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Text Chapter 103 The Heroine

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    A Yuan stayed for a few days and then went back.

    ? Went to well-known attractions such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, etc., ate a lot of special snacks, and finally dropped a sentence lightly: It¡¯s not interesting!

    When she was stacking buildings, she hated big cities like Tianhai, not to mention the symbol of the city here - the capital.  She likes Lingshui County, her personality is very suitable for guarding the house, and she can bear it.

    Zhuang Zhou's company is small and small, and it is moving steadily, recruiting a few clerks.  They are not highly educated and have little experience. The market in Beijing is 4k-5k.

    Early this morning, Age of Miracles Company.

    Three interviewers, Zhuang Zhou, Lao Mo, and Dai Han, came to the scene. Dai Han was quite nervous, and said, "I have never experienced such a formal audition before, and the sense of professional accomplishment is overwhelming!"

    "Is this also called normal?"

    "It's too formal! I used to meet face to face and chat for a few words. Sometimes I didn't even see each other, and the video was ok. Why do you have to be so strict?"

    "Of course it's different this time. We also have the mentality of learning, and you are the only one who follows the lead!"

    Lao Mo made a timely statement.

    If people are willing to play with themselves, it is to save face and benevolent, so that they can know the truth and be a tool with peace of mind.

    This time, the casting was introduced by various parties and recommended by the casting company.

    ?The so-called casting company is what I mentioned earlier. Some assistant directors who specialize in casting have accumulated a lot of contacts and itinerary information, and they use this as a career.

    There are six or seven main characters in "Red Tide". He Saisai has decided on a female supporting role, and there is still a female lead and a few male roles.

    Zhuang Zhou's request is that the lead actress' salary should not exceed 300,000 yuan, and the supporting role should not exceed 200,000 yuan.  The casting company was very professional and quickly recommended some people.

    The conference room is set up.

    In fact, Dai Han really wants to be like in the movie, a spacious big room, a table, several serious examiners, a Hollywood red sofa

    Unfortunately, conditions do not allow.

    Can only put the chairs back and sit behind a large conference table.

    Zhuang Zhou was a little surprised, because he held more than 50 resumes. There are more than 50 people auditioning for a web drama of this level, at least half of them are from majors. It can be seen that the entertainment industry is prosperous, too prosperous!

    At 9 o'clock sharp, he signaled to start.

    The newly appointed clerk girl went out to call for someone, and after a while, a spirited guy came in.

    Tall, with a good build, with a white bottoming shirt inside and a red suit outside.  Rough look, pretty handsome!  If you look closely, your face is full of oil, with big double eyelids, long and false eyelashes, and moist lips.

    I opened my mouth first, and my body began to twist for some reason: "Hello, three teachers, my name is Li Qian, Muzi Li's Li, and the charming Qian. It's my honor to participate in the audition for this drama. I hope the teachers can see my strength.  I'll do my best too~"


    The scene was once very embarrassing.

    Lao Mo coughed a few times, Dai Han was well-informed and said with a smile: "Li Qian, 22 this year, has experience in a play. Can you tell us what kind of play it is?"

    "Okay, I acted in a costume drama, and I was a very sad and sad prince, His Royal Highness, what about him"

    "Excuse me, mind if I take a picture?" Zhuang Zhou interrupted.

    "Of course I don't mind, what pose do I want to pose?"

    "No, just be natural."

    The little brother continued to tell, Zhuang Zhou took a photo with his mobile phone and sent it to A Yuan: "Help me take off my makeup."

    Not long after, A Yuan used high technology to get it done, and sent back a photo of the AI ??after makeup removal, and a friendly gift of a photo of the restoration of the plastic surgery

    "Ahem! Ahem!"

    Zhuang Zhou also started to cough, holding his head down very hard.

    To what extent?

    The degree to which the big brother on the list resisted the train and escaped overnight.

    "Teacher, think about me, I am really suitable for this role, I can endure hardship"

    "Okay, we will consider it, go back and wait for the notice, okay?"

    The little brother murmured for a long time before Dai Han kicked him out, wiped his forehead, and said in a fright: "Damn it, the sugar content is higher than candy super sweet, at least four plus signs!"

    "Don't be too subjective, how is his play?"

    "Hey, I really watched that movie, it was so bad!"

    "Forget it, next one!"

    Immediately, a girl came in.

    He is of medium build and good looks, wearing jeans and a shirt, and looks unremarkable.

    Dai Han looked at his resume and said strangely: "You only have acting experience in a few small roles, but you say you have outstanding strengths and can showIt's been a long time since anyone asked me to do impromptu performances. Fortunately, the basic skills have not fallen behind.

    What is basic skill?

    The sound station list!

    The so-called acting class has already been taught in the freshman and sophomore year. As long as the students study hard, they can get passing marks.  How far the road behind can go depends on various aspects.

    As a result, now, I often use some sophomores to blow up my acting skills, and even those who are far from this level.

    "Acting skills are only visible to fans!"

    Lu Ke came back, took a shower, and lay down on the bed to rest.

    She used to have a boyfriend who was a classmate, and she couldn't bear this kind of life and went back to her hometown.  After being single for three years, she already has nothing to desire, except filming to make money.

    "Red Tide" is a play of Goose Factory, she knows it well, and is ready to sign a sub-contract.

    She had an opportunity before, but she didn't sign it, and now she has to seize it with all her might.

    After lying down for a long time, just thinking about making dumplings, the phone rang. It was the interviewer during the day, the one named Zhuang and Zhou.

    "Are you free tonight?"

    "What do you want?"

    She is vigilant.

    "Come out and have a chat, about the contract and the role, how about Xiangbafu marinating at seven o'clock?"

    "Uh, good!"

    Lu Ke was instantly relieved, she had never seen unspoken rules to eat stewed food.
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