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Main text Chapter 84 Power on

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    There is a railway station 6 or 7 kilometers away from the urban area of ??Lingshui County.

    There are 20 trains per day, both bullet trains and high-speed rails, and the furthest distance is Shanghai, so the traffic is quite convenient.  It was snowing here, and the sun was shining brightly overhead.

    Zhuang Zhou came back by train, and saw his broken car as soon as he got out of the station.  And A Yuan, like a koala, ran over furry, hung on him, and called out:

    "elder brother!"


    Zhuang Zhou's old tree is blooming, and his heart is turbulent. No wonder it is said that a small farewell is better than a newlywed.  Do you think this is not called brother?  If I go for another month, maybe even my father will call me!

    "Did you drive here by yourself?"


    "You are very courageous."

    "miss you!"

    Then it was drawn, and it was drawn for a long time.

    Each of them took a bellyful of air-conditioning before reluctantly leaving. Zhuang Zhou didn't dare to let her drive again, and sat in the driver's cab by himself.  In fact, it didn't take long, 20 or so days, but it felt like I hadn't seen him for a long time.

    A Yuan wore a short padded jacket today, with a sweater inside, and the hem and sleeves of the sweater protruded and exposed.  Below are jeans and white sneakers.

    The most special thing is the head, wearing a woolen hair cover, which is coolly hooped on the hair, and a pair of sunglasses is pinned to the neckline.

    "You look good in this outfit, with style and style."

    "It's okay, I learned it from the video."

    "Not bad, not bad, very foreign style."

    Zhuang Zhou couldn't help but take a few more glances. In fact, her facial features are very malleable. It's just that the environment was not good before, and her clothes were too rustic, and her temperament came out after a little dressing up.

    "Are you and mom okay?"

    "Okay, I'll go to have dinner every other day. Auntie said you don't have to go today, she wants to play mahjong."

    A Yuan also asked: "Are you going well this time?"

    "Successfully, the military medal has half of mine and half of yours."

    Zhuang Zhou raised his hand, and A Yuan tilted his body to let him rub his head.

    When the car drove into the county town, it still looked backward and quiet. Both sides of the road were covered with snow, and pedestrians and vehicles showed a half-dead decay.

    The only festive things are the red lanterns and business promotions, after all, it is almost the Spring Festival.

    The two of them had a meal outside, and when they returned to the old building, the familiar Northeast heating system rushed over.  The house was tidy, and the bedding smelled like aromatherapy bags, and it looked like it had just been washed and dried.

    Zhuang Zhou turned on the water heater casually, and it heated up quickly. He took off his coat, hugged A Yuan, and then eh~ eh~ eh~


    A Yuan embodies the state of a girl who has just tasted the forbidden fruit, clumsy but not too clumsy, skillful but not too skilled in cooperating.

    Halfway through the teasing, the water was just warm, Zhuang Zhou carried her into the bathroom, and continued with the other half.

    This time, the wind swept the fallen leaves again, and the rain smashed the plantains!

    Red cherries, red bananas!

    Three hours later.

    Zhuang Zhou leaned on the head of the bed refreshed, flipping through his little books.  There are many projects densely packed on it, and a progress bar is also drawn in a funny way.

    This time, after the "head change", "repair" and "production", the progress bar is longer.

    "Repair is not the main business, and it's ok if you bring a sum. I just talked about an online university, and it uses special effects fees for investment. This is the focus.

    ?The project of "The Overwhelming World" has been finalized, and the two heads are 13 million. I don't plan to use the label of Xiaoyaoyou to register another company called "Age of Miracles".

    All future head-changing businesses, including the initial virtual idol business, will be handled by this company.  "

    "Why the detour?"

    A Yuan was wrapped in a small quilt, revealing her round shoulders.  With the help of Mom's beauty salon, her skin has improved greatly, showing a very healthy, honey-colored beauty.

    How healthy is it?

    Her physical strength is stronger than that of Zhuang Zhou, and she does not need to rest for half an hour.

    "This company will eventually be abandoned, and its function is to harvest the leeks of stars and capital."

    "You can still harvest the leeks of celebrities and capital?" A Yuan didn't believe it.

    "Humph! Do you know Jia Yueting?"

    Jia Yueting, named Booth, was born as an accountant.

    In 2011, LeTV Pictures was established.  In 2012, LeTV Sports was established.

    These two companies have been favored by investors since their establishment, especially Jia Accounting's huge star circle of friends.  Many celebrities invested in shares, totaling hundreds of millions"Don't don't, I'll just go."

    He Saisai didn't feel annoyed at all, and flickered away.

    The others covered their mouths and laughed, Dai Han sat down and whispered: "Isn't it cool?"

    "A little bit."

    "That's quite valuable! In the entertainment industry, what you want is this sense of accomplishment. I don't have to dive in, but you can't give it away!"

