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Main Text Chapter 83 Net University

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    "Slow down!"

    "We must get together when we have time!"


    In the evening, everyone had enough to eat and drink, and the class reunion ended.  Zhuang Zhou stood at the entrance of the hotel to see off one by one, until Dai Han was the only one left.

    "Let's go, I have a car!"

    He went over to have a look, oh, BMW.

    "How much?"

    "It will land more than half a million."

    "Okay, I only drive a car worth hundreds of thousands."

    "In the first few years, a movie was a hit and made a lot of money. The boss gave it as a bonus"

    Dai Han got into the car and said: "In our business, we pay attention to talking about things. It's the first time you meet someone. When you flick your wrist, you can get hundreds of thousands of famous watches. When you lift your feet, you can buy tens of thousands of leather shoes.  What a face!

    If you want to call, people don't want to talk about it. There is no way. This is reality.  "

    When the two were alone, he could say something that was inconvenient to say just now, and said: "Old Zhuang, to be honest, I admired you when I was studying, and you can do anything.

    You see, you used to do public relations, I have heard it before, it is called the 800,000 navy coach, a legend in the industry!  This time out of the mountains, special effects are still available, Xiaoyaoyou is well-known in the circle.  "

    "Is it famous? Why didn't I feel it? I worry about business all day long."

    "After all, you've just entered the industry. Everyone has a fixed cooperation team, and it won't be easy to change for a while. And you lack a convincing work. You have to do special effects for "The Wandering Earth 2" and see if they can find you.  !"

    "That's right, in fact, I still want to develop into making movies."

    "Normal, how easy is it to make money now! It's not that I'm bragging about myself. Internet universities and online dramas are the most suitable for newcomers to practice. You don't have much money now, right? Try investing in one or two movies, and the loss is a small one. If something goes wrong  Explosive money, that is a big profit!"

    Dai Han drove to the hotel.

    Ordinary four-star.

    The two bought some wine and food, and went up to continue drinking.  In fact, the relationship used to be mediocre, but now it is like this. It is better to have friendship, and it is better to have a relationship of interest.

    Zhuang Zhou has just started, but he is planning in all aspects. Production will definitely be the main business in the future.  In the initial stage, it is also a way to practice with the net first.

    "What is Wangda? The general standard is: an investment between 500,000 and 4 million, and a duration of 60-90 minutes, is called Wangda.

    Of course, there are now tens of millions of internet giants, but this is not a common phenomenon.  "

    Dai Han was fat and white, curled up on the bed, and continued to explain to Zhuang Zhou: "From creativity, to shooting, to post-production in Wangda, it takes at least one month and at most three months.

    Basically, there is no need for a schedule, no need to arrange a film, and after the release, the funds can be returned within 1-3 months.

    A little bit of sweetness, a little bit so attractive, will guarantee you money.

    Because Wangda's profit model mainly depends on clicks and advertising.  Among the three giants of Youaiteng, Qiyi is the one that pays the most attention to the Internet, so take it as an example.

    Fantastic Art is free to watch for 6 minutes, and then charges.

    So the rule is: watch for more than 6 minutes, count as a valid click.  According to the quality of the film, Fantastic Art divides the film into five grades: a, b, c, d, and e.

    Category a: 2.5 yuan/effective on-demand;

    Category b: 2.0 yuan/effective on-demand;

    Category c: 2.0 yuan/effective on-demand;

    Both d and e are non-exclusive cooperation, which are 1.5 yuan/effective on-demand and 0.5 yuan/effective on-demand respectively.

    You understand the advertising division, so I won't talk about it.  Just talking about this effective click, in order to retain the audience, we have racked our brains and have summed up three points"

    Dai Han held up three fingers and said: "Title, poster, and the first 6 minutes! These are the three elements of the Internet University.

    The title of the film is like "The Mummy Occupies the Great Northeast", which makes the audience interested in clicking after seeing it.

    Posters are usually divided into two categories, one is eroticism, and a girl with big breasts is used; the other is to enlarge the special effects elements inside, such as werewolves, dragons, monsters, all of which are fancy.  Foolish!

    ?The first six minutes are similar, you must leave a button at the beginning, put the exciting ones first, spend all the special effects fees, make your breasts as big as you want, and your legs as long as you want, so as to attract the audience to continue watching"

    Zhuang Zhou really didn't know it before, but he has learned a lot.

    He humbly asked for advice: "What do you mean by "The Mummy Occupies the Great Northeast", can you tell me?"

