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Text Chapter 73 Continue to do the work

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    Another day of overtime.

    The worker Chen Juan returned home exhausted.

    To tell the truth, she has been hammered by life to the point that "as long as she can lie on the bed with her body stretched, with the air conditioner blowing on neither cold nor hot, and quietly brushing her phone", she will feel very happy.

    Now, she swiped station b again.

    At the top of the screen, a reminder of unread messages on WeChat is displayed.  She didn't bother to answer, it was a flirtatious message from a male colleague.


    Chen Juan doesn't even want to get married, so how can she have the time to flirt with others.

    She scanned the recommendation page, found nothing good about it today, and clicked on the news, and there was the latest video of the up master she followed.  Looking down, I suddenly saw one:

    "The Painted Skin of Liaozhai."

    The name of the up master is Xiaoyaoyou.

    "What the hell?"

    This up master often posts some AI repair videos, which became popular with "little boy", but the update frequency has dropped recently, and there is only one in a few days.

    "What is the new story?"

    Chen Juan clicked on it casually.

    At the beginning it was a black screen, followed by a little light emerging from the darkness, like a lamp, a candle, or a will-o'-the-wisp, floating around.  At the same time, the soundtrack sounded: "Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

    Damn it!

    Chen Juan was taken aback, seeing the bullet screen drifting past: "Isn't this the opening title of the old version of "Liao Zhai"?"

    "The Shadow of Childhood!"

    "You also talk about Liao Zhai, and I also talk about Liaozhai"

    "Do you guys know who sang this?"

    "Open the door upstairs and check the water meter!"

    Immediately, the darkness centered on the light, like a group of frightened insects on the paper, faded away, revealing the white paper underneath.

    At this point, I saw what it was:

    It turned out to be an ancient woman carrying a lantern, and the light was the light of the lantern.  The woman's long skirt drags the floor, with thin eyebrows and beautiful eyes, graceful and classical, which is the "line drawing" style in traditional Chinese painting.

    Chen Juan thought it was static, but the woman suddenly raised her head, smiling sweetly and looking forward to her beautiful eyes.

    Then, she started peeling.

    Pick up your own skin.

    In the blink of an eye, it turned into a green-faced fang-toothed evil spirit, and the title of the film appeared: "Painted Skin".


    "Up master changed style?"

    "This technique is amazing, the line drawing can still move, so naturally???"

    Amidst the barrage of bullet screens, Chen Juan watched intently.

    The rest is full of line drawing style, but it is just a moving line drawing.  In a small town in the south of the Yangtze River, there are small bridges and flowing water, and there are many wine shops, with a few strokes of meaning in it.

    At the beginning, it was a market, full of merchants and hawkers, those who sang operas, those who watched operas, those who quarreled, those who fought, those who peddled, and those who bought goods, it was very lively.

    After a while, someone yelled, "Lin Sheng is here!"

    The scene was suddenly quiet, and I saw a skinny and gentle man walking slowly pushing a cart of clothes.

    Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at him with pity.

    Beside a vendor, a melon eater holding a piece of watermelon didn't understand, and asked, "Who is this?"

    "This man's name is Lin Sheng. He used to be a hair-washing handyman on the banks of the Qiantang River. He climbed up to the daughter of the Zhu Mansion, and with the help of his wife's family, he opened a cloth shopThe lady of the Zhu Mansion gave birth to two sons and a daughter.  , Envy others.

    Unexpectedly, something unexpected happened, the house caught fire, and his wife and children died.  This Lin Sheng is an infatuated person, he travels between temples and visits the tombs of his wife and children, and everyone feels sorry for his life.  "The melon seller said.

    "Oh, it's really pitiful."

    The melon eater looked at Lin Sheng again, with disheveled hair and haggard face, and he couldn't help feeling a little more compassionate.

    And that Lin Sheng walked into the market, holding a piece of children's clothing in his hand, and mourned: "There is a loquat tree in the courtyard, which was planted by my wife when she died, and now it is like a roof!"

    As soon as this remark came out, the man was really dumbfounded when he heard it, and the daughter burst into tears when she heard it.

