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Text Chapter 101 Entering the Capital

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    The next day, Yao Lin sent some unstarted projects.  Zhuang Zhou has a little understanding of the platform's TV drama models, which can be roughly divided into four categories:

    ? Self-made dramas, invested by the platform or jointly invested with other companies, are collectively referred to as self-made dramas.  Dear son, enjoy the best treatment.

    Custom-made dramas, the dramas commissioned by the platform to be filmed by the producers, are given a certain amount of labor remuneration, which is also considered a real son.

    Account-sharing dramas, mainly small-cost dramas made by small companies, will be operated in accordance with the account-sharing model similar to that of NetUniversity-generally, a total of 1 hour of viewing is counted as a valid on-demand broadcast, and 2 yuan is given, and there are other details.

    The copyrighted drama has already finished broadcasting on the TV station, and I want to broadcast it on the Internet.

    ? Back when one drama had two stars, the platform charged high prices for these copyrighted dramas in order to open up the market.  Now that the monopoly pattern has been set, copyright dramas have become the least popular, and the three major platforms will join forces to lower prices.

    What Yao Lin gave to Zhuang Zhou was first a customized drama project.

    Looking at it with a cold eye, there are so many themes, including fantasy, martial arts, campus, and city. If you look closely, there are still three old ones: domineering president, Mary Su, and love triangle.

    "The production fee is labor remuneration, which is 10%-15% of the total budget, and large companies can get 30%. Our dramas are divided into three levels, and you can only accept"

    "The lowest level?"

    "No, you are not yet popular."


    "How are the grades divided?"

    "The highest is 300 million+, the lowest is 100 million+."


    In the past, when I watched those bad dramas, hundreds of millions or hundreds of millions could easily be spent, and then I wondered, where did so much money go?  After talking with Yao Lin, he finally understood what all the money was for.

    It's really clean!

    So Zhuang Zhou was very calm when he heard the amount, and asked: "I don't think it is suitable, can I choose to split the account?"

    "Okay, what subject do you want to shoot?"



    In the video call, Yao Lin was helpless, and sighed: "You really have a special liking for science fiction. Although science fiction is a major trend, the support of the platform is limited, and it is all testing the waters.

    To shoot according to our needs, first, within 20 episodes; second, actors who must be signed or sub-contracted by the platform.  "

    "Is that so"

    Zhuang Zhou thought for a while and said, "Can I make short plays? 8-12 episodes, each episode is more than 20 minutes?"

    "Yes, the platform likes this kind of thing very much."

    ? It was initially negotiated that Yao Lin had a lot of things to do every day, so I left him alone and talked with another person.

    Still the bill sharing clause: In addition to the accumulative billing price of 2 yuan per hour for members to watch, there is also an authorization period of not less than 5 years.  Because the copyright belongs to the film studio, it is equivalent to selling the right to broadcast online, which is no less than 5 years.

    There is also advertising sharing, etc.

    Zhuang Zhou originally planned to film a sci-fi web drama, but Yao Lin took a meal and ate it into an web drama.

    Online dramas are better, because they are more closely related to the core business of Taiwan. He feels that he is like Yu Zecheng now, especially lurking.


    Capital, railway station.

    When Zhuang Zhou turned the eighteenth circle at the exit, a wave of passengers finally poured out like zombies coming out of cages, and a petite figure ran over and jumped.

    Two legs tightly wrapped around his waist, energetic.

    "Oh, okay, okay, my waist, my waist"

    Zhuang Zhou put A Yuan down, rubbed his head, and said, "How does it feel to take the train?"

    "It's so slow, it's still called a high-speed rail."

    "Uh, it's definitely not comparable to yours. But it's fast, we've already reached a magnetic levitation speed of 600 kilometers per hour."

    ?Because of the change of the plan, he would not be able to go back for a while, so A Yuan took the time to visit and spend a few days in the capital by the way.

    The first time she came to the capital, she felt that there were many people and the rules were high. She took the car all the way to the hotel, but when she passed by **, she stared at the big photo.

    I went to the hotel to pack up, and then went to an office building.

