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Text Chapter 90 S+

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    Porcelain touch, a traditional art in the entertainment industry.

    In fact, it is similar to rubbing heat, the difference is: rubbing heat is, only rubbing when there is heat; touching porcelain is, they will rub if there is no heat.

    ? This is a technical job. After the touch, whether the career will skyrocket or everyone will call it a fight depends entirely on the strategy.  It's understandable that the sticky coffee likes to play this game, but some of them obviously have a good foundation and like all kinds of touches, which is puzzling.

    It's like a new flower, who combines Zhao Liying's second place, new drama beauty over Pang Di, skeleton comparable to Liu Tianxian, and acting skills that kill Zhou Dongyu in a flash. It's earth-shattering.

    However, when Zhuang Zhou said "Pengci", he meant it literally.

    "Which movie are you referring to?"

    ""Mobius: Doctor of the Night"."


    Dai Han raised his thumb: "Yes!"

    Then he thought about it, and said: "The success rate is very high."

    Mobias is a big villain in the Spider-Man universe. It has the same nature as "Venom", and both are known as "dark superheroes".

    Because Marvel has filmed almost all the protagonists that can be filmed, but the Marvel universe must continue, so what should we do?  You can only start with these villains, supporting roles, and third-line superheroes.

    And playing word games to create a "dark superhero" concept, in fact, it's still a fucking superhero!

    Morbius is a biochemist, a Nobel laureate, suffering from a rare blood disease.  To cure the disease, he experimented with treatments using vampire bats and electric shocks.

    Unexpectedly, it became a pseudo-vampire, with greatly increased speed and strength, ultrasonic positioning, strong self-healing ability, etc., but the side effect is to suck blood

    He has joined a group organization called Midnight Sons, whose members also include Ghost Rider, Blade Warrior, Doctor Strange, etc.

    Look, isn't this connected?

    Therefore, the goal of Marvel is to make endless money for children and grandchildren!

    Speaking back to "Mobius: Doctor of the Night", the filming of this film was completed in 2019. It was originally scheduled to be released in 2020, but was later postponed to 2021, and then postponed to 2022.


    But Dai Han understands what this means, no matter how well the movie is made, if an Internet movie hits a Hollywood blockbuster, it will win anyway.

    Actors are incomparable.

    The team is incomparable.

    The cost is incomparable.

    Plot, half a catty Do you have any plot depth for a Hollywood blockbuster?  Just kidding, it's over after looking cool.

    The last is the special effects, to be honest, he has confidence in the "Dragon Transformation" thief!

    "Knowing that your funds are tight, I will pay 3 million to 5 million publicity fees, which will be included in the total investment. What is the final profit share based on the investment ratio?"

    "Okay, that's what we mean too."

    Ever since, Red Fox invested 3.5 million yuan, and the total investment of Happy Tour was "more than 10 million yuan", which is a real big production.

    Dai Han was a little excited. Not only him, but also He Saisai and others were all full of blood after watching the trailer of "Transformation of the Dragon". Zhuang Zhou gave them an unprecedented confidence.

    After a preliminary discussion, Zhuang Zhou returned to his room.

    After A Yuan took a shower, Pia swiped her phone on the bed, crossing her legs.  She seems to have grown a little bit taller, and her skin is getting better and better. Although she is not white, she is healthy and energetic, and her whole body is full of vitality.

    There is no universally popular, almost pathological "white young and thin".

    Zhuang Zhou also took a bath, lying on the bed without saying a word, A Yuan leaned over: "What are you thinking?"

    "I'm thinking about how to continue to kill Hollywood after killing the domestic industry"


    She was amused, and rubbed his face: "Then have you thought about it?"

    "I have a little idea, you play your game, I will think about it."

    He simply closed his eyes, and then used his arms to block the light source, plunged himself into darkness like a delusional patient.


    The crew filmed in Yinshawan, and left after two days.

    Zhuang Zhou took A Yuan away, did not return to Lingshui County, went directly to Shencheng, er, to buy a car.  Because Xiao Yuan is going to take the driver's license test, and by the way, he will change one for his mother, which will be the second one.

    She was optimistic about it early and said that she would buy a mini.

    So I went to the 4S store of BMW mini, and there were small cars of different models lined up, looking at them with a kind of delicate and juicy girlish feeling.

    When the salesperson looked at A Yuan, he was the target customer group, and when he looked at his clothes, he almost trotted over.

    "mini jcw clubman, the most beautiful model here, cute and a bit rebellious, just fitsbsp; Lao Wang was drinking tea while watching the film. He watched and watched, holding the teacup in his hand without moving. After a while, he put it back on the table, then picked it up again, until the end of the film.


    He tilted his head slightly, neither looked at the screen nor the wall, his eyes were empty, and there were three questions in his head:

    What did I just see?

