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Text Chapter 74: Eat A Yuan

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    Zhuang Zhou made two new stories first, which depends on whether there is any stalk in reality.

    So he got another black foreign teacher: "The strange situation I have witnessed for twenty years!"

    Then, the review failed

    It's so real!

    He had no choice but to look for other materials, and focused on famous articles about celebrities, so he threw out another "Hometown".  This is not a line drawing style, but more and more like a serious animation.

    I saw a golden full moon in the deep blue sky, and below it was the sandy land by the sea, growing endless green watermelons.

    Eleven or twelve-year-old Runtu, with a silver ring around his neck and a steel fork in his hand, stabs at a horse

    Netizen comments are more joyful:

    "Learning Chinese texts at Station B, is this in the river?"

    "I want to watch "Kong Yiji"!"

    "The up master is not at all different from the coquettish sluts outside, awesome!"

    "Where I am so excited, I wrote a special poem, please correct me.

    "Yong Xuan"


    Come to steal melons in the middle of the night,

    Don't be afraid to see it,

    Give it a steel fork.  "

    "Ahaha, so wet, so wet!"

    Some people simply picked it up:

    "This Xiaoyaoyou studio appeared suddenly. It only opened an account on Weibo last month. The first long article was about the non-payment of "The Legend of Langhuan" and "Ms. Pearl".

    At that time, it was lively for a while, and it was popularly searched by girl mothers and Qiyi.  It is not clear how to solve it later, "The Legend of Langhuan" must have become cold.

    "The Legend of Langhuan" originally starred Li Jingyu, who was involved in a number of programs.  "Love in Military Uniform" was the worst. It was originally scheduled, so it had to be changed urgently.  I heard from a friend of mine that the special effects company Youku is looking for is this Xiaoyaoyou.

    Seeing this, do you think Xiaoyaoyou is just a newcomer team?

    That's wrong!

    I have followed them since they opened an account on station b.  What can the special effects company do at station b? Show off their works.  That's what I thought at first, and did post some repair videos.

    However, I never expected that a short animated film will be released now, and anyone with eyes can see how delicate the technology is!

    So I guess, there must be a big boss behind Xiaoyaoyou, and the conspiracy is deep!  "

    "I don't care about the boss, I only care about whether it will be a national comic or not?"

    "To be honest, the style of the video is a bit playful, and I look forward to it being a real animation!"

    "The Three-Body Problem Let's Go!"

    "Don't don't, "Three-Body Problem" should be a series of movies!"

    "The "Three-Body Problem" is not easy to adapt. Ye Wenjie lived in that special era, how to shoot it? But if it is deleted and edited, the logic of behavior will no longer exist."

    "You can shoot anything, hurry up!"

    With some achievements, Zhuang Zhou naturally received a short message from the website, asking about his intention to sign a contract.  Station b is just a display channel at this stage, and it is not going to make a fuss for a long time.

    But judging from the current situation, he still signed, because if he didn't sign, um um he might be overwhelmed.

    In short, after signing the contract, my video was recommended and became more and more popular.  "Painted Skin" achieved the best results, with over one million hits and over 100,000 fans.

    In the past, breaking 100,000 at station b was very impressive, but now it is very difficult.

    While netizens read the new story, they also paid attention to his skills.  Not to mention, a few clients actually contacted Xiaoyaoyou for animation special effects.

    In the entrepreneurial stage, big and small money must be earned.

    Zhuang Zhou has already changed the front page of "Love in Military Uniform" to Youku, 8 million credited to the account, plus some small work, getting closer and closer to the 10 million mark.


    In a blink of an eye, it is the New Year, and there is heavy snow.

    Today's festivals are becoming more and more dull, and the countryside still has some shadows of the past.

    The busiest shopping malls in Lingshui County are the shopping malls, where every family has sales promotions, every household has discounts, and there are movies one after another in the New Year's file.  Zhuang Zhou has always wanted to take Ah Yuan to the movies, but she needs to check the green code. She doesn't have an ID card, but there is a way.

    Ah Yuan was unwilling, and wanted to go in openly after he got his identity.

    ? In the evening, Sichuan Mapo clay pot shabu-shabu belly.

    The county usually feels that there are not many people, but at this time they all popped up, and it was full of people. If Zhuang Zhou didn't make a reservation in advance, there would be no place to eat at all.

    The signboard is shabu-shabu.

    Skewered into skewers, each with two slices of tripe, put them in a hot pot with red oil, and started sweating without eating.

    "Mom, Happy New Year!"

    "Auntie?Happy New Year!  "

    "Happy fart, I just lost 2,000 during the day!"

    Zhao Yufen was wearing a sweater, with the sleeves rolled up a little, revealing the clear jade bracelet on her wrist.  She took what her son handed over and said, "A gift?"

    "open to take a look."

    She opened it and took out a red water glass with a round belly and a smart screen display.

    "This is a smart sterilized water cup that can display the temperature. You can sit for a day playing mahjong and often forget to drink water. With this, you don't have to be afraid, so you can drink water every day"

    "Oh, you are so filial! So filial!"

    "Yes, as long as you are happy."

    The mother is kind and the son is filial.

    A Yuan ate her belly silently, she was quite happy recently, and got along better with Zhao Yufen.

    ? In fact, I have also thought about it. My aunt may have this kind of mentality: Anyway, the son can make money, and he doesn't ask the other party for anything, just be honest.

    But I can't think like this, I must study hard and don't hold back!

    After finishing the meal, Zhao Yufen didn't intend to invite them to the house.

    Some elders like to chatter, and it is fun for the younger generation to come and chatter.  But some elders don't like it, and they feel noisy when they have more children.

    Zhao Yufen is the latter.

    What's more, she also has to play mahjong.

    Mom drove her little polo to the crowd, and Zhuang Zhou and A Yuan went to the supermarket in the shopping mall to buy some snacks and drinks.  It was already out, but he wiped it back suddenly and got into the pharmacy.

    A Yuan followed up inexplicably, and watched him buy a box of thermal ultra-thin natural rubber, a moisturizing aloe vera fun gel, and a playo enhancer.

    Soon she would no longer be a child who didn't understand anything, her face flushed and she was in a daze, but she couldn't speak, she just clenched her fists and beat all the way in the car.

    The old driver Zhuang Zhou was shameless, and said with a smile, "You are one year older."

    "you shut up!"

    "I didn't mean to wait for you"

    "Stop talking!"

    A Yuan covered his face, his ears started to turn red, no matter how straight he was, he knew about the bed.

    It is always said that winter in Northeast China is happy because there is heating.

    Let me mention here that the heating standard in Shencheng is that the room temperature is not lower than 18 degrees, but many communities follow this standard.  It's exactly 18 or 19 degrees, so it won't freeze to death, nor will it be warm.

    Speaking of happiness, it is a place with good heating.

    The heating in Zhuang Zhou's house is good, but it is so dry that he has to turn on the humidifier from time to time.  He flirted with him a few words in the car, and then he didn't mention it again. This kind of thing needs to gradually cultivate the atmosphere.

    So when I come back, I should surf the Internet and play games.

    Then I took a shower consciously, changed my underwear, and consciously procrastinated.

    It was about 9 o'clock.  Zhuang Zhou busily started working, poured the little red wine, dug out the candles and lit them, dimmed the lights, played soft music

    A Yuan hugged his knees and aimed at him.

    One is hesitant and shy, and the other is in and out with a focused expression.

    Although everything that should be said has been said, but on this occasion, it must be said again.  This guy has a lot of experience, but if he likes it, he really likes it, and he feels that the two of them are really harmonious together.

    The atmosphere gradually increased, and the two hands grasped each other unknowingly.


    A Yuan has tried to hug her personally many times, but at this moment she is extremely nervous, with her little hands tightly grasping the corner of her clothes.

    Seeing the man approaching, the familiar smell entered his nose, and he quickly closed his eyes.

    (and) </div&gt
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