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Text Chapter 72 Brave New World

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    "Has the movie been delivered yet?"

    "It's passed on."

    "What are you talking about?"

    "A story about a simple Japanese female high school student who stole something in a store. The salesperson patiently communicated with her in depth and taught her carefully. Finally, the female student came to her senses and started a new life."

    "Then what are you doing now?"

    "Repair the movie!"

    "You think I'm stupid, you're clearly cheating!"

    A Yuan banged on the table and pointed to Tao Naimu on the screen. This young lady with a huge face had just changed from a cavalry to an infantry perfectly.

    "Hey, it's time to adjust and adjust in spare time. You don't understand, the so-called *** is a destroyed version of shit, and the viewing experience is extremely bad!"

    Zhuang Zhou sighed: "If I hadn't been able to engage in pornography, I would have become the richest man just by signing up for movies Okay, let's go to the movies."

    The library has already passed on the material.

    They did the pre-processing and converted the film to digital.

    The film archives can be called the mother's home of the movie channel and have a close relationship.  The movie channel holds various film festivals every year, domestic and foreign, which are not very commercial and focus on cultural exchanges.

    At the Berlin International Film Festival next year, they are going to hold a Chinese film week, and there is a unit called "4K Restoration", which will show ultra-high-definition old movies.

    This kind of business is self-operated and paid for.

    Now, major film festivals have similar "restoration units", and they will invite films to participate in the exhibition. This kind of money is paid by the organizers, usually 2-3 thousand US dollars for one show.

    This is another income channel for restored movies. I was invited by the film festival to calculate the money according to the scene.  For example, the Magic City Film Festival is invited every year, and has screened restored versions of "Once Upon a Time in America", "The Pianist on the Sea", "Ruan Lingyu" and so on.

    As for this Chinese Film Week, the film list has almost been finalized, including "Red Sorghum", "Scented Soul Girl", "The Man in That Mountain, That Dog", etc., but to reflect different genres, a few urban films will be added.

    The one that Zhuang Zhou got is "Brave New World", produced in 1999.

    Although the year is approaching, the film is not well preserved, which is reflected in the film, that is, flickering, dirty spots, and scratches on the screen.  Normally, it would take a team of a dozen people two weeks to fix it.

    And in Zhuang Zhou's foolish operation, one button is automatically ok.

    Unlike the video posted by station b, it can be said that the team has already done it. This is a real test, and he has to wait for time to avoid being regarded as an alien.

    "Is this movie good?"

    "It's good-looking, there are very few urban films with such quality nowadays."

    A Yuan sat next to him, leaned on his shoulder again, and looked at the small laptop screen.

    "Brave New World" starring Jiang Wu and Xiao Taohong.

    For publicity, a certain property in Shanghai held a big lottery, and the first prize was a house worth 700,000 yuan.  Jiang Wu, a countryman, won the first prize, so he came to Shanghai.

    He went to the real estate company, but was told: Your house is off-plan, and you have to wait for a year and a half. If you don't want to wait, we can give you 100,000 yuan.

    He is an honest man, and wanted to discuss it with his parents, but his mother said: "The township primary school needs money, and the town government needs money for road repairs. All relatives are here, and I have borrowed 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. Don't come back."  "

    Ever since, a countryman lived in Shanghai for no reason.

    He has a distant relative here, played by Xiao Taohong, who worships money, has high eyes but low hands, and always wants to get rich but can't do anything.

    Xiao Taohong took him in and paid 20 yuan a day for accommodation.

    Jiang Wu wanted to find a job, but he repeatedly hit the wall. Once he worked as a security guard in a nightclub, and was beaten by a guest innocently.  He resigned in a fit of rage, and walked on the road late at night with big bags and small bags. When he passed the underground passage, there was a homeless singer singing that he often saw inside.

    The singer's name is Wu Bai.

    In the late 1990s, Taiwan's Rolling Stone Records tested the mainland film market, casting several films such as "Love Mala Tang", "Brave New World" and "Go to the End".

    It's all music made by Rolling Stone singers, and they also participated in some performances.  This film has Ren Xianqi and Wu Bai, and "Go to the End" has Karen Mok.

    "When I'm drunk, what else can I think about? It's pure love, it's beautiful sorrow"

    "There is a beautiful new world waiting for me in the distance, where there are innocent children and girls' dimples la la la la la la la la la"

    In the underground passage late at night, one person sings and one person listens.

    Jiang Wudao: "I have seen you."

    Wu Bai rubbed his guitar and glanced up at himWith bruises on his face, he asked casually, "How many people did you fight with?"


    Jiang Wu was silent, and said again: "Do you know where there is a cheap hotel? I will go home early tomorrow morning."

    Wu Bai didn't answer, he lowered his head and turned to leave.

    At this time, a voice came from behind: "Just leave like this?"

    "I don't want to leave They forced me!"

    Jiang Wu turned around again, suddenly excited: "I, my name is Zhang Baogen, and I have a two-bedroom house here. I won this house in a lottery, but they told me that it was not built at all, and asked me to wait for a year and a half  

    I called back, and my mother told me not to go home. Almost all the units in the town went to our house to solicit sponsorship.  I can only stay here, at my little aunt's house, 20 yuan a day, 20 yuan!  That's my dear aunt!

    At first I worked as a construction worker, and later as a security guard. I don¡¯t know why, but they just beat me up like this Why do you think this is?  Why!  "

    He completely exploded at a stranger who was not a stranger.

    Wu Bai rubbed his guitar, scratched his head, stood up suddenly, and pushed him: "Isn't it just for a house? Isn't it just a year and a half?

    Do you know how many people in this city do not have the hope you have!  "

    "This film is not bad!"

    Seeing this, A Yuan nodded and said, "This house is worth 7 million now, right?"


    Zhuang Zhou laughed: "Congratulations, you have grasped the key point!"

    The story continued, Xiao Taohong started to speculate in stocks, asked Jiang Wu to invest some money, and lost all.  But Jiang Wu didn't care anymore, because he found another business opportunity: selling boxed meals on the exchange.

    And getting bigger and bigger.

    In the end, the two of them came together, on the construction site of the off-plan house, thinking about their future life.

    "Brave New World" is a good film, but of course it has obvious flaws.

    Zhuang Zhou turned off the movie and commented: "In the past, people could get rich selling boxed lunches, and now they can. Many things have not changed, except for housing prices."

    "Wow, you look like a philosopher!"

    Ah Yuan clapped his hands.

    "So see it, it makes sense to restore old movies. We have taken the first step and are waiting for fermentation."

    Zhuang Zhou took his small notebook, and ticked "Repair".

    Draw a circle on the "short film" again.

    "Let's do this next."

    He used a high-tech computer to contact Chu Jiming, the director of Tianhai TV.

    "Mr. Zhuang, is the journey going well?"

    "Successfully, I got a lot of inspiration from the collection, can you help me make a small film?"

    "what type?"

    "Animation, about five minutes, I will send you the script."

    After a cursory look over there, he said cheerfully: "Little job, no problem, I can give it to you tomorrow."


    Then he contacted Jiang Chao, the tool man, and said, "How are you doing?"

    "Everything is normal and business is stable. When will you come back."

    "Let's go with fate."

    Jiang Chao: ""

    (and) </div&gt
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