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Text Chapter 71 Film Archives

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    The theoretical storage time of film is hundreds of years, but in actual operation, it is only 100 years at most.

    The earliest film film in China appeared after 1920 and has been stored for a hundred years. Damage such as mildew, pollution, discoloration, flickering, and frame loss inevitably occurred.

    So it needs to be fixed.

    The China Film Archive has two film libraries, one in the suburbs of Beijing and the other in Xi'an, which preserve more than 30,000 domestic films and more than 600,000 copies of materials.

    In the repairing process, the film is generally washed with ultrasonic water first.

    Clean it up, and then use a film scanner to digitize all the above images and scan them into the computer.  This machine costs nearly ten million.

    ? After digitizing, deal with the fading, scratches, blurring and other issues frame by frame.

    The last is art restoration, mainly coloring.

    Because I didn't know what color it was when I shot it, I had to ask the main creator at that time to study it.  The main creator has passed away, and a group of experts has to be invited to discuss how to make this color, how to make it

    Movies with less serious damage can be restored to a normal 2k version, and a team of more than a dozen people can finish it in two weeks.

    If the damage is serious, or it can be repaired into the popular 4K version, it will take several months or longer. Like the 1934 "Yuguangqu", it took nearly two years.

    k refers to the screen resolution.

    Those of you who often download seeds and watch movies know that there are 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

    The resolution of 1080p is 1920*1080, which we feel is very high-definition.  The resolution of 4k is 4096*2160, so it is called ultra-high definition.

    In the China Film Archive, the annual funding is 35 million.  From 2006 to 2020, more than 3,100 repairs have been completed.

    On average, the cost of each department is only a few hundred thousand.

    While Hollywood spends hundreds of thousands to several million dollars, Disney spent three million dollars to restore "Snow White".

    The whole world knows the importance of restoring old movies. To a larger extent, it is a part of human cultural heritage.  But this thing costs money and effort, and its commercial value is not high, so few people support it.

    Currently doing this work, one is an official unit, such as the China Film Archive and the Modu Film Technology Factory.

    One is a production company that owns the copyright, such as Sunglass King's Zedong Company, yes, that's the name of his company.  Zedong has restored all his works and released the restored Blu-ray DVD.

    The other is the foundation, such as the World Film Restoration Foundation established by Martin Scorsese, which obtains funds through brand sponsorship and private donations to protect and restore various classic films.

    Just because it is important and unpopular.

    Therefore, its commercial value is being developed. The most common ones are the re-screening of old films, and the restored version of "A Chinese Journey to the West", which has earned more than 100 million box office.  The 3D restored version of "Titanic" took 1 billion box office.

    There are also bleak ones, such as "A Chinese Ghost Story" and "New Dragon Inn".

    After all, feelings are hard to talk about.


    "Boom boom boom!"

    Li Meng knocked on the door of the technical department and asked, "Is Teacher Xiang there?"

    "Hold on!"

    After about two minutes, someone opened the door. A man in his 40s said, "Xiao Li, what's the matter?"

    "I have something to do with you."

    "Come in and talk."

    Inside is the restoration studio, which is ordinary, just piled up with a lot of equipment, and the members of the technical team are buried in the equipment, showing no interest in the outside world.

    "That's right, I have a classmate who is doing similar work recently and wants to participate in our project." Li Mengdao.

    "private company?"


    "But we currently have a partner, adding one suddenly, many things are difficult to coordinate."

    "You misunderstood. He has newly mastered an AI repair technology. He borrowed our treasure land, meaning to gain fame, all for free."

    "Free? Free things are expensive! I'm busy here, so I won't entertain you"

    "Don't don't, you look at this first!"

    Teacher Xiang wanted to see off the guests. Li Meng directly took out his mobile phone, showed him the video of "Getaway", and said: "The effect they did is very good, and the construction period is also short. They can really help us!"

    "But ai is immature now, and it is not used in many cases, and it has to be done manually"

    Teacher Xiang paused suddenly, staring at the screen on the phone, and finally greeted his colleagues: "Come here, come here!"

    "What's wrong?"

    "Yo! Is this really repaired by AI?"

    "The colors are so natural!  "

    What a few people watched was the part of the video of the capital a hundred years ago. They were all experts, with focused and serious expressions.

    Although the coloring of ai is fast, it is easy to paste, uneven, and visually unnatural.

    Last year, the archive restored the clip of "My Motherland" in "Shangganling". That is, it is colored by AI, which is very awkward.  But this video doesn't have those shortcomings at all!


    Teacher Xiang pondered for a while, and asked, "Xiao Li, what did your classmate say specifically?"

    "He said that there is no film scanner, the preliminary work can't be done, and the next steps can be done. They are in charge of the technical aspects and just want to make some contributions to Chinese films."

    "Heh! There are still film practitioners who don't expect anything in return for their contributions? Even we want to raise our wages!"

    Teacher Xiang didn't believe it at all, and said, "Call him, and I'll tell him."

    Li Meng had no choice but to call and explain the situation.

    Teacher Xiang took it over and said, "Xiao Zhuang, right? First of all, thank you for your kindness. Movie restoration is a cold business with no commercial value. If you can think of it, we appreciate it."

    "Don't say that, I really want to contribute to Chinese films and make some money by the way."

    "This is the truth. Tell me, what are the conditions?"

    "Let me first promise that we will never charge for the projects brought by the archives. I heard that you have cooperation with many institutions at home and abroad?"


    "I would like to ask your side to help introduce projects in this area, especially those abroad, especially those in Hollywood."

    "It turns out that you want to make money from the Americans"

    Teacher Xiang and his colleagues were all happy, and then said: "I need to report to the leader and do research. But let me remind you first, Americans always need 4k ultra-high-definition versions to restore movies. They give a lot and ask for it. It is not difficult  Small."

    "Thanks for the reminder, I will wait for your message."


    In the archives.

    At this moment, a group of key members watched all the videos released by "Getaway", and no one expressed any objection.

    "The technology is definitely fine."

    "I think so."

    Mr. Xiang said: "Our current partners include China Film Digital Base, Beijing Film Processing Factory, Modu Film Technology Factory and other units, and there are no private enterprises.

    It's not that private enterprises are not qualified enough, but that they have meager profits, or even lose money, and they are unwilling to do it.

    However, we are limited in manpower and funds. At present, we are focusing on rescue and supplemented by restoration, and first save those films that are about to rot.

    600,000 copies, only more than 3,000 copies were made, a team of more than a dozen people, one by one, I honestly see no hope.  Now that someone is taking the initiative to participate, I don't think it should be rejected!  "

    "Don't worry about the old project, aren't we researching it? The key to this matter is how to replace resources."

    "Yes, it is said to be free, but if it is not handled well at the beginning, it may cause trouble later.

    They only have a few videos and no successfully restored film works. Even if we match up, we are not convincing enough By the way, aren¡¯t we preparing for next year¡¯s Berlin Film Festival? Can we let them restore one work first, so that everyone can see the effect  ?  "

    "Okay, that Li Meng, you will be in charge of the communication."


    (Back pain, no more!) </div&gt
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