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Text Chapter 88 Moving On

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    That night, the hotel.

    Zhuang Zhou came out of the bathroom with his big pendulum drooping, covered in heat.

    March in the north is still very cold, but the hotel has geothermal heat, so you don't feel cold when you are naked.  He was digging out his ears when two "dong dong" beeps came from the laptop, and he clicked on it. It was A Yuan's video call invitation.

    Choose to accept, and the girl appears on the screen.


    A Yuan looked up and saw a fruit man, covering his face excitedly: "Why aren't you wearing clothes?"

    "Just got out of the shower."

    Zhuang Zhou saw that she was wrapped in a big bath towel, showing her round shoulders, and asked: "You just finished washing, or haven't you washed?"

    "I'm done washing!"

    "Oh, you are so out of touch, take off the bath towel! Take it off!"

    "Are you perverted and still talking?"

    A Yuan twisted his body and said: "But I can show you a look."

    As she spoke, she untied the bath towel, grabbed a corner with one hand, and swished it, revealing a well-moisturized, firm and plump body.

    Zhuang Zhou cooperated with a "wow".

    A Yuan hurriedly wrapped it up again, and said with a smile: "I have some good news for you, my aunt told me today that the household registration will be approved soon."

    "Really? That's great! After all, hey"

    Zhuang Zhou counted the time, and it was almost half a year. The previous door was converted in half a year. I wonder if it will happen this time?  Or is there anything new?

    A Yuan obviously also thought of this, and said: "Come back quickly, we can be together in case something happens."

    "Well, I'll go back when I'm done."

    "miss you!"

    Her big eyes got closer and closer, her mouth was pressed against the screen, and she gave a kiss: "Wait for you to come back!"

    ah!  Girls are so beautiful!

    After hanging up the call, Zhuang Zhou thought about space for a while.

    When he found out that he could wear it back, all his original plans were overturned. He originally only wanted to survive and make money in that world, but now his focus has shifted back to his own world.

    Now I just started playing and I am addicted, but I am reluctant to leave.

    He scratched his head, let's see the situation at that time, there is no law in the broken space.

    Zhuang Zhou nestled on the bed, took his small notebook and started to keep a diary. Today he met with Huang Maochang, and talked about the restoration of six films, and the remuneration of 315,000 Euros.

    ? 30% will be distributed to the archives, leaving about 220,000 Euros, or more than one million RMB.  The commercial value of restoring this piece is indeed limited, but the significance is significant, and it is part of his puzzle.

    Looking at Xiaoyaoyou again, the funds in the account have exceeded 10 million, and the Age of Miracles also has more than 3 million in the account, which is the first payment from "The World".

    That is to say, in just a few months, Zhuang Zhou has earned more than 10 million yuan.

    In the eyes of others, it is pure cheating, but he himself is not very satisfied, because he always has a mentality of can't wait now, and he can't wait to shuffle the cards immediately.

    And he knows that the enemies he will face are those big capitals hiding behind.

    There is such chaos in the entertainment industry, the traffic is dominant, the fan circle is expanding, they are connected with each other to launder money, cut leeks, and bad money drives out good money capital should be credited!


    Zhuang Zhou let out a sigh of relief, and sent a message to Boss Mo: "Brother, it's been several days, is there a suitable script?"

    There was a quick reply: "If there is a good one, I will definitely send it to you as soon as possible. The key is not there!"

    "Not one?"

    "look by youself!"

    Boss Mo swished over a few story outlines, and Zhuang Zhou clicked on one at random, called "Desert Scorpion".

    In the fictional future world, a biochemical laboratory in the depths of the desert suddenly lost contact. A group of mercenaries were ordered to investigate and found that it was the research result of the laboratory¡ªa large alienated scorpion, which ran out and killed it.  All researchers


    Zhuang Zhou scratched his head, and said: "Routines represent safety, there is nothing wrong with it, and there is no problem with my special effects."

    "Then what do you mean?"

    "This "Desert Scorpion" is a standard monster movie. Now I just want to release the movie quickly. It is enough to have "Dragon Transformation" as a conscience work, and other routines."

    "You are Party A, listen to you."

    Boss Mo made a quick estimate and said, "The cost is about the same as that of "Dragon Transformation", plus our filming labor costs, it's 4 million."


    "Brother, this is in the desert, I have to go to the desert on the outskirts of Beijing"

    &nbspThe technology is too powerful!

    Jiang Chuan's face no longer had a stroke, and actually felt a little struggling; Li Weina was no longer stiff, and actually showed a little collapse and entanglement.

    Especially the three consecutive sentences "You killed my father!"

    Not only the dubbing is good, but also the expression has a sense of layering. Although it is not up to the standard I hoped for, the starting point is too low!

    From 30 points to 60 points!


    Inexplicably, Zhao Jun became more and more happy, as if he had tasted the sweetness.

    "Show it to the employer!"

    "Good stuff!"

    Pointing at the screen, he kept saying, "If everything becomes like this, we'll be ahead! We'll be ahead!"

    Capital boss.

    When he was watching Zhao Junchuan's video, he was hugging a new favorite, er, a woman.

    He was also very surprised when he saw Jiang Chuan, whose acting skills had improved significantly, and his head-changing technique without any trace.  As a successful businessman, it is not easy to think about the problem, but the eyes of the beauty in his arms lit up, and he began to babble:

    "Godfather, why not use such a good technique? I just hate filming!"

    "Be obedient, where will the fans and traffic come from if you don't film?"

    "But hasn't Jiang Chuan changed all of them? Anyway, the audience is looking at the face, so it's okay if I donate a face?"

    The beauty put her arms around his neck, leaned close to his ear, and blew softly: "How about Binghuo?"

    Seeing that the godfather was unmoved, he twisted his body again: "Add popping candy"


    The boss pushed her away slightly, called Zhao Jun, and asked, "If you do this, if you are found out, it will be difficult to make public opinion on the Internet."

    "There are a lot of face changes, so what? Didn't Jiang Chuan find substitutes in the past, and then cut out pictures? Fans don't think there is a problem, so it's okay. Ordinary audiences are not the audience, so why bother?

    What's more, we can improve efficiency and save costs, and we can open one more play if we have this time.  "

    Zhao Jun has been completely blackened.


    When the boss thought about it, he was really right!  Jiang Chuan is top class, top class schedule is money!

    He looked at the beauty, shrugged, then change it.  </div&gt
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