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Text Chapter 92: Transforming the Dragon (8000 words)

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    Zhuang Zhou was woken up by the phone.

    He was lying on a hard bed in the hotel that he had specially asked for. He touched the mobile phone as if in a dream, and touched it to his ear. Dai Han's voice came from inside: "Boss, you are on the street!"

    "What thing hit the street?"

    "Our movie is online today. I went to watch it just now. There are few bullet screens and few comments. Not many people pay attention at all"


    Zhuang Zhou's mind was sluggish, he withdrew his phone and glanced at the screen, it was 3 o'clock in the morning.

    "Go away, crazy!"

    Hang up the phone and continue to sleep. After some time, Boss Mo called: "Brother, the situation is not good!"

    He glanced at the time again, it was 4 o'clock in the morning.

    "You are an old Jianghu after all, can you calm down?"

    "Hey, don't you have expectations for the film"

    Zhuang Zhou was speechless, hung up again, thought for a while, and simply turned off the phone.

    This time I fell asleep until 8 o'clock, and when I restarted the phone, Belba bounced the incoming calls, including Dai Han, He Saisai, A Yuan, and members of the crew

    He returned one to A Yuan, washed his face and brushed his teeth, and ate breakfast.

    Then I bought a morning ticket for "Mobias" and ran to a nearby cinema to observe the enemy's situation.

    Today is a rest day and Children's Day. Except for the careless parents, no one will bring their children to see "Mobias". They will choose the black version of "The Little Mermaid" next door, starring Halle Bailey.

    and the soon-to-be hybrid Snow White, starring Rachel Ziegler.

    Tut tut!  He looks forward to Hollywood making an animal protection version of "The Lion King", an environmental version of "Joan of Arc", a transgender version of "Beauty and the Beast"

    There were not many people in the morning show, and "Mobius" started.

    Zhuang Zhou enjoyed the movie from a calm and objective perspective, did not go to the bathroom the whole time, and only yawned when the movie was over. His evaluation in one sentence:

    Marvel assembly line products!

    This dark superhero is unknown in the country, and the setting is not as impressive as "Venom", just a fake vampire.  Chinese audiences are tired of watching real vampire movies, not to mention that the movie itself is quite satisfactory

    He became lighter and lighter.

    Who compares the box office with you, it's the price-performance ratio!

    After Zhuang Zhou finished watching the movie and returned to the hotel, he still couldn't help turning on the computer and boarding the Goose Factory video.  "Dragon Transformation" has been placed on the Dafengdui of the Internet Big Channel.

    The core position of the poster belongs to He Saisai, Nai.

    There is a big blurred snake in the background.

    This is the old routine of Wangda posters, never play deep.  After clicking on the video, he looked for the data on the surface, and only saw an "album playback volume", which was 8.05 million times.

    What is the volume of album playback?

    It is to put the feature film, trailer, sideshow and so on into one column, and calculate the total playback volume.

    In fact, it's all bullshit!

    Today's society is an era of data. If the data is refined, it will look good on paper, resulting in false prosperity, and it is easy to fool the audience, fans and Shanpao investors.

    For example, when we go out to negotiate and show the data, the album of our show has played 100 million times!

    When the other party heard it, hey, it's awesome!

    How much is the playback volume of the feature film?  People don't tell you that this data is not displayed on the website.  If someone insists on asking, then as much as the platform says, it is as much as it is.

    So when you look at those Internet giants, you can't wait to release a hundred tidbits and trailers, just to collect data.

    Zhuang Zhou glanced at the data, suddenly didn't dare to read the comments below, and turned it off again.  There is no way, after all, it is the first work, and he is also a little nervous.


    At 10 o'clock in the morning, the worker Chen Juan woke up.

    Today is Enshi's rest day again. She stayed in bed, twisted, swiped her phone, first watched a new video of teacher Lu Qiyuan, and then found that Xiaoyaoyou had also been updated.

    Oh, she suddenly remembered, what movie is going online today.

    Out of the basic integrity of a fan, she decided to take a look, so she turned to the Goose Factory video and clicked on "Dragon Transformation".

    Watching a movie in a theater is really different from watching an online movie.

    When you are sitting in a movie theater, there are more or less audiences around you, and there may or may not be boyfriends/girlfriends around you; when the lights are turned off, the screen is on, and the mobile phones and whispers in the audience slowly calm down

    This is a natural sense of ritual.

    This sense of ritual and the money you spend on movie tickets will make youp; Chen Juan clenched her fists unconsciously. From the eyes just now, she saw a trace of madness and longing!


    Boom!  Rumble!

    The color of the sky and the earth changed, the rainfall was indescribably heavy, and the water in the river was also rising.

    I saw the turbid waves rolling, broken silver flying stars, this huge monster separated from the water surface, its long body rolled up and down in the waves, and rushed towards the East China Sea.

    How can you not desire it?

    Jiao lives in rivers and dragons live in sea.  Jiao's fate is only to transform into a dragon!

    There are fewer and fewer bullet screens, all of which are just one swipe, and some simply close the bullet screen, staring at the last moment.

    The dark clouds are densely covered, and the heavy rain seems to spread as it walks. Every mile it travels, the sky becomes darker by one mile.  After finally swimming into the East China Sea, dozens of lightning bolts danced wildly in the air like silver snakes.

    The dragon twists its long body, rolls with the huge waves, dances with the thunder, and fights heartily in the vast, turbulent, and terrifying sea!

    It is shedding its skin like a snake, and it seems to be desperately climbing an invisible ladder.

    Transforming into a dragon is climbing the ladder!

    I saw it inch by inch, minute by minute, inch by inch, climbing up very slowly, bumping into the obstruction of blood, the test of heaven.  At the end of the sky, there is boundless vastness, the direction of practice!

    Slowly, the big flood is changing.

    It wanted to neigh, but it couldn't make that ugly cow cry; it wanted to flick its tail, but found that the tail grew a lot; the abdomen was painful and itchy, as if new limbs had grown.

    There is also the sarcoid between the foreheads, with two strands of hard bone inside, breaking through abruptly.


    Chen Juan stared at the phone without blinking. She is also a lover of multiculturalism, but for the first time in her life, she saw the dragon in the video.

    The wind and rain gradually subsided.

    Finally, the big jiao leaped with all his strength, as if he had jumped over a dragon gate.

    It has completely changed its appearance, with two horns on its head, four legs under its belly, five claws on each foot, beards beside its mouth, and reverse scales under its throat.


    Ascension means soaring between the universe, while hidden means lurking in the waves.  A super-realistic blue dragon that conforms to the aesthetics of the Chinese people swims above the East China Sea, and utters a dragon chant.

    It no longer looks at the world, and goes straight into the sky without a trace.

    ? Then the wind and rain subsided, and the rainbow was in the sky.

    Everything returned to calm, as if nothing had happened.  And the scene turns back to Guolongling. After the flood, the mountains and fields are in a mess, and Guolong Village in the mountain depression has been completely destroyed.

    The new Guolong Village is on the hill, but in the future, it may not be blessed by Jiaolong.

    ?The legend may not necessarily be passed down, the river continues to flow, and the ancient bluestone bridge still stands deep in the mountains.  </div&gt
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