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Text Chapter 89 False Alarm

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    Lingshui County, shopping mall.

    In the Food City on the top floor of the sixth floor, Zhuang Zhou and A Yuan ate a spicy grilled fish meal, and arrived at the cinema next door five minutes before the opening.

    This is the only movie theater in the county. After the reform of Chinese theater chains, the number of screens has soared year by year. The first- and second-tier cities quickly became saturated, and the market began to sink again, developing into county-level cities.

    It can be said that the Chinese film box office has soared like a rocket, and the grassroots market has played a big role.  Especially the Spring Festival stalls are really full.

    Today is a day off, and it is another blockbuster movie with a lot of viewers.

    ? Although it is 2022, due to the chaos overseas, the waters of the Ganges River, Tokyo Bay, and the free and happy America, the epidemic has been repeated, and the virus is constantly mutating, and the domestic situation is also tight and loose.

    Of course everyone is used to it.

    After A Yuan got his ID card, he even went to get a vaccine. This will prepare the green code early, and wait for the ticket inspector to say: "Please show your health code and take your temperature"

    She brushed it under someone's nose, and entered the arena with great vigor.

    Entering the theater, sat down, watched curiously, and said: "I have played virtual theaters before, which is to simulate the environment of a movie theater to watch movies, and it feels the same."


    "What's the difference?"

    "This popcorn is different"

    Zhuang Zhou fed her a piece of popcorn and kissed her again. A Yuan licked his lips and leaned on his shoulder: "That's right, you weren't by my side at that time."

    A young girl in love is simply in the best state.  With Zhuang Zhou holding her in his arms, he was already rejuvenated, a young man in his 20s with high fighting spirit.

    This is the giant screen hall, which is 70% to 80% full, because the movie is called "Doctor Strange 2".

    After "Women's Federation 4", many people thought that the Marvel War was over, but it was not.

    The Marvel Universe is temporarily divided into four stages. The first stage starts with "Iron Man", goes through "The Incredible Hulk", "Iron Man 2", "Thor" and "Captain America 1", and ends with "Women's Federation 1".

    First shoot a single story, and then come to a women's federation, which is well organized.

    In the second stage, we will continue to improve the single-player story, and there will be another "Women's Federation 2", and finally "Ant-Man" will lead to a new superhero plot.

    In the third stage, "Doctor Strange", "Black Panther", "Captain Marvel", etc. were added, ending with "Women's Federation 4".

    Now it is the fourth stage, and there are five films: "Black Widow", "The Eternal Race", "Shang Qi", "Doctor Strange 2", and "Thor 4".

    Last year, "Black Widow" was originally scheduled for May, and the domestic theaters were already gearing up. As a result, Disney suddenly changed the schedule and changed it to be released in July, and it will be released together with streaming media.

    Theater cursing!

    In China, Hollywood blockbusters are not released in July, and high-definition seeds have been released long ago, so that when the film was finally released, the box office was a mess.

    However, due to well-known reasons, "Shang-qi" was not introduced.

    "The Eternals" was also not introduced, because it has "Marvel's first gay superhero who comes out of the closet".  By the way, the director of the film is Sister Dandan's stepdaughter, who was hammered by netizens.

    This will watch "Doctor Strange 2".

    The story of Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch as the protagonists fighting against the villain "Nightmare"

    A Yuan wears 3D glasses, watching Hollywood blockbusters like "two-way foil" drowsy, and is quite puzzled by the elation of other audiences.

    Zhuang Zhou's feelings are naturally different. After "Women's Federation 4", Marvel is ready to play the multiverse.  The key to open the multiverse is Doctor Strange, which leads to the fifth phase of the plan: "Blade Warrior", "Captain Marvel 2" and so on.

    Good guy!

    Since 2008, it has robbed the box office around the world, and it will continue now, with endless descendants.


    After Yayuan yawned for the eighteenth time, he couldn't help but said, "What's the point of this crap movie?"

    "It's commercial blockbusters, popcorn, and cultural invasion in order to make money."

    "Cultural invasion?"

    "Let the people of the world yearn for the lighthouse. It used to be a bright light, a paradise, and a country where superheroes save the earth"


    "They can't even save a building from collapsing."


    A Yuan groaned twice, really couldn't stand it, even full of disgust: In my world, but my country is leading mankind forward, it's your turn to be monsters?

    She couldn't stand it anymore, and was bored, so she tossed her boyfriend.

    &n; Dai Han was half-joking and half-serious, as far as the special effects of the trailer, how many mothers in China can make it?  He now understands why Zhuang Zhou devoted himself to Wang Da, and he quickly produced films:

    People are just playing!

    The estimated duration of "Desert Scorpion" is less than "Dragon Transformation", a little more than 60 minutes.  After a few days of shooting in the desert and a few days in the studio, it was finished.

    Zhuang Zhou originally came to visit the class, but after A Yuan followed, the visit became incidental.

    Ah Yuan is pitiful, he has only traveled in VR, and has never seen any scenery.  I saw the desert for the first time today, and I was very excited. Wearing a cool chick outfit, I was having fun in the desert like a child.

    Zhuang Zhou admitted that after experiencing an oolong incident, the relationship between the two became closer.  A little girl, patted her chest and said that she would stay in this world for you, wouldn't you be moved?

    He played with him all the way, He Saisai all kinds of lemons.

    In the evening, the temperature in the desert dropped sharply, and the crew finished work and returned to the hotel in Kulun Town.

    The accommodation conditions are mediocre. As soon as Ah Yuan entered the room, he threw himself on the bed and rolled over: "That motorcycle is so fun! There is also camel riding, horse riding, it's my first time riding!"

    "If it's fun, stay for two more days and go with the crew."

    "Can I?"

    "of course!"


    A Yuan kissed him and ran to take a bath.  Zhuang Zhou informed and went to Dai Han's room.

    Boss Mo was supervising the work of "The Female Warrior with Two Ponytails". He didn't follow, so he discussed with Dai Han: "With the current progress, it will be reviewed by the platform soon. How about the publicity fee?"

    "The platform will do some promotion in its own channels, and we have to spend money on external channels, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions.

    In fact, except for those with strong funds, Wangda generally does not make publicity.  "A Chinese Ghost Story: Love in the World" claims to cost 40 million yuan in production + publicity and distribution costs, which is very watery.  But to get rid of the water, to that extent is also the limit of the size of the net.

    Unless the profit of account sharing breaks through further and reaches 60 million, 70 million, or even 100 million, it will drive the overall improvement of Wangda.  "

    "Well, I've seen "A Chinese Ghost Story", so that's about it."

    "Isn't this nonsense? Where can I find Leslie Cheung and Wang Zuxian now?" Dai Han asked.

    Not necessarily!

    It will come out later!

    Zhuang Zhou smiled and said: "I think the publicity model of Wangda is very monotonous, or very timid. Put up trailers in places like Douyin, Kuaishou, and Station B, and then find a few popular up masters to recommend them, and it's over.  It doesn't mean much.

    Shall we have a big one?  "


    "I checked the theater movies released in the middle of the year, and there is a Hollywood blockbuster. Let's touch it."

    (Da Zhang! Da Zhang!

    The Northeast is too hot this year)</div&gt
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