    Go up to the 12th floor, facing a big fox with "Red Fox Film and Television" written on it, turn left to the next door, and there is another company "Age of Miracles" that has just opened!

    The original company went bankrupt, and the space was vacated. The tables, chairs and benches were all ready-made. Dai Han led a few people to help clean.

    "Director Dai!"

    "Yo, sister-in-law!"

    "You are neighbors, please take care of me in the future!"

    A Yuan saluted in a serious manner, and she was embarrassed to let a group of people stop working, but she looked at it, and found that the office was not big, and it could accommodate more than 30 people.

    The structure is clear and connectedroom, and a small pantry.

    After the group of people left, the two sat on the sofa, and Ah Yuan asked, "Why did you move the Age of Miracles here?"

    "Don't you know a high-level"

    Zhuang Zhou talked about Yao Lin's matter again, and said: "I am going to take out the technology and put it all under the banner of Happy Tour. The Age of Miracles is the production, artist management, and afterward star portrait management.

    ? Escapade provides technical support to Age of Miracles.  "

    "Isn't that going to be a permanent residence? You still have to buy a house?"

    "Buy it, we will have money as soon as the "Dragon Transformation" payment arrives."


    Ah Yuan is unhappy and does not want to date in another world.

    Girls have to be coaxed when they are unhappy, and when they are coaxed, they will start to become sticky and hot, and they can't wait to take off their clothes.  Just at this time, there was a "dong dong dong" knock on the door outside.


    He Saisai came in.

    "Boss, you have finally entered the capital!"

    "How did you know?"

    Zhuang Zhou was shocked.

    "What don't I know? I also know that you are going to be an artist manager, so I recommend myself! We know everything, boss, just sign me!"

    "Don't you have a company?"

    "That poor place has no development, I am willing to pay liquidated damages myself!"

    He Saisai has piercing eyes and is extremely sincere.  Zhuang Zhou thought about it seriously, and said, "I need to think about it, and I will give you an answer in two days."

    "Okay, I won't bother you anymore!"

    He Saisai left as soon as he said, and has always been so sensible.


    A Yuan frowned, and said, "Is the whole capital like this?"

    "No, no, she is an exception, keep going!"

    So it was sticky and sticky again, and when the passion was hot, someone said "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Taxue Wuhen came in.

    "What's the matter with you?"

    "Didn't you make an appointment to meet in the afternoon?" The other party was confused.


    A Yuan rolled his eyes and went back to the hotel by himself.

    Zhuang Zhou scratched his head and wanted to entertain him, but he didn't even have a cup, so he went to the next door to borrow two bottles of mineral water, and called Dai Han and Lao Mo over by the way.

    "You all know the situation, it's not a big problem.

    Web dramas have their own advantages, just to enrich the content and details.  Your disaster script "Red Tide", I think it can be used, just change the settings and it will be ok.

    Everyone brainstorm and come up with a play.  "

    "You've been collecting dramas every day, it's too small! It's not 30 years ago!"

    "It's a small business, and it will gradually become regular. Can you talk about it first?"

    "Originally, it was written that a large area of ??red tide encroached on the sea, poisoning people to death, right? The threat is not exciting enough, and it can be changed to a mutation caused by some reason." Dai Han said.

    "Natural variation? It almost means"

    Lao Mo thought for a while and slapped his hands: "How about the mutation caused by the discharge of nuclear waste water by the little devil?"

    "Ha ha!"

    "It's fine, but it can't be so straightforward. It's better to be tactful, lest the second devil won't let us pass the trial."

    "Then put it in the near future, the climate is abnormal, the environment is deteriorating, and then a large red tide is formed in the waters of Japan and the United States, encroaching on the whole world. Anyway, they are not clean, and there are red tides almost every year." Taxue Wuhen said.

    "Yes! But it's not enough to see it in the sea, let it go ashore!"

    "Occupy the city!"

    "Hey, no one has ever photographed this kind of thing."

    "Well, this is fine."

    "Then what you mean is that it's settled?" Taxue Wuhen was very excited.

    "It's decided, let's shoot "Red Tide"!" </div&gt
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