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Text Chapter 87 Film restoration industry

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    In the evening, Zhuang Zhou walked into a restaurant.

    The tone of the lighting is warm, the music is clear and light, and there are not many guests.  Li Meng was already present, and greeted him, saying: "The film dealer has something to do, so we have to wait a while."

    "Is the environment of this restaurant good?"

    "Owned by a Taiwanese, Taiwanese businessmen in Beijing and some Hong Kong people like to come here to talk about things."

    Li Mengshen was mysterious, and leaned forward to signal: "Here, Grandma Liu often comes here too."

    Zhuang Zhou looked in the direction and saw several people sitting at a table over there. One of them was quite old, with gray hair and gentle temperament, but he looked very strong.

    Sitting next to him was a tall and handsome young man, and the two behaved intimately.

    "It's really Grandma Liu!"

    Zhuang Zhou was happy.

    "You used to be a publicist, did you have any contact with him?"

    "No, what they do is a high-end brand, and what I do is swear words in the entertainment industry."

    He paused, and said with a smile: "But there will definitely be in the future, very soon."

    Grandma Liu, a Taiwanese, came to the mainland to develop in the 1990s. She is the head of the China region of an international public relations company. She specializes in luxury goods and has a very good relationship with major brands.

    He is gay, has a bold style, is good at black silk dick, and people in the world call him "Grandma Liu".

    Having been rooted in the capital for more than 20 years, he has a strong network and a high status, and he can be called the leader of the gay circle in the capital.  I like small fresh meat with a strong figure, and I have close contacts with male stars and athletes.

    For example, Huang Yu, the heroine of "Love in Military Uniform", was once the face of Grandma Liu.  In other words, as long as the little fresh meat that he took a group photo with, basically can't escape the evil hands.

    As for these people, some are really gay, some are bisexual, some are straight, and they have to sell their asses for their careers

    Grandma Liu was chatting with her new favorite in her arms. She seemed to sense that someone was looking at her. When she turned her head, she found that it was a super handsome man, and she couldn't help smiling.


    Zhuang Zhou quickly looked away.

    "Grandma Liu seems to have kept a low profile in recent years."

    "He focuses on the fashion industry and doesn't have much film and television resources, and now that capital is invading all over the place, all newcomers who can stand out are supported by big bosses, and Grandma Liu is not enough to watch."

    Zhuang Zhou commented casually: "Of course there is no separation between entertainment and fashion. If a star wants to find an endorsement, he is still pretty good."

    After uncovering this, Li Meng said: "The Berlin Film Festival has just ended. Affected by the epidemic, the three major film festivals are now half online and half offline. Berlin's trading market has become online trading since last year.

    However, the screening was quite lively, and your "Brave New World" received a good response.  Our colleagues who went to the exhibition tried to get you some business.  "

    She paused, and then continued to introduce: "This Taiwanese film company is called Huang Maochang. He specializes in literary films. He produces and distributes them himself. Bi Gan's "Roadside Picnic" and Lou Ye's "Massage" were all introduced to Taiwan by him.

    He has a good relationship with Lou Ye, and this time he wants to restore "Suzhou Creek" and re-screen it in Taiwan.  I originally wanted to find Bologna to restore it, but after watching Brave New World in Berlin, I decided to meet you.  "

    "It turned out to be like this"

    Zhuang Zhou expressed his understanding.

    Italy's Bologna restoration laboratory is one of the most prestigious film restoration studios, accepting business from all over the world.  For example, the restoration of the film at the Shanghai Film Festival is done in Bologna.

    After waiting for a while, this Huang Maochang finally arrived. He was very straightforward and straight to the point:

    "Director Lou Ye and I are close friends, and I want to hold a screening of him in Taipei. "Suzhou River" has been restored before, and it is a 2K version. This time I want a 4K version.

    There is also "Weekend Lover", which is the director's debut work, and the 4K version is also required.

    "Brave New World" is also quite good. I found out that it was invested by Rolling Stone.  Back then Rolling Stone invested in five films in mainland China, "Love Mala Tang", "Brave New World", "Bathing", "Go to the End" and "Yesterday". I think it is very commemorative and I want to restore it together.  "

    "That's six films, "Suzhou River", "Weekend Lover", "Go to the End", "Bathing", "Love Mala Tang", "Yesterday"?"


    "The other half of the rights to the films invested by Rolling Stone are in the hands of Xiying Group." Li Meng reminded.

    "I understand, I will take care of it."

    Huang Maochang nodded, and said again: "However, I'm not sure now, whether every restoration product of your company has the level of "Brave New World"? There is also the construction period, funds, technology"

    "Mr. Huang, I can represent Getaway, she?On behalf of the archive, we hereby promise: our restoration costs will always be 30% cheaper than the Bologna studio!

    If the level of "Brave New World" is not reached, all remuneration will be refunded, and I am willing to double the compensation!  "

    There is no room for saying this!

    Huang Maochang got stuck for a while.

    He had inquired a long time ago that these six films would cost at least 400,000 to 600,000 euros to Bologna.  It's 30% cheaper and can save hundreds of thousands of euros.

    The two sides easily reached a preliminary agreement.

    Zhuang Zhou has not made money from Americans for the time being, but it is not bad to make money from Taiwanese.  After the meal, when Huang Maochang left, Li Meng couldn't help but said, "Old Zhuang, you know this is vicious competition?"

    "What's the matter?"

    Zhuang Zhou said with an innocent face: "I originally wanted to monopolize the film restoration industry. Besides, Bologna is not a good bird, and the debt of that year has not yet been settled!"

    In 2005, it coincided with the 100th anniversary of Chinese film.

    Mark Muller, chairman of the Venice Film Festival, took the initiative to contact the China Film Archive, saying that he could help restore old films and congratulate him on the centenary.  The archives were very happy and let him choose whatever he wanted.

    So Mark Muller, together with Mazzanti, one of the founders of the Bologna studio, came to pick out ten films in person.

    Including Fei Mu's "Spring in a Small Town", Ruan Lingyu's "New Women", etc.

    The archive was inexperienced at the time and handed over all the original negatives.  As a result, after the restoration of these ten films was completed, the other party began to find various reasons and refused to release them in China.

    Instead, they took these ten films to show in other countries, accepted brand sponsorship, collected a lot of money, and caused permanent damage to the original film of "New Women".

    Therefore, in 2006, the archive launched the "Film Restoration" project by itself.

    Once again verified an old saying: If you fall behind, you will be beaten!

    What's even more painful is that this matter was settled in the end, and no one pursued it.  Mark Muller is still an old friend of Chinese films, and he founded the Pingyao Film Festival with Jia Zhangke

    So while talking, Zhuang Zhou opened his mind again, and asked, "Do you all have Lumiere's films?"

    The Lumiere brothers, inventors of film and the film projector.

    In 1895, in a basement in Paris, the brothers showed the world's first film "The Train Comes In".  This is a short video of only 50 seconds, recording the scene when the train enters the station.

    Audiences panicked at the sight of the oncoming train¡ªa day later designated as the film's birthday.

    "Yes!" Li Meng said.

    "What about the Hollywood studio era? Shirley Temple, Chaplin, and the European New Wave?"

    "There are both."

    "Then let's restore it. After the restoration, we will show it all over the world, attract brand sponsorship, and domestic audiences will watch it for free. The theme is "Since the Birth of Movies". Restoring old movies does not make money, but find a way to make money, those foreigners say  What I talk about is public welfare, and what I think about is business.

    Let's not be old scalpers who work hard, earn the money that should be earned, and I will give you technical support!  "

    (No more! ?
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