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Text Chapter 81 Rapid Fall

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    When the news was sent to Jiang Chuan, he had just finished a Wu Pain Acupuncture.

    After hearing this, I didn't take it seriously, and only cared about whether the effect would be natural. When I learned that it was the special effects team of "Love in Military Uniform", I nodded immediately.  This drama has a great influence in the industry, after all, there has never been such a powerful head change

    So the agent replied:

    "It doesn't matter to our Xiaochuan family. It happens to be busy during this period of time. There are several activities to participate in, and we can't take care of the crew But you have to guarantee that the effect must be natural after finishing. We don't want to be on the hot search!"

    In contrast, the employer should pay more attention to it.

    Repeatedly compared the effect of changing the head, and nodded in agreement.  For them, ensuring top-tier performances and big platform channels is already making money.

    So the employer replied:

    "The boss doesn't care! You are an experienced old director. If you think the effect is good, you can k. We only look at the final result Otherwise, why should I ask you?"

    ? After receiving replies from both parties, Zhao Jun also relaxed, as if he had found a perfect excuse for his behavior and got rid of the burden.

    He specially invited Zhuang Zhou to stay for a few more days to participate in the filming and communicate in detail.

    Zhuang Zhou had exactly this intention.


    Another day.

    At seven o'clock in the morning, the crew checked into the hotel.  Zhao Jun was in the room, while dealing with breakfast casually, while thinking about the content of this stage of shooting.

    "Boom boom boom!"

    "Director, it's time to go."

    "You guys go first, I'll be there at ten."

    Zhao Jun looked at his watch and responded casually.  The visitor paused, and reminded in a low voice: "Director, everyone is ready to put on makeup, and we can shoot soon when we arrive."

    "Uh oh, I almost forgot, let's go!"

    He stood up embarrassingly and weirdly, and went to the first floor. Sure enough, several actors were there, including the stand-in of the hero and heroine.

    Generally speaking, substitutes include martial substitutes, literary substitutes, and naked substitutes.  Wenti refers to the substitutes that need to be used in some calligraphy, musical instruments, cooking and other scenes.

    But now the taste has changed.

    The current Wenwei is dedicated to helping actors perform literary plays.

    These two are not from majors, but they have learned dance and done group performances. Because they have similar facial features to Jiang Chuan and Li Weina, they were recruited as stand-ins.

    When the big troops arrived on the set, Zhuang Zhou also rushed over, wearing the same baseball cap as A Yuan, and stood beside Zhao Jun.

    Today's scene is in a garden, and Zhao Jun is giving a play to two stand-ins: "After the heroine became the favorite concubine of the old emperor, this is the first time she and the hero meet.

    The male protagonist is curious at first, and then seeing the true face, shocked, angry, and flusteredThe female protagonist feels ashamed, ashamed, and at the same time feels a little bit of revengeYou two, you two"

    As he was talking, he suddenly lost interest and waved his hand: "Forget it, just act whatever you want."

    The two stand-ins are even more calm, knowing that they will eventually be replaced, and they don't have the idea of ??"acting in front of the camera once and being satisfied", they are here to make money.

    "Okay, get ready!"

    "All quiet!"

    "Try it first, let's start!"

    Zhuang Zhou sat next to Zhao Jun, also staring at the monitor.

    Acting really requires talent. The two stand-ins have neither talent nor hard work. The lines are stiff, the expressions are exaggerated, and the rhythm is disordered. It doesn't feel right at all.

    Zhao Jun's egg hurts, and he asked: "Can this kind be replaced?"


    "Can you really guarantee your acting skills?"

    "If you let Jiang Chuan and Li Weina do it by themselves, will it be better than now?"

    Zhao Jun thought about it seriously, and said: "It's half a catty!"

    "That's fine, I promise it will be a little bit higher. You shoot first, and then give me a piece of material, and I will let the team make it as soon as possible. As long as you frown, I will not charge a cent!"


    Zhao Jun couldn't be sure of his guarantee, but he already thought about it, and sighed: "Forget it, it's all broken anyway."

    After trying the scene once, the filming officially started.  It was almost the same as before, even worse, but he waved his hand and shouted: "Okay! Come on, next game!"

    "Prepare for the next game!"

    "The hero's merits are high, the old emperor is wary, and the heroine deliberately slapped the hero in order to win his trust!"

    The female stand-in asked: "Director, do I really want to fight?"

    Zhao Jun turned his head to look at Zhuang Zhou, Zhuang Zhou said: "Just make a gesture of waving your arms, and touch the opponent's face with your hands.""Get ready!"


    The female stand-in glared and reprimanded, shouted 23456, suddenly raised her hand and swung it over, wiping the other person's face.

    "K! Pass!"

    "Next game!"

    "The heroine was tangled in pain, heart-piercing, turned her back to the hero, and shed a tear."

    "Director, is there any essential oil?"

    "Use a fart of Fengyoujing, just turn around and close your eyes."

    After Zhao Jun broke the pot, he showed great adaptability, and he would rush to answer: "Tears can go up, right?"

    "The pear blossoms are raining, and they are so beautiful." Zhuang Zhou laughed.

    "Okay! Passed!"

    "Prepare for the next game!"

    "The heroine is rolling in the mud"

    "Special effects can be done."

    "K! Pass!"

    "Next game!"

    Unknowingly, Zhao Jun was in a state of rapid advance.

    When I reacted, I suddenly found that today's task has been completed, the time is only 8 o'clock in the evening, and there is no preparation for the temporary addition, so I simply said: "Everyone pay attention, today's plan is completed, you can go back to rest."


    Everyone was stunned, and he repeated: "Yes, it's time to call it a day! It's time to call it a day!"


    The entire crew was elated and felt relaxed today.

    The old actor was a little awkward.

    ?Because the pace was too fast, I didn't play well in a few scenes, but the director called out. I wanted to chat with the director, but seeing him dragging that weird young man into the same car, I had to shake my head and give up.

    This kind of experienced veteran actor will instinctively feel that this shooting method is very dangerous, but if he talks about it carefully, he can't make any sense.

    In the car, is the rapidly depraved Zhao Jun.

    At this moment, he really doesn't have any burden, because it's so cool!

    No need to wait for the late protagonist, no need to temporarily delete the lines, no need to change the shooting plan, no need to carefully serve the ancestors, no need to see that annoying RV, and no need to praise the incomparably hot acting skills against conscience

    Really cool!

    Zhuang Zhou observed his state, and quickly judged in his heart: some ability, can bend and stretch, even if there is some persistence in his heart, now it has vanished, and he is just a poor lying middle-aged man.

    In other words, it is also a tool person that can be cultivated.


    Zhuang Zhou followed the group for a few days.

    Under his deliberate indulgence, Zhao Jun became more and more bold.

    Especially when a head-changing video of a few seconds is done, looking at the natural male and female protagonists, watching a sad tear from the female protagonist, watching the male protagonist's pain, the performance effect is obviously improved

    This dude is completely depraved.

    Don't think Zhao Jun is aware of some kind of danger, but in the face of the reality, he quickly started to feel really good.

    And Zhuang Zhou stayed in Hengdian for more than ten days, with a discount price of 3 million yuan for one head and 3 million yuan for two heads, signed two contracts and left.
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