was a narration at the beginning:

    "I believe that many friends have watched this video, and now it has been restored with the latest technology. It is still colored and framed, but it is not ultra-high-definition, but an analog film effect.

    In the restoration of cultural relics, there is a saying that repairing the old remains the same. Of course, there are many controversies.  Personally, I think it's better to 'restore the old as before, so as to preserve the truth'.

    This version of the film effect video follows this concept"

    After the narration, the feature film begins.

    Chen Juan has watched it many times, but to be honest, the color of the previous restoration video was really blurry and uneven.

    This one is extremely natural, the color is even and smooth, it will not change color with people's walking, and it is in harmony with the environment, as if it should be like this by nature.

    And through the frosted film texture, the street scene of the capital city a hundred years ago, the flow of people, horse-drawn carriages, and rickshaws staggered, and the market, restaurant, guard of honor, etiquette, and business are all presented in front of you.

    Most of the shoppers are men, there are no fat people, looking at the camera with fear and curiosity, maybe someone's ancestors are inside, I don't know if they are afraid that the camera will suck the soul away

    The details are better, and a lot of popular science is marked in the video:

    "In 1912, the Republic of China was established and the Qing Dynasty perished. However, according to the "Preferential Treatment Conditions for the Qing Dynasty", members of the Qing Dynasty were able to continue to live in the Forbidden City, and they were still called lonely and widowed, and they were granted posthumous titles.  There are many unshaved people"

    "This is near the west entrance of Xizongbu Hutong, Dongdan North Street. The white stone plaque is called the Klinder Monument. The German Minister Klinder was shot and killed here.  Sign the "Xin Chou Treaty". According to Germany's request, the Qing government built a memorial archway here and offered sacrifices to apologize."

    Chen Juan watched a short paragraph, and decisively repeated three consecutive times.

    There are already a few comments below:

    "This technology is amazing, not a little bit higher, I thought I was watching a documentary from the 90s."

    "Praise for popular science!"

    "Walk away here"Well, I'm sure I've heard of it.  "

    There is a reply at the bottom: "Is it the "Mrs. Pearl" that exposed the shady scenes in the industry?"


    Chen Juan also remembered it, and she immediately liked it again, so she directly followed her.  And immediately, she saw that the up master had already posted several videos, all of which were about AI restoration.

    "Coloring + Frame Retouching, Video Data of Mr. Shou Chang's Life"

    "Restored, the only video left by Mr. Lu Xun"

    "Real Image Restoration of the Great Famine in Henan Province in 1942"

    She glanced down and opened it: "This is the last photo left by Mr. Shouchang before his death. The gallows is right next to it"

    followed by:

    "No one gave an order, no invitation, no prior appointment. And there were about 6,000 people in the funeral procession, almost all young men, women and teenagers"

    When I saw 1942, I swiped it, and for some reason, I couldn't help but want to cry.

    She is from Yu Province.

    "My grandma has the habit of hoarding food now. No matter what the family tells her, I don't have to worry about not being full now, but every time my grandma sees good-looking food, she will still buy it at home until the small cabinet is full.  Just take a break."

    "I didn't understand why grandma would pick up a piece of vegetables and a piece of rice that fell on the ground and eat it. Later, I understood that grandma's mother left her rations, and she starved to death"

    "Even though it was so difficult, Yu Province still made great contributions to the national war of resistance."

    "Grandpa Yuan was 12 years old that year. He came from suffering and left behind a full China."

    All are discussing history, only one seemingly professional netizen commented:

    "Is no one paying attention to technology? I dare say that I don't know about this level of AI restoration in foreign countries, but there is absolutely no such thing in China. I don't know where the up owner got the technology. I'm envious and jealous. I hope to have the opportunity to communicate.  comminicate!"

    When he said this, someone replied:

    "Listening to you, I wonder if it was repaired by AI? Don't use the guise of AI, it was actually repaired manually."

    "What the hell is it? After it's been repaired, I'll show it to you for nothing, pick and choose one by one."

    "I hope the up master can restore old movies, I like it!"

    Chen Juan has never liked to comment, and now she also left a sentence: "+1 for repairing old movies!"

    Before she knew it, she looked at the time, and it was already 12 o'clock.

    Hurriedly charging the phone and sleeping under the blanket, the enthusiasm just now dissipated.

    Tomorrow is a brand new migrant worker.

    (and) </div&gt
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