    Dai Han glanced at He Saisai, and said: "Although she is a bit coquettish, she still knows how to measure, and her business ability is also good. We often cooperate."

    "and you¡­¡­"

    "No no!"

    Dai Han denied: "I never do anything to my partner, it's too embarrassing. And I don't know who has slept here, and it's not hygienic."


    Zhuang Zhou looked at him, I am often out of tune with you because I am not perverted enough.

    When the convoy arrived at the scenic spot, there was a big stone standing at a mountain gate with big characters written in vermilion lacquer on it: Immortal Cave!

    Except for a few very distinctive ones, the domestic landscape scenic spots are all similar, even the planning of the scenic spots is similar.  Having said hello before, the convoy drove in to the parking lot.

    Just after the Spring Festival, it is the low season.

    When a group of people came down, Boss Mo looked around and said, "Let's do it Move down the table offerings!"

    So Hulala moved down a table, fruit incense candles, and red cloth banners.  The incense table is set up, the camera lens is covered with a red cloth, and the banner behind it is pulled: "Transformation of the Dragon" has started!

    "Take a picture! Take a picture!"

    Zhuang Zhou didn't go there, watching them take a family photo on the spot, everything was sloppy.

    After the shooting, Boss Mo said: "Let me tell you, we plan to shoot here for 5-7 days. The conditions are not too good. Try to overcome it. Then go back to the capital, enter the studio and shoot for a few more days. It's almost the same. The estimated total period  10-15 days.

    The special effects promised by Mr. Zhuang are also very fast. If everything goes well, within three months we will see the release of "Dragon Transformation".  "

    Good guy, dream back to old Hong Kong movies!

    Everyone responded sparsely and prepared immediately.

    There are only two makeup artists in the whole group, and one is dedicated to Sun Jiaolong.  He Saisai simply turned himself into himself, and he got used to seeing her humming a ditty.

    The dressmaker takes out the clothes one by one.

    Due to the overhead background, there is no date to test, and the costumes are also messy.  There are small gowns from the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, retro ladies' vests and trousers, and modern shirts and leather shoes

    There are also various guns, made of rubber, and they are thrown on the ground and bounced a few times.


    Zhuang Zhou squatted on the ground worrying.

    If it weren't for the fact that virtual people can't play now, why would I be looking for you grass-roots team?

    Dai Han called everyone over there, formed a circle, and said: "I repeat, although this drama takes people as the main body, the core is not on people.

    The three of you are editors, and you went to the mountains to shoot material, and came across a big snake.

    Later, I met a mysterious old man who told a legend

    All of the above, your panic after encountering a snake, your astonishment at seeing a snake eat a wild boar to save people, your doubts and contempt when you hear the legend, your soul flying away when you encounter the Ten Thousand Snake Cave, and your anger and helplessness when you encounter poachers

    All of these seem to be expressing you, but in fact they are just laying the groundwork, waiting for the moment when the big dragon will appear.

    60 years ago, it abided by the agreement with the Taoist priest, the dragon-slaying sword will not fall, and the dragon will not come out.

    This is different from "Journey to the West". Tang Seng took off the copybook of Tathagata and rescued Monkey King, which has cause and effect to Monkey King.

    But this is not cause and effect, it is letting nature take its course.

    The turmoil in the world for sixty years, in your eyes, is a sea of ??vicissitudes, but in its eyes, it is only a moment.  If no poacher picks up the sword, someone else will pick up the sword. Jiaolong does not need to repay anyone, it only needs to keep its promise.

    Keeping promises is a kind of practice.

    So you have to imagine how mysterious, ancient, tyrannical, and even attractive the snakes here are.  In this way, the scene can only be entered during the performance, and it will complement each other with the special effects in the later stage.  "


    Zhuang Zhou looked at him with admiration, he really understood the story.

    Dai Han chattered, and said, "How about it, do you have a new understanding of me?"

    "Indeed, the you who told me about the mummy that day are completely different from the you today."

    "My idol is Wang Jing! What is Wang Jing's greatest skill?"


    "Whatever you give him, he can shoot!"

    "Hey, can you take a look at "God of Gamblers" for me?"


    "You made "The Deer and Ding Tale", "City Hunter", "The Gambler", "Chasing Girls" and "New Five Patriarchs of Shaolin"??"

    "Hey, low-profile version! Low-profile version!"

    Dai Han laughed, clapped his hands and yelled: "Okay, start working! Start working!"

    ""Dragon Transformation" is on!"

    (Ah, finally reached 200,000 words)Shall I take a look at "God of Gamblers"?  "


    "You made "The Deer and Ding Tale", "City Hunter", "The Gambler", "Chasing Girls" and "New Five Patriarchs of Shaolin"??"

    "Hey, low-profile version! Low-profile version!"

    Dai Han laughed, clapped his hands and yelled: "Okay, start working! Start working!"

    ""Dragon Transformation" is on!"

    (Ah, finally reached 200,000 words ?
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