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Text Chapter 105 Startup

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    The special effects fees of Hollywood blockbusters generally account for 50%-60% of the total budget.

    "Captain America 3" cost 250 million U.S. dollars, and the special effects cost 150 million U.S. dollars.  "Transformers 5" cost $217 million, and special effects cost $130 million.

    Zhuang Zhou repeated his old tricks and paid 30 million yuan for special effects, plus 10 million real money.  Lao Mo also took 6 million yuan for selling iron, with a total cost of 46 million yuan.

    Known as 100 million!

    And for the 16 million real money, the salary of all the actors is only more than 2 million, and the rest is the production fee, mainly for setting.

    The crew first went to the beach to shoot small islands, fishing villages, fishermen, boats and the sea.  Then enter the shed, build a reservoir by yourself, and build a city street scene in the pool.

    Dai Han found a professional art designer, and set it up here first, and the crew rushed to the beach to eat seafood in the clear autumn, ah, bah, filming!


    Dalian, Zhuanghe City.

    Zhuanghe has an island scenic spot called Wangjiadao.  In the waiting room of the pier, Lao Mo came back after consulting, and said: "The car can be transported, one 260, one-way."

    "Then transport two vehicles for loading equipment."

    "Okay, I'll go buy a ticket."

    Lao Mo also worked hard, as a producer, he did it himself, and resolutely cracked down on the crew's greed for ink!

    There are dozens of people in the whole group, the female number one Lu Ke, the female supporting role He Saisai, playing her best friend.  The young man named Chen Wei who came for an interview from a Chinese opera background played the role of a government worker, and he was the number one male in the role.

    After waiting for a long time, the crew boarded the boat.

    The journey is not far, and it takes only 20 minutes to arrive, but some people just can't stand seasickness, and their faces are pale while clutching a vomiting bag.

    Zhuang Zhou joined the group of actors and asked, "Do you know how to swim?"


    "Dog planer!"

    "Small idea!"

    "According to the background of the world, swimming and sailing should be skills that everyone must know. After you go to the island, I will arrange for you to experience it. It doesn't require much, but at least it has some meaning."

    Several people scratched their heads.

    If I remember correctly, this should be a short play, right?  Are the short plays so professional, and still experience life?

    After Zhuang Zhou finished speaking, he returned to his seat, Dai Han turned his back to the sky, gave up bone management, and slumped on the chair with lumps of flesh, retching a few times from time to time.

    "If you want to throw up, take a bag!"

    "I want to vomit, but I don't want to vomit. In fact, I am more nervous."

    "Are you nervous?"

    "To be honest, I understand the value of this show, and I'm afraid that my lack of ability will delay your business. Why don't you find a great director?"

    "What the hell are you telling me about this? Where can I find it? Don't worry about shooting. I'm here. Although I don't know how to direct scenes, I have pictures in my head. As long as you make a general idea,  I'll figure out the details."


    Dai Han shook his head and retched twice: "Sometimes you scare me, as if we are not important all of a sudden, you can handle it with special effects."


    Zhuang Zhou didn't answer, he patted him and stuffed a vomit bag by the way.

    The ship docked and the crew went to the island.

    Wangjia Island is shaped like a saddle, high in the east and west, hilly in the middle, and flat in the north.  There are some vegetation, a small amount of arable land, a town of more than 3,000 people, mainly for tourism, fishing, and aquaculture.

    The crew booked two fisherman's resorts, which happened to be fully occupied.  The compound, bungalows, and roofs all have solar panels, old-fashioned doors and windows, and the ground is wet, exuding a strong fishy smell.

    The board and lodging are calculated on a daily basis, the rooms are allocated, and the boss arranges lunch.

    It's the time when the seafood is fat, and the pots are up.

    Eight people per table, ten dishes, afraid of light and not used to eating seafood, even killed a few chickens and stewed potatoes.  Busy and red all over his face, this is a big business, other people are envious to death.

