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Text Chapter 82 Classmates Reunion

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    Beijing, Film Archives.

    In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the archives had a large screening hall that could accommodate 800 to 900 people. Movies were shown every Tuesday. Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, and Tian Zhuangzhuang were all regular visitors.

    Poor students have no money and draw fake tickets by themselves. Tian Zhuangzhuang once used fake tickets to watch a movie and was caught on the spot.

    At that time, the Archives held a retrospective exhibition of British films, showing 40 British films at once. This was the first time that such a large-scale foreign film screening was held after the reform and opening up, and the courtyard was crowded with audiences queuing to buy tickets.

    Later, the French Film Festival, the Italian Film Festival, and the American Film Festival all came, and this became a window for domestic audiences to understand the world.

    Today, the new building of the archives is completed, and the screening hall has also been transformed into an art theater, but this tradition has always been maintained, with more than a thousand screenings every year.

    Friday afternoon, small screening room.

    The credits for "Brave New World" scrolled on the screen, echoing Wu Bai's song.  Li Meng sat in it, silently.

    After a while, someone said: "The restoration effect is better than ours!"

    "Can AI coloring reach this level?"

    "It is said to be the latest technology."

    "Anyway, it's absolutely no problem to take it to the exhibition!"

    "Since there is no problem, then according to the prior agreement, send it to Berlin in March. By the way, Li Meng, talk to your classmate in detail to see if you have any other ideas."


    Li Meng responded, and everyone dispersed.

    She also left the screening room, returned to the office, and left with her bag when she got off work.

    She is a local. There are two old houses in her family, one of which is still in the school district. She was anxious to use up the money in the first two years and sold it at the peak.

    As a result, hey, the policy was introduced, and the school district housing was gone!

    And another old house began to increase in price

    A winner in life.

    Li Meng had his own car, but he didn't usually drive it. He was squeezed into the bastard-like subway in the evening rush hour, and arrived at a restaurant out of breath.

    Entering the box, there was already an unnamed actor sitting inside.

    "Ouch, long time no see! The only one who has had a wedding once, maybe two or three years."

    "The hotel you booked?"

    "I ordered it."

    "What are you doing with such luxury, it's too polite."

    "Old Zhuang treats guests, you are being polite to me, how funny"

    After Zhuang Zhou dealt with the matters in Hengdian, he made a detour around the capital, just to meet these old classmates.  After graduating for several years, many of them stayed in the capital, basically hanging out in the literary and entertainment circles, or engaged in upstream and downstream jobs.

    Classmates, the key is to communicate.

    ? When you get married, have children, or borrow money, you think of calling others, and you don¡¯t even make phone calls, but only send WeChat. How can there be any friendship at all?

    After waiting for a while, more than a dozen people arrived one after another.

    Zhuang Zhou was the last one to arrive, and he apologized when he entered the door: "I'm sorry, I slept in the hotel, I slept and I slept."

    "Stop talking nonsense, you're late for the job, drink!"

    He was not pretentious, drank a cup with a bang, sat down and started the meal.

    To be honest, he didn't have much contact with others except for those close to Meng Chaoyang.  I did it intentionally today, and after chatting, I found that most of them are mediocre, living in the capital.

    Among them, the better one was actually a little fat man named Dai Han who was quite inconspicuous before.

    Like Meng Chaoyang, he is a screenwriter, but his route is different. After graduation, he joined a company that specializes in online universities and online dramas, called Red Fox.

    He is regarded as the veteran of the company. He wrote scripts at first, and then tried to be a director while writing. He is well-known in the industry.

    To what extent?

    If you dive into an 18th-line actor, the other party will not reject that kind.

    This aroused everyone's envy, and they all chatted with lemons: "Old Dai, you can do it! He is our only comrade who has entered the entertainment industry. Unlike us, he only spends time outside."

    "Don't say that, don't say that, Lao Zhuang is much better than me!" Dai Han waved his hand quickly.

    "I'll just do the late stage, and you're the front line of the charge." Zhuang Zhou laughed.

    "That's it! That's it! Let us break the news?"

    "Why does Jie Bao, who lives in the village, have long hair?"

    "Brothers, let me go, I, I drink!"

    Dai Han had no choice but to drink three cups in a row, and everyone laughed.

    Zhuang Zhoutower.  Our company used to count as a waist. We had some spare money. The boss had great ambitions and wanted to enter theatrical movies, but he was hit by the epidemic. The schedule was delayed for a year, and he lost money in the end.

    The new works in the past two years are not ideal, and I don¡¯t earn much.  "

    "Don't be discouraged, steady and steady efforts will definitely restore your vitality."

    "Let me borrow your good words!"

    The two of them did it again.

    "Do you have a project at hand?"

    "There is a fantasy film, "The Mummy Occupies the Great Northeast 2"."


    Zhuang Zhou sprayed it.

    The mummy occupies the Great Northeast What is it 2?  ?  ?

    "I'm telling the truth, don't mind! The title of this film, it's a frivolous sand sculpture! But listen carefully, hey, I really can't help but want to take a look."

    "Is that right? This is what I want!"

    Dai Han was quite proud, and said: "I named it by kissing my lips. I am not talented. I was also the director of the first film. I invested 1 million and made four times the profit. The Douban score is 3.2, which is higher than "Fortress of Liu Hai"!"

    "Oh, then you are too ambitious!"

    "However, the company's funds are tight now. This film only gave me 800,000 yuan. The filming is basically finished, and only post-production is left."

    As Dai Han was talking, he thought about it suddenly and coughed twice: "There is a special effect in particular, I think the effect must be awesome! But the funds are insufficient, so I can only reluctantly give up"

    Zhuang Zhou never disappoints people, he immediately said: "Little boy, look for me!"

    "That's not good, we really have limited funds."

    "Old classmate, it's vulgar to talk about money. So, what do you do tonight?"


    "Then come to my hotel and we'll talk all night long."


    Dai Han was startled, why is the special effects company also bringing potential people now?

    (No more! ?
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