    I just watched an online drama?

    This girl is from the University of the Internet?

    Lao Wang scratched his hair, played it again, fast-forwarded and scanned it, then drank the tea in one breath, pulled the evaluation form and started writing.

    The theme, on the surface, applies the approach of monster movies, but in fact it is talking about its own things. Hua Longyi's talk is very eye-catching.

    The story, with some flaws, is overall qualified.

    Actors, 18-line actors starred, quite satisfactory.

    Special effects, top level!  !  !

    Overall feeling: It did not imitate Western monster genre films, nor did it pretend to be Chinese culture of gods and monsters. Instead, it really erased a bit of fireworks, showing a dragon that conforms to our aesthetic cognition, and a story between dragons and humans.

    The visual effects and details are particularly plus points.

    Final opinion: s+ signing!

    Lao Wang wrote a good review, and immediately sent the film to the leader, and called to urge: "Boss, watch this first! Watch this first!"

    "Why are you so excited, another "Qi Men Dun Jia"?"

    "It's not as fancy as "Qi Men Dun Jia", but it has an indescribable feeling. Anyway, take a look!"

    The leader was also curious when he was urged, and he clicked on the movie to watch it, and his heart skipped a beat.

    Today, among the three major platforms, Youku is falling behind more and more. Bilibili is only playing the second dimension, and does not engage in online movies.  In the first two years, Goose Factory planned to acquire Qiyi, which had already been negotiated, and was forced to suspend it just in time for a wave of anti-monopoly crackdowns.

    In recent years, Goose Factory has been closely watched, the merger of Douyu and Huya has been banned, and the exclusive music copyright has been banned. It can be said that the situation is very delicate.

    Although the video sector is losing money, its influence is huge. The platform is paying more and more attention to content, just to stop losses and explore new profit growth points.

    In this environment, the size of a network has nothing to do with it.

    However, as a self-aware person, I will definitely record a grade.

    So the leader thought about it, first approved the s+ contract submitted by Lao Wang, and pulled out an application form himself, writing: "Application for promotion with the best resources"

    Goose Factory's own channels are extremely luxurious, such as WeChat, QQ, music, games, novels, comics, celebrities and so on.

    This review is complicated. The leader waits first, and then urges Lao Wang to complete the contract as soon as possible.


    In just a few months, Zhuang Zhou ran back and forth several times.

    It costs a lot of money to stay in a hotel, but I dare not buy a house in the capital. I will go down with a suite. Good guy, the capital chain is broken!

    Goose Factory's Beijing headquarters, he and Boss Mo visited together and met the person in charge of signing the contract. The other party took out a thick contract and said with a smile:

    "Let me talk about a few key points, which are also the part that you are most concerned about. The first is the s+ level, and the unit price of the split bill is 4 yuan, within 6 months from the launch.

    The final split is 4 yuan x effective number of people on demand.  Watching more than five minutes is counted as a valid VOD.  "

    "There is no advertisement?" Zhuang Zhou asked.

    "There are online dramas, but there are no online dramas. Because we have the highest price in the industry for the sharing of bills for Wangda. In addition, there are animations and documentaries, and the payment methods are also different."

    The signing staff continued to explain, saying: "Because it is at the s+ level, there will definitely be some supporting promotion resources. As for whether there will be better promotion, it depends on the high-level judgment on the potential of this drama.

    If you want to promote it yourself, you must communicate with us in time to maximize resources and avoid misunderstandings.

    In addition, we have set up a light chaser club, which can be joined if the cumulative box office of a single film exceeds 10 million, and the membership is valid for 6 months.

    We will organize media interviews, provide better resources, one-on-one service, feel the pulse of the project, help with planning, etc.

    If within 6 months, you have another movie that also exceeds 10 million, then the validity period of the membership will be recalculated from the day when it exceeds 10 million"

    Zhuang Zhou has a subtle expression, this club is very interesting!

    He glanced at Boss Mo, and Boss Mo said, "I've already joined once."

    "Only once?"

    "One time is very enviable!"

    Tut tut!

    Zhuang Zhou thinks about this rule, it seems that I have to prepare for a nail household.

    After signing the contract, he left the headquarters of the goose factory in Beijing.

    Looking at this luxurious and unique building, Zhuang Zhou smiled: Seeing him building Zhulou, seeing his guests entertaining guests, seeing his building collapsed, I want to sleep in this place full of flowers</div>  ;I'm ready.

    After signing the contract, he left the headquarters of the goose factory in Beijing.

    Zhuang Zhou looked at this luxurious and unique building, and smiled: Seeing him building Zhulou, seeing him entertaining guests, seeing his building collapsed, this place full of flowers, I want to sleep in a romantic sleep</div>
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