    Zhuang Zhou dismembered a crab. By the way, he negotiated with the boss about borrowing a boat, and asked:

    "How strong is this typhoon?"

    "A lot, almost every year."

    "Is the loss serious?"

    "How to say, anyway, there will be a power outage, no signal, and some damage to the crops, nothing else."

    "Is the house not damaged?"

    "a bit less."

    Zhuang Zhou memorized silently, it seemed that the storm had to be huge.

    No work today, free activities after eating.  The town has quite complete facilities, including a savings bank, a school, a police station, and a cultural palace. Going up the hill, there is a lighthouse and a statue of Poseidon.

    He and Dai Han took material everywhere to put it in the movie.

      He is very satisfied with this island. It has all kinds of elements and is full of details. It must be very exciting when it is destroyed by the storm!


    Zhuang Zhou is a benevolent boss.

    ? On the first day, I simply acted as a team building.  At night, I bought a lot of fireworks, lit a bonfire, and a group of people sang karaoke.  Everyone bowed down, but on the second day, the big devil transformed and was fucked to death.

    Lu Ke had the most scenes and was the most severely fucked.

    ? In the case that high technology cannot be used at this stage, the specific situation will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  He Saisai's acting skills were not good, so he used technology to score 60 points.

    Lu Ke is good at acting, so he didn't plan to add buffs to see how far he can do it.

    The result was pleasantly surprised.

    After eating stewed soup that day and talking about it, the girl understood the role. In addition to the basic operation of tanning the skin, she also looked for the feeling of savage growth and loneliness in terms of temperament.

    She is a Grade 12 student.

    This group of art school students are very hard-working, and they are just catching up with the outbreak of the mainland film market and the stage when capital invades the entertainment industry on a large scale.  You may not notice anything when you are in school, but when you leave the school gate, you will find that the sky has changed.

    Many people's basic skills are actually good, but they just don't have the opportunity to display and exercise, and when they should grow most, they are abruptly delayed.

    Lu can be considered relatively lucky, with rich experience.

    She has her own way of entering the role, which is to be tired and make herself very tired.  Ever since, everyone watched her put on a life jacket, swim back and forth, and then started to learn how to sail a boat after swimming.

    Wangjiadao has small fishing boats <12 meters, medium fishing boats between 12 and 24 meters, and smaller boats for aquaculture.

    Many of them are made of wood, mottled and dilapidated, with an engine installed at the stern, operated like a fool, and it sounds like a tractor when it is opened.

    Going up one by one to try, Lu Ke was the most serious, even a bit over the top, and refused to come down.

    Zhuang Zhou looked at it, and suddenly felt right, so he took a short video directly. A girl was driving a boat, heading for the sea at dusk and sunset


    After He Saisai took a shower, he came out wrapped in the big bath towel he brought, and said, "Hey, you can take a shower now!"


    Lu Ke lay on the bed and read the script, perfunctory.

    He Saisai raised his eyebrows, sat down on someone's bed, and said, "We are playing girlfriends, you don't look good like this, we should communicate more."


    Lu Ke felt that it was reasonable, and put down the script: "Then we got the lines right?"

    "About a gross line? Get to know each other first, how tall are you?"


    "I'm 170, how old are you?"


    "I'm not asking that."


    Lu Ke glanced at He Saisai's chest, was also amazed, and said, "Two sizes smaller than you."


    He really likes flat chest!

    He Saisai turned his head and spat at the boss, then continued to chat with a smile.

    The two were quite in tune, and after a long time of communication, they got closer. Lu Ke felt that it was almost the same, and pulled each other again: "Shall we match the lines? Well, I'm not sure about this paragraph. Maybe there is inspiration for a couple.  "

    He Saisai glanced at her script, red, green, and green were full of important points and experiences, and gave up on herself: "All right, match the lines, match the lines!"

    "Damn, Nortel's most annoying drama lunatic!"


    Lu Ke couldn't help but laugh, this girl is also quite cute.  &lt;/div&gt
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