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Text Chapter 106 Encounter

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    The crew filmed at the beach for half a month before moving to Hengdian.

    Originally considered the Oriental Movie Metropolis Cultural Industrial Park in Qingdao, which was invested and built by Wanda. At the launching ceremony that year, Xiao Li, Nicole Kidman, Kate Beckinsale, etc. all came to support it.

    Later, when something happened to Wanda, it was packaged and sold to Sunac, and Sunac Group continued to develop.

    The goal is to build a world-class film and television base, and the supporting facilities are really awesome, such as the largest underwater studio in Asia and an outdoor pool with a volume of 9,315 cubic meters.

    These are all needed by the crew, but they can't afford them.

    ? In addition to rent, board and lodging, labor, and equipment rental are very expensive, so I finally chose Hengdian.

    In fact, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main customers of Oriental Movie Metropolis are special effects blockbusters, such as "The Wandering Earth" and "Assassination of Novelists", which pursue the industrialization of films.

    Hengdian started early, and its facilities were very advanced back then, but it has been increasingly unable to keep up with the development of the times. The main customers are ancient costumes and period drama crews.

    Just talk about this underwater studio.

    Hengdian used to have only a small pool of less than 100 square meters and a water depth of five meters, which was too small. Later, a slightly larger pool was urgently built, but it was still not enough.

    This year, a larger water shed with wave-making facilities was built to make up for the lack of lake and sea scenes.

    At this moment, "Red Tide" is being filmed in this studio.

    The studio is free to use, but the equipment costs money, and it costs 20,000 yuan each time to store water in the pond.

    This scene is about the passage where the red tide is approaching, the heroine encounters a storm while patrolling, is attacked by mutant creatures, and desperately escapes to the island.

    The pool has already stored water, and Lu Ke has his hair tied up and soaks in the water wearing a life jacket.  She has been blown by the sea breeze for half a month, and her appearance is rougher than before, just like a fisherman's girl.

    "All departments are in place!"

    "The wave machine is ready!"


    Dai Han gave an order, and the vacuum wave maker started to work, and the calm water surface fluctuated rapidly, and the fluctuations turned into fine waves, and the fine waves became waves, and moved forward layer by layer.

    At the same time, wind blows and sprinkles water crazily above, simulating the effect of a storm.

    Lu Ke's body fluctuated with the water waves, and he had already entered the performance state.  She has good water skills, long arms and long legs, and she swims with a stretched body, but at this time she swims desperately with a frightened face, as if there is something terrible chasing after her.


    Zhuang Zhou stood on it and looked at it for a while, then shouted, "Can you hold it?"


    "Increase the waves!"


    The staff adjusted the valve, and the water waves instantly increased.  This kind of wave machine can create big waves of more than 2 meters at most, and its momentum is relatively magnificent.

    Lu Ke was struggling inside, his face was pale, but Zhuang Zhou looked like a pervert shaking his head, and continued to shout: "Can you hold on?"



    The staff silently said that it was awesome, and drove it to the maximum.

    In an instant, a studio felt like a stormy sea.  The pool seemed to have really turned into a sea. Lu Ke was sometimes submerged by the waves, and sometimes his head was exposed, like an insect being ruthlessly ravaged.

    The lