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Text Chapter 80: A head of 8 million 2

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    The place where we met was at the hotel where "The Overwhelming World" stayed.

    Zhuang Zhou knocked on the door, there were slight footsteps inside, and the door was pulled open with a creak, revealing Zhao Jun's bitter face.

    "Boss Zhuang?"

    "Hello, Director Zhao, it's our first meeting!"


    The two shook hands, Zhao Jun invited him in, made a cup of tea, looked at him for a while, and felt young and vigorous, with a restrained spirit.

    This studio was rejected before, maybe after seeing the news on the Internet, it actively asked for a visit, saying that the person had already left, and it was hard to see him.

    Zhuang Zhou also looked at Zhao Jun, who was in his 40s, gentle and gentle, a bit old, with wrinkles on his face that had been beaten by the industry.

    This director is not bad. He has filmed some good dramas before, but without the support of big companies, he gradually lost the right to speak.

    "I didn't expect you to come all the way here. I'm quite sorry."

    "It's okay, it's okay, our company is new, and I often run around here and there Oh, this is a little gift for you, souvenirs are cheap, don't dislike them."

    As he spoke, he dug out a pack of Northeast hazelnuts, which were heavy.

    Zhao Jun was delighted, held it in his hand, squeezed it, and said: "Your gift is very real, I happen to love this one, thank you."

    Zhuang Zhou did a lot of homework. Although Zhao Jun also has some industry problems, he is not as disgusting as other directors, and has a good reputation.

    "This time I came here, I did see some negative news on the Internet. But my job is to run business, don't think I'm taking advantage of others, and reconsider?"

    "I know that this has been done in some plays. The actors don't come to the set, they just cut out the pictures. I also watched the effect you made for "Love in Military Uniform". It is really great and the standard is first-class.

    ?Maybe I am old and antique, I always feel that your things are not reliable, if I use them, I may not be able to grasp them.  "

    Zhao Jundao.

    "Then according to your previous filming method, find a stand-in to act, then take a close-up of the main character, and cut out the picture later. Doesn't the actor also contribute a face? What's the difference from mine?

    The only difference is that my effect is better, it saves trouble and money!  "

    Zhuang Zhou continued to confuse, saying: "How long will it take for your drama to get back on track? In fact, this is not your own business, but the entire crew and even the investors.

    I dare to assure you that if I go directly to the investor, they will make a decision on the spot when they hear that it will save trouble and the effect will be good!

    It's not pleasant to say, it's already like this, what are you still insisting on?  "


    Zhao Jun suddenly smiled wryly, yes, both the male and female protagonists have run away, so what a fart I am still insisting!

    "What's the approximate price?" he asked.

    "For 40 episodes of "Love in Military Uniform", I received 8 million yuan for a male number two. But don't worry, we have a discount for the first cooperation, 8 million yuan for one head.

    If the male and female protagonists are both changed, I will give you a big discount, 13 million for two heads!  "

    Why is it so weird?

    Zhao Jun heard awkwardness, hesitated and said: "13 million, then we have to invest more, the employer"

    Before I finished speaking, I laughed to myself: "Heh! 13 million can save the schedule of two popular stars. You can shoot variety shows, engage in commercial performances, receive announcements, and you can make up more than this amount"

    "You're so right! All parties are vying for the top stream. Only when the schedule is seamlessly connected can they be called red, and they can only be called big red if they can be scheduled until next year. What they lack most is the schedule!"

    Zhuang Zhou sighed, and said: "I helped them solve their big trouble, and only charged 13 million, how much?"

    This is called a substantive issue.

    Both celebrities and capital are worried about the lack of resources and cannot make more money, so the schedule has become an intangible asset.  Some people even make a fortune from this, such as some assistant directors who are in charge of casting.

    They have been casting for many years, and they are familiar with all kinds of stars, and some of them simply started companies.

    What are you doing?

    For example, if you want to find a supporting role in a play, entrust this company.

    And the company has the schedules of most of the actors, so and so can spare 15 days during this period Well, the company can match up and the two parties can negotiate.

    Even the schedule has become a business.

    Zhuang Zhou came out of Zhao Jun's room and called A Yuan: "The deal is over, you contact Jiang Chao!"


    2049, stacked buildings.

    Jiang Chao's life is aggrieved and chic now.

    What is aggrieved is that the boss ran away with the boss wife, leaving only himself!  The cool thing is, the boss ran away with the boss wife.?, only myself is left!

    He has raised his salary, and has already rented a house in the stacked building. He comes here every day to surf the Internet, maintain his account, transfer some business, and play chess with Master Qian.

    It is fair and aboveboard to fish and fish, and I am ashamed of my conscience.

    Of course, the boss and the proprietress went out to collect folk songs, which was indeed quite effective.  Send back a piece of work every once in a while, maintaining popularity and income.

    Sister Jun's likes have exceeded 100 million. She is passionate about public welfare and is a frequent guest at various evening parties. Her works cover the middle-aged and elderly people, and more and more young people like her. She is a hall-level singer.

    The dirty demon king, with a unique style, is now the leader in the Hokkien area!

    Qi Qin, Dao Lang, and Su Rui also developed steadily, each with their own fans

    But today, the proprietress suddenly ordered something, which made Jiang Chao baffled.  But I am paid by myself, so I can do whatever I am asked to do.

    He contacted a technology company, and the opposite was a quiet avatar lady.

    Listening to the sound is the type I like!

    Today's Jiang Chao is no longer the college student who lay flat, but has become more active, and dares to chat with young ladies.

    "Hello, may I help you?"

    "I want to customize a piece of software, add source code and algorithm, can you do it?"

    "Yes, we provide this service, but there is an additional fee for the source code. Can you be more specific about the requirements?"

    "The main function is to change the face of AI. First, a real person is needed. He speaks, makes expressions, and moves, and then we replace the face of another person. The operation should not be complicated, and the fool's style is the best.

    ? What the original performance of the person is, it will basically be the same after changing it, only a little fine-tuning can be done, of course, the effect of changing the face must be absolutely natural.  The hardware it uses should not be configured too high"


    The young lady was taken aback when she heard that, and asked, "Do you have any other needs?"


    "that's it?"

    "that's it."

    "Sir, are you kidding? Are you sure you want to do this 30-year-old software?"


    "This concept is even more backward, it's just a different face."

    "I know I know."

    The young lady repeatedly asked, Jiang Chao repeatedly confirmed, and specially emphasized: the functions must not be too many, the rougher the better!

    The young lady went offline with a complicated mood, and after a while, she came up with a quotation, which was very, very cheap, and the two parties initially finalized it.  Jiang Chao immediately reported to A Yuan and won A Yuan's praise.

    "Achao is not bad, keep going!"


    He suddenly became a little depressed again, and asked: "What are you going to do? I am your employee anyway, can't you tell me?"

    "We are developing Xintiandi, just cooperate with the logistics!"

    (Thanks to the new lord I am going on a long trip tomorrow.) </div&gt
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