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Text Chapter 93: Half-Day Results

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    The video ends.

    Chen Juan adjusted her posture, shook her sore wrist, and said with emotion: "It's awesome!"

    She continued to browse other content on her mobile phone, but her mind was distracted. The movie screen of "Transformation of the Dragon", especially the last paragraph, was still churning in her mind.

    Simply go back to the Goose Factory video, click on it again, and rewatch the last few minutes.

    The title of the film is Hualong, and the real protagonist actually appeared at the end, only for a moment.

    But the shock it brought to her was far more than that. In addition to the top-notch special effects, there was also the kind of dragon that started from the cave, went down the river, entered the river, entered the sea, fought with the heaven and the earth in the storm, and broke free from the shackles of the blood.  To no return.

    ?After transforming into a dragon, the green dragon soars above the East China Sea, straight into the sky, and drifts away

    There are many origins of dragons in Western culture, the most mainstream being the dragon in Christianity, a large winged lizard, a symbol of evil.  Based on this setting of the dragon, regardless of how the film and television image evolves, audiences rooted in the same religious culture can easily accept it.

    However, the symbolic meaning and cultural status of the Oriental dragon are too high and complicated. When the Chinese mention the dragon, wow!  Everyone has a longing for a dragon in their hearts, so it is difficult to be an Eastern dragon.

    Chen Juan didn't know that this dragon talisman did not conform to the public's aesthetics, but she liked it very much anyway.

    Many people like Amway. If they think something is good, they have to let others say it well.  So she began to bombard her girlfriends indiscriminately:

    "Quickly watch this! Quickly watch this!"

    "Are you crazy?"


    "Fuck, the member you borrowed from me, you still want to break up with me?"

    Chen Juan ignored her, ordered takeaway by herself, and continued to lie in bed.

    About two hours later, my best friend started bombarding her: "Fuck! Where is this fairy movie from? The special effects are amazing!"

    "That's right! When I watched the final transformation into a dragon, I felt overwhelmed!"

    "Blog people to die!"

    The two of them communicated excitedly, and it was another beautiful day-the spiritual world of a worker is actually very easy to satisfy.


    Red Fox.

    Dai Han and Boss Mo are scrolling through the video uncontrollably, every time they refresh and see the increase in the number of on-demand, they will become more and more happy.

    "Dragon Transformation" was launched at zero o'clock, excluding the garbage time in the early morning. From 7:00 am to 11:00 am, in four hours, the album's playback volume has exceeded 10 million.

    ? They don't know how much the feature film is played, nor how many effective clicks are, but based on past experience, the start is going to be a blast.

    Let me tell you here that most of the movies on the platform, including online movies and theater movies, can be watched by members without additional charges.

    There are two situations in which there are additional charges: one is that the film studio did not sell the work directly, but chose to sell it to the platform in the form of a payment share, and the platform can only charge.

    The second is that this film is very, very popular, or very, very scarce, and the platform will charge extra.

    ? They buy copyrights and distribute accounts to the Internet in order to enrich content, increase user stickiness, attract new members, and pull advertisements.  Although it will also make a profit, the cost is too high, and it often loses money.

    Therefore, video sites are burning money, and the deficit is serious, including Netflix.

    "Damn it, awesome!"

    "This is the Internet University? This is a dimensionality reduction attack!"

    "I finished reading it on the toilet, and when I went out, I remembered that I didn't wipe my buttocks. Fortunately, it was already dry, so I didn't feel very uncomfortable"

    "Sell the quota of prison visits, and require a nucleic acid certificate within three days!"

    "This meeting should be stepping on the sewing machine."

    "No, I looked up the schedule. You should be watching TV, studying "News Network", "Animal World" and so on"

    Tut tut!

    Dai Han scrolled through the comments under the movie, smiled like a white-faced steamed bun, and then clicked on Douban, there was already a rating.  A big 7 hit his nerves!

    I am flattered!  You know, his "The Mummy Occupies the Great Northeast" is only 3.2, which is not bad in Wangda.

    "I just experienced the biggest puzzle in my movie-watching career. Why did such a level of special effects and such a visual aesthetic appear in an online movie?"

    "First-rate special effects, second-rate plot, and third-rate actors. But even third-rate actors are qualified, and the overall industry standard has been raised."

    "How long will the sword hang? We don't know.

      What if it is picked off tomorrow?  That's the day.

    What if it takes 100 years to be picked?

    That's 100 years.

    The Taoist priest has profound mana, and we don't understand it, but he said four words when he was parting.

    Which four words?

    Just leave it alone.

    I like this part the most, this is what the Taoist said I can feel that the creator really wants to shoot a Chinese fantasy story, not a love story of a fucking girl in the name of oriental fantasy!  "

    And the one with the most likes wrote:

    "If most of the Internet is like this, I can accept it."


    Dai Han felt like he had been beaten to death. He searched for information on "Hualong" on various platforms, and then read netizens' comments.

    It is the first time that he has been so devoted to his job and has an immersive experience in shooting online for several years.

    On the other hand, Boss Mo, who was scrolling through WeChat, suddenly received a message from the contact person of the goose factory, and was obviously very excited:

    "As of 12 o'clock, there have been 750,000 effective clicks!"

    The volume of the album has exceeded 10 million, and the effective clicks are only 750,000. It can be seen that this ratio is worse than many online articles!

    But Boss Mo immediately stood up, 750,000 yuan, 4 yuan each time, that's 3 million yuan!  That is, in just half a day, they took 3 million points!

    "Oh oh"

    Dai Han slammed the table, screamed like Mount Tai, and said, "Is there any hope of breaking the record?"

    "Yes, yes, record breaking!"

    Boss Mo hurriedly asked.

    At present, "Xing'anling Hunter Legend" is the No. 1 box office on the first day of NetUniversity, which took 5.574 million.

    And "Qi Men Dun Jia" ranked first in the total box office, with 56.41 million.

    Not long after, the other party wrote back: "There is still great hope, word of mouth continues to ferment, and the evening is the prime time. What we mean is, you'd better cooperate and work harder to promote it"

    "No problem! No problem!"

    Boss Mo didn't bother to ask Zhuang Zhou's opinion, this wave, this wave is like a pie in the sky, even if you sell your trouser belt, you have to eat it!



    At the same time, He Saisai, who was shopping with his sisters, couldn't close his legs standing in the mall.

    The sister looked suspiciously between her legs, wireless remote control?  ?  ?

    "Oh no, my sister is going to be popular!"

    He Saisai showed her the news on his mobile phone, and said excitedly: "Do you know the concept of 3 million in half a day? I took almost ten online movies, and the highest was only more than 10 million. That's the total box office"

    Having said that, she called Zhuang Zhou again in a hurry, ready to act like a baby, this is the thigh!

    Zhuang Zhou didn't answer.

    He has obtained all the information of "Dragon Transformation" for half a day, and he is relieved.

    As a high-quality human male, he is wearing big pants and a vest, holding a milk tea straw, surfing the Internet in the hotel room, not watching "Transformation of the Dragon", but watching the feedback of "Mobias".

    Ouch, "Mobius" is so interesting.

    (No more! ?
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