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Main text Chapter 85 Getting bigger and bigger

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    There is a position in Hollywood called Visual Effects Supervisor.

    Participate in the whole process from the beginning of film preparation, and work closely with the director until the completion of post-production.

    Simply put, it is what kind of effect the director wants, what kind of effect the special effects can produce, and then shoot and perform according to the expected effect

    This is what Zhuang Zhou did.

    And he has only one person, not even an assistant, and he doesn't bring any equipment.

    The jungle in the south in February is also very cold, the accommodation conditions are poor, and the time is tight and the tasks are heavy, everyone wants to hurry up and leave.

    "Today is the main event!"

    Dai Han yelled with a loudspeaker and said: "You were chased by the big snake, ran and ran, He Saisai ran away from her partner, and she started running and runninghere"

    He chose a path in the forest, and said: "She ran across this road, and the No. 1 camera took one shot directly in front, and the No. 2 camera took another shot"

    Zhuang Zhou didn't understand, and asked, "Why is this the main event?"

    Dai Han gave him a subtle expression, and shouted at the car: "Have you changed your clothes yet?"

    "OK OK!"

    With a cry, He Saisai jumped out of the car that was temporarily used as a dressing room.

    The moment the feet land on the ground, the recoil force from the ground extends from the legs to the upper body, and acts on a pair of organs called Oupai.

    (. y .)¡ü¡ý

    (. y .)¡ü¡ý

    In an instant, everyone's eyes were firmly pulled by a mysterious force, and Zhuang Zhou even heard the voice of duang~duang~.

    "Oh, it turns out that this is the highlight!"

    He Saisai has changed his clothes, tight trousers, outdoor boots, and a tight top, making the chest, waist, and hip lines more and more distinct.

    She has filmed many such online movies, and she knows what the selling points and advantages are, so she doesn't care.

    In the words of the second dimension, this is called meat fan.

    "There will be a snake chasing you after a while, you run along the road, make a panic expression, look back from time to time, just run from one end to the other"

    Dai Han's play was very simple. He asked Zhuang Zhou: "Old Zhuang, do you have anything to add?"

    "Not yet."

    "Okay, get ready!"

    He Saisai unscrewed the mineral water, splashed a little on his face, sweating profusely, and walked to the beginning of the path.

    Although the sparrow is small and well-equipped, it has everything the crew should have.  All the staff were in place, Dai Han looked decent, and added some foreign words: "action!"

    He Saisai is 170 tall, and he runs forward when he strides forward, panting, and turns his head to look at it from time to time.

    She has rich experience in filming this kind of scene, and she can even control the fluctuation of Opie. How can duang~duang~ look better.

    "Click! Good!"

    "One more!"

    Dai Han kept changing camera positions, shooting from the front, from the side, from top to bottom, and from bottom to top.  So Zhuang Zhou kept seeing He Saisai, from various angles, duang~duang~ from all directions

    "Click! Good!"

    After running five or six times, Dai Han yelled.

    He Saisai was really tired and out of breath, so he sat on a chair to rest.

    "The next scene is when you run out of the path, accidentally trip over, and then look at the snake. Who knows that the big snake didn't bite you, and it swayed in front of you and left."

    "Hey Lao Zhuang, where did your snake come from?"

    "let me see!"

    Zhuang Zhou observed the path in the forest, which was ordinary and nothing special, and said: "They passed this path and found the cave where Jiaolong slept. They wanted to go in and explore, so they were driven out by the big snake, right?"


    "This road is a bit simple, but it doesn't matter, I will process it later."

    Zhuang Zhou turned around and said again: "It's no fun for you to throw yourself. I see there is a river over there. Why don't you fall into the river? Then the big snake is on the bank, one up and one down, one snake and one person, play with light and shadow again, the composition is sure."  Excellent."

    "Yes, let her get wet!"

    Dai Han patted his thigh: "Why didn't I think of that?"


    Can't help but say that Dai Han has already passed.

    After hearing this, He Saisai was unwilling, and said: "Director, I didn't say that there will be a falling into the water scene before, and if there is a falling into the water scene, it will not be at this price!"

    "Isn't this changing all the time, play on the spot! I guarantee that with this scene, the number of on-demand will increase by at least 200,000!"

    &nb??Hundreds of years of history, the geographical location is very suitable, in the mountain depression, a river meanders through.  Because it is a scenic spot, the population is still quite large.

    Communicated with the local area, temporarily borrowed two streets, and found 50 villagers to do group performances.  Dai Han stopped bragging, and got nervous with Boss Mo, what did they do before?

    It was filming "The Mummy Occupies the Great Northeast"!

    Now it's time to shoot a big scene!

    "Say it!"

    "Everyone imagine disasters coming, earthquakes, floods, big monsters, everything, just run around crying and screaming. Then you guys will stumble and be bitten to death by monsters, howling hard."

    "Director, is this different from the one in the movie?"

    "That's right, people's requirements for group performances are very professional."

    "You don't ask for anything, are you a regular crew?"

    The villagers are still challenging.

    "Trust, the main thing is to trust everyone, all of them are crouching dragons and phoenixes! Alright, let's get started!"

    Zhuang Zhou clapped his hands, stepped back, and handed over the work to Dai Han.  Dai Han was in a trance, and started the first big scene shot in his life.

    Boss Mo sometimes regretted it, and sometimes became excited. What he regretted was that he was hotheaded and messed around with Zhuang Zhou.  Excited, what if it succeeds?

    What if!

    I have already made a name for myself in the internet circle!

    In Zhuang Zhou's eyes, there are all tool people in front of him, which is a temporary means of film production.  What he wants is a "surface shooting form", and he is not afraid of bad group performances at all.

    The software "Miracle 1.0" has been produced, it can easily adjust the expression, and add a pain mask to the group performance later, perfect!

    Ever since, "Dragon Transformation" is going on an unknown road with different mentality of each person.

    (No more! ?
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