    "Oh, the world has misunderstood me too much"

    Dai Han was suddenly very sad, and sighed: "I originally wanted to make a Northeast cult film, but due to limited resources, I can only make a sand sculpture filmThere was a big snake.  The big snake was furious and started killing, almost massacring the village. A Taoist priest happened to pass by and offered enlightenment.

    The big snake then settled down and kept the whole place safe. People in the village called it the snake king.

    A few people naturally didn't believe it, they continued to explore, and met another group of poachers.  The poachers found the huge snake skin shed by the snake king, and threatened the protagonist and his party to look for the snake king.

    In the end, the snake king appeared and killed the villain, but the protagonist survived.


    Everyone scratched their heads, this is a standard silly monster movie, how to change it?

    After a while, Zhuang Zhou spoke first: "Don't be restrained, you can use your imagination, I can fully guarantee the special effects. This snake can be as big as it is, and as real as it is!"

    "Is it okay for a mountain beam to be that big?" Dai Han cheered.

    "Yes! The head is at the top of the mountain, and the tail is at the end of the mountain. No problem."

    "Yo, is that still a snake? Is it a dragon?"

    "The dragon is not in the mountains either, it should be Jiao."

    "Then let's change it to jiao. A snake becomes a python in five hundred years, a boa becomes an anaconda in five hundred years, an anaconda becomes a jiao in five hundred years, a chi in five hundred years, a chi in five hundred years, and a dragon in five hundred years."  .¡±

    "I've heard this saying that if a dragon is successful in cultivation, he will take advantage of the heavy rain and flood to enter the river and sea along the water and turn into a dragon!"

    "Yes, it can't pass under the bridge, it can only wait for the water to submerge the bridge deck, and pass over the bridge. Look at some ancient bridges, there is a dragon-slaying sword hanging on it, which is to prevent the dragon from getting out of the water."


    Everyone's thoughts suddenly opened, and one person said: "How about we change it to the story of "Walking the Flood Dragon and Transforming the Dragon"?"

    "You have changed from an adventurer to a fairy man?"

    "I think it's very interesting. There are too many pictures of big snakes, and even monsters are introverted."

    "That's how it is. When the Taoist priests subdued the big jiao, they pitied him that his practice was not easy, so he ordered him to protect the peace of this place, spread the clouds and rain, and hang a dragon-slaying sword with his own hand.

    Say this sword is taken off, and you can transform into a dragon!

    Then the sword was taken off by the group of poachers, and Da Jiao woke up.  "

    "That's right, although the plot shows mortals, the focus is not on mortals. Any decent villains are all ants. This is the story of a great dragon and a Taoist priest. The great dragon has gone to transform itself into a dragon, and human affairs have nothing to do with it  .

    Of course, the villain has to be drowned in the flood!  "

    Zhuang Zhou interrupted suddenly: "Is that the premise of that era?"


    "After the founding of the People's Republic of China, you are not allowed to become a master!"


    Everyone was happy, and said: "No need, we can do it for a while. The censorship standard of the Internet University is much looser. Before, ghosts could appear openly, but after a wave of rectification, the ghosts disappeared.

    But if you shoot a zombie, a monster, Maoshan technique, it¡¯s all ok.  "

    "Hey, do we count as spiritual recovery? The dragons have come out."

    You say one sentence to another, probably the plot has already been discussed.

    The framework has not changed, there are still a few editors to shoot material, encounter snakes, meet old people, and poachers, etc., but the whole connotation has completely changed.

    Boss Mo was listening, his eyebrows and eyes twitching.

    The requirements for special effects are instantly raised, especially in the part of the dragon transformation, if the filming is not good, it will be ruined.  Dai Han was also worried, and asked directly: "Old Zhuang, the special effects of dragons are not easy to do, are you sure?"

    "The average level is still there!"

    Zhuang Zhou expressed his humility, and said to Boss Mo: "You estimate the cost, and I will estimate the cost. If the cooperation is confirmed, I hope to start this project as soon as possible.

    I won't bother you today, I'm going back to Shencheng soon, and I'll talk to you if I have something to do.  "

    Boss Mo sent him out and came back and said, "Your classmate is very brave!"

    "How to say?" Dai Han asked.

    "Nowadays the streets are full of westernized monsters. It is too difficult to find some oriental charm. Your classmate has just entered the industry and dares to be an oriental dragon. Naturally, you have courage."

    Boss Mo also got motivated and clapped his hands: "Okay, everyone, come on, get the script out as soon as possible!"

    (Two chapters in one, no more! ?
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