    In the market, the sound of choking was endless, and only words of "loyalty" and "love" were heard.

    Lin Sheng bowed to everyone and said: "Student's family suffered misfortune, but how many unfortunate people in the world do you know? Today, regardless of face, selling in the street, I really can't bear to see the unfortunate people in the world.

    Today's students promise to set up a special fund, and 10% of the income from Jiabu Village will be used for the victims of the fire"

    The melon eater was shocked, and went forward to buy a piece of clothing.  Without burning a stick of incense, a cart full of clothes is sold out, the bowl is full of money, and Lin Sheng pushes the cart back

    Since then, Lin Sheng has become more and more insane day by day, and his business has improved.Every day gets better.


    At this moment, Chen Juan only has two words left in her heart!

    Strictly speaking, this up host is trying to get popular, but she has never seen it like this.  The other party was more like showing off his technology, and made such a short video with content.

    Yes, there is content.

    A while ago, the executives of the goose factory angrily denounced the short video as pig food, which attracted a lot of ridicule: Do you really think that what you make is not pig food?

    Now is the era of massive fragmented reading. It is true that many people like Natou music, but there are also many people who like high-quality videos with good content.

    Chen Juan is one of them.

    She continued to look down:

    After a few years like this, Lin Sheng is no longer disheveled and haggard, but has become white and fat, with a rich figure.

    On this day, he went to the market again and yelled: "There is a loquat tree in the courtyard, which was planted by my wife when she died"

    ? Seeing that the crowd was in a state of confusion, he took out a baby girl and said: "Cut it now, little lady Bo smiled. The little lady fell to the ground, just like my daughter returning home."


    A cry erupted from the crowd, followed by several echoes, congratulating Qi Nongwa on his joy.

    Just at this time, a Taoist surnamed Zhu came slowly, this person is the elder brother of Miss Zhu's family, heard that Lin was strange, rushed to him, and shouted loudly: "How dare you do evil?"


    Lin Sheng's face was pale, he let out a scream, his body shriveled and shriveled, and he curled up on the ground, showing the original shape of an evil spirit, with three painted skins covering his body.

    Everyone was shocked!

    Zhu Daozhang said: "This ghost puts human skin on his body, and he can create a human figure and transform into a human being. Lin Sheng has three painted skins, one is miserable, the other is ignorance, and the third is charity. He can coax the world very much!"

    Everyone knew what Lin Sheng was like, and they discussed:

    "Crying for the old man in front of the people, but busy making people in the back, Lin Sheng is not a human being!"

    "It's really hard to draw skins if you know people, know faces, but don't know hearts!"

    ? Chen Juan has made three decisive rounds, and the barrage and comments have already flooded in:

    "You thought Pu Songling was writing about ghosts, but he was actually writing about reality."

    "Wife and child go to heaven, and mistress turns happy. There is a mourning hall in the community property, and it's best to pretend to cry and sell misery."

    "There are always people who are harsh. What everyone scolds is not his remarriage, and he is still consuming his ex-wife while secretly marrying and having children!"

    "The news upstairs is outdated. This guy and the current guy have been picked up, and they have cheated a long time ago."

    "Up's animation level is too good, delicate and natural, the content is even better, I love it!"

    "The up master has personally proved that he is not a special effects company, but an animation company."

    "I paid attention to the shady revelations earlier, if there is any good work, just figure it out!"

    Chen Juan went to the homepage of Xiaoyaoyou and found that the submissions had been divided into sections, one called "Repair Column" and the other called "New Stories".

    It seems that there is more than one short film!

    Chen Juan suddenly looked forward to it, and even her sleep quality improved a bit.

    Two days later, she found that the "New Story" had been updated again, and excitedly opened it to take a look: "Flowers in the Mirror: Huizhou Banquet Kingdom."

    Ha ha!

    ? Just look at the title and enjoy it, and then look at the content, it is still a line drawing style:

    "On this day, Tang Ao, Lin Zhiyang, and Duo Jiugong came to a small country in the East China Sea, named Huizhou Yanguo."

    "In the city, dogs are respected, and the most respected one is a million bitches" </div&gt
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