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Main text Chapter 102 Saving scripts

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    Zhuang Zhou was already lying flat, and he was bragging:

    "It used to be called packaging, but now it is called human design. In today's society, everything is inseparable from human design.

    Celebrities earn traffic by being cute, stupid, and cheap, and capital earns reputation by being patriotic The West has already collapsed, from top to bottom, if I go there, at least I can be a governor!  "

    "How to say?"

    "For example, I am I a man?"

    "Well, what?"

    "But in reality I'm a transgender person, you have to treat me like a woman."

    "Then why are you still wearing men's clothing?"

    "I'm a transvestite!"

    "Then why do you still have a girlfriend?"

    He patted his chest and said, "I'm still a man. I still wear men's clothes and have girlfriends. Nothing has changed but three layers of buffs have been superimposed. This is called making the most of the situation and representing public opinion."


    Several friends couldn't help clapping their hands. The technician who pinched the feet couldn't understand, but he also expressed his admiration with dignity.

    Sprinkle water!

    After Zhuang Zhou finished bragging, he turned over, took out his phone and began to vibrate.

    He didn't play TikTok before, and only downloaded one when he needed to work. Although he is not working now, the habit is still there, and it can really pass the time.

    While brushing, the other people pinched their feet and greeted: "Old Zhuang, go upstairs?"

    "I'm not going, I'll be back later."

    "Don't worry, there are still activities tonight!"

    "It's really something, the blind date is about to watch a movie, you go."

    "Damn, don't marry young when you are young!"

    Several of them are friends of Zhuang Zhou, who have little wealth and are idle. They all have one thing in common: they don¡¯t study well, and they don¡¯t want to go to the big city to work hard, and they would rather stay in their hometown to live.

    Zhuang Zhou came back from a big city, but he refused to admit that he was like them.

    ?He was studying at a university in the capital, majoring in media, and I heard that the teacher's surname was Xu.

    After graduation, I joined an Internet company as a planner, specializing in marketing and public relations for stars, film and television dramas, and enterprises.  Not the navy, but upstream of the navy.

    The more you do this kind of work, the more heartless you become.  After working around for a few years, he caught up with his parents' divorce and left him three houses and a fresh food supermarket, so he resigned and returned home.

    He seriously thought about it, if his career goes smoothly, he will save enough down payment at the age of 30, buy a house on the edge of Hebei, pay back the loan every month, and be ridiculed by the aunt in the blind date corner.  I bought a twelve-legged gold-eating beast, worried about the school district, quarreled with my wife, became middle-aged, and had no hair. My biggest wish is to buy an extra pack of cigarettes this month

    It's so exciting to think about it!

    In my hometown, I can lie down like a salted fish.

    So Zhuang Zhou lay down for a long time before he got up and left.

    There is no need to check out when you go downstairs, and it is raining heavily outside. It has been falling during the day until now, and it has dissipated a lot of the summer heat.  With his back bent, he trotted into his car.

    The car is not expensive, an suv worth more than 100,000 yuan.

    ? At six o'clock in the evening, it is the evening peak, but in this small county town, the traffic is unimpeded, and the water is misty.  The car broke through the rain curtain, ran over the wet street and the neon lights on both sides, and the moisture inside the car was already warmed by the breath.

    Of course he didn't go on a blind date, but returned home and stopped outside an old community.

    In the store on the first floor, there is a sign: Wanxing Fresh!

    The supermarket is about 200 square meters, and there is no need to pay rent. It radiates to many surrounding residential areas, and the daily running water is quite good.

    Two salesgirls were chatting, and they probably made 0.0000001 cool for nothing. They were very embarrassed to see the boss, and wanted to pretend to be busy with work, but they didn't know what they were busy with.

    "Okay, I'm not a capitalist."

    Zhuang Zhou walked around and asked, "How is the cooked food?"

    "Chicken racks, sausages, and pig ears are all fine, but you can buy less roasted chicken."

    "Where's the tofu?"

    "Tofu is fine, one plate a day is just right."

    "I don't need to go to the roast chicken anymore. It's raining heavily today and there are few customers, so I leave work an hour earlier."

    "thank you boss!"

    One of Zhuang Zhou's houses is in this community, and the other two are in the east of the city, where he usually lives.

    He turned around the supermarket, ran to the opposite side of the road, and shouted when he entered the door: "Large pan noodles, add an egg to make it more spicy!"


    In a small shop with four tables, the water vapor and the smell of fireworks are mixed together, brewing a wonderful sense of security.  There are a few old people sitting at the next table?, each person has a bowl of noodles, a plate of cold dishes, a plate of mixed chicken, and several bottles of beer are noisy.

    There is a big red paper on the wall, which says "the origin of the board".

    Probably related to Zhang Fei who was sworn in Taoyuan. General Zhang thought the noodles were too soft and boring to bite, so the chef repeatedly developed and developed this kind of "noodles".  Zhang Fei laughed loudly after eating, and repeatedly applauded Yunyun

    Zhuang Zhou likes to watch this kind of stuff.

    ? In China for 5,000 years, there are too many delicacies and too many celebrities, almost every dish can be paired with a celebrity, regardless of whether the family likes it or not.

    Not long after, the noodles were served on the board, the noodles were firm, with a few pieces of vegetables and meat, an egg nestled in it, and the red oil of spicy pepper was floating in the soup.

    This is his resident cafeteria, where he eats three or four times a week.  While eating, he checked Weibo hot searches, and saw a piece of news in the top ten:


    "Today, there are 100 million AI face swaps for Xiao Xianrou!"

    "The entertainment industry is amazing! Is this the top-tier strength? I love it!"

    "Ai face change? Isn't that only seen in domestic regions?"

    "Private chat upstairs!"

    As a professional eater, his reaction was mediocre.

    AI face-changing is not new, like a certain web drama, in which there is a character whose face is all changed by AI, it is too horrible to look at!

    The face is distorted, the expression is blunt, and the color blocks are flickering

    Another example is "XX Times" is also a face-changing AI.

    "Anyway, they are acting as stand-ins, and their lines are dubbed. It's ok if the star shows a face. It's just that it used to be a cutout, but now it's a face change. The technology has been upgraded. Maybe in a few years, a real-life virtual star will appear.  Already!"

    Zhuang Zhou posted a comment, picked up the bowl, and ate the soup and water.

    "The boss checks out!"

    After eating, the rain seemed to be getting heavier, and it was thundering.

    Dodging the puddle with one deep foot and one shallow foot, trot upstairs, wash up, change underwear, slump on the bed and brush the phone until late at night, and the day of salty fish is over.

    Usually when he sleeps, he is used to setting the power on and off time, and then playing white noise with his mobile phone.

    White noise, a bit like rain, like wind, can create a natural atmosphere suitable for sleep.  Of course not today, he quickly fell asleep amidst the natural heavy rain.

    I don't know how long it took, and suddenly I heard "rumbling" thunder, the room vibrated, the walls and floors trembled, and a mysterious force called "quantum mechanics" was scurrying around in the room.

    Zhuang Zhou was in a daze, like a dream but not a dream.

    It's dawn now
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