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Text Chapter 70 Treasure UP Master 2

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    Zhuang Zhou is posting five videos a day.

    The materials are all found on the Internet, some are very precious, and even have to be bought with money.  There are videos and pictures, from a hundred years ago to the 1980s.

    There are many people who like this thing, but compared to the mainstream, it is still a minority.

    A few days passed, fans accumulated more than 20,000 people, A Yuan was dissatisfied: "There are only more than 20,000 people, there is no future!"

    "That's right, the number of fans on station b is different from that on Weibo. Ten million on Weibo is normal, and hundreds of thousands on station b is fine. Look at those traffic fans, stinky fish and rotten shrimp, why don't you come to station b to play wild?

    Because no one hangs them, looking for scolding.

    And repairing this thing is originally a public welfare. I want to improve my influence and show off my technology.  By the way, didn't I ask you to check it?  What's going on this month?  "


    A Yuan opened the small book and read: "The boss was born, Puyi ascended the throne, Napoleon became emperor, the Hundred Regiments War, Finland became independent, Huang Gai burned Cao Jun, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Xi'an Incident, massacre"

    "Stop! December 13th, massacre?"

    "Well, do you want to restore the data?"

    "No, no, putting this kind of thing on this day is no different from exposing the country to wealth. Restoration can be done, but it is only to preserve evidence, and it cannot be hyped."

    Zhuang Zhou thought for a while and said, "Let's send out something else."


    On the 13th, it was another night.

    ? Chen Juan came back from part-time work and had no interest in life.

    Still washing up, laying down on the bed, and doing exercises before going to bed.  Today is special, it is the National Memorial Day, I have already watched a lot of activities during the day, and when I swipe my phone at night, it is also full of related topics.

    In fact, this year is very special, the 100th anniversary.

    Old Yuan passed away.

    Chinese space station.

    The Mars rover Zhurong.

    From time to time, she is immersed in an inextricable collective atmosphere. Chen Juan still misses July 1st. She thinks that on that day, Weibo was quiet, and finally she no longer has to look at those bullshit trending searches.

    In fact, no matter whether it is a hot search for entertainment or a hot search for a serious topic, it needs marketing. Otherwise, how can it be seen by netizens?

    This marketing is a neutral term.

    Today is the same, Chen Juan watched a few videos and found that "Getaway" has also been updated, the title is:

    "The Sun Also Rises - Restoration of Precious Videos of Little Boy Bombing Hiroshima!"


    Chen Juan sprayed all of a sudden, rolled on the bed, happy like a donkey suffering from asthma.

    Click on the video, there are already a lot of bullet screens:

    "do it again!"

    "Congratulations on discovering the treasure!"

    "The sun is shining on the Yuanan River (a river in Hiroshima)!"

    At the beginning of the video, it was a black-and-white documentary at first glance, but it was restored into color, and the narrator said:

    "After the Bostein meeting, Truman returned home on the USS Augusta. On this cruiser, he gave a simple order to the military: Go drop that big bomb. Now there is no choice.

    So, the atomic bomb was carefully transported to Tinian Island, the airport dedicated to the 509th group.  It's codenamed, Little Boy.

    This is the scene when the little boy came out of the warehouse.  "

    At this time, in the midst of "naughty little boy", "little boy: Happy New Year", and "the light of the right way", Chen Juan found a discordant barrage:

    "This is going to be thrown in China, don't listen to the narration!"


    Chen Juan raised her hand and clicked a report.

    She has never watched this documentary, but now she watches the repaired one directly, and feels that it is the same as the previous videos, which is natural and comfortable, without the slightest sense of awkwardness after restoration.

    The film is not long, and it roughly introduces the various preparations before throwing the little boy.

    "Until then, the members of Team 509 were told that the purpose of their ten-month training was to drop an atomic bomb. The energy produced by nuclear fission is many times greater than the energy of the incendiary bomb Li Mei threw when attacking Tokyo"

    "Choose a target among the four cities of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Kokura, and Niigata. According to the weather conditions, the target is Hiroshima."

    "This is the moment when the little boy threw it. It is 9:16."

    When the video was put here, the sound suddenly disappeared, and there was a strange silence. The screen switched, and the colors became more intense, like an oil painting.  A few words are marked on the video: The following is a non-documentary segment.

    ?On the city horizon, the sky is grayMeng, a huge mass of light like a scorching sun, erupted on the horizon, rose, and shone around

    The music engraved in the dna sounded, and the trumpet sounded passionately.

    "The Sun Also Rises"!

    The barrage suddenly flooded like a flood:

    "666! Inscription, tired of talking!"

    "The emperor who recruits nuclear weapons exits the live broadcast room!"

    "Thanks to the American old iron for sending a super fire!"

    "I don't think it is advisable to gloat, Japanese civilians are innocent!"

    "Aren't the 300,000 civilians slaughtered by the blue whale innocent?!!!"

    "The mountains and rivers are different, and we can't live together! I will empathize with you with a few masks. Japan's foreign propaganda is good!"

    "Dang girl, fuck off!"

    Chen Juan didn't finish watching, turned off the video, let alone read the comments, there must have been a quarrel.  Because she knows: History has long told us that puppet troops have always outnumbered devils.

    She ran to the up master's space, staring at the ugly, funny, and cute big fish logo.

    Ouch, this is a treasure up master!


    Getaway finally caused a bit of heat, and the number of fans skyrocketed to, uh, more than 60,000.

    The video barrage quickly exceeded a thousand, with more than 200,000 hits, and was transferred to Weibo, which is considered a small out of the circle.

    Some official accounts have also seen it, and of course they will not participate in the comments, and they are also happy about the content.  What they really focus on is that repair technology.

    Don't underestimate this thing. For archives such as old film and old photos, superb restoration technology can save and continue their value.

    Zhuang Zhou also felt that it was almost done, and his technical performance was ok.

    Let's get down to business.

    ? Beijing, No. 3 Tianwenhuiyuan Road, Xiaoxi.

    There is an inconspicuous white building here, with two brands and a set of people: China Film Archives, China Film Art Research Center.

    This is the only national-level film archive and film theory research and education institution that is qualified to recruit graduate students, and the level is very high.

    Li Meng is a media major, and then a postgraduate student here, and is now a researcher, responsible for cataloging materials.

    Early this morning, she was busy at work when her cell phone rang suddenly. It was an old classmate who was quite unexpected.

    "Hey, Sister Meng!"

    "Mr. Zhuang, why did you think of calling me? I'm not in the entertainment industry, so I don't have a job to introduce to you."

    "It's superficial. If you are not in the entertainment industry, you can't cooperate? Hey, do you know the name of my studio?"

    "Uh, uh"

    "Xiaoyaoyou, there is a number at station b, you can search it, and you will understand after reading it."

    Li Meng didn't pay much attention to those things, she was at a loss, and the other party held up the phone and didn't hang up, so she had to search immediately, took a few glances, and was first shocked by the magical repair technology!

    Although she doesn't do repairs, she knows a lot from being in contact with professionals all day long.

    "you you¡­¡­"

    She reacted immediately, and quickly asked: "You want to restore the movie for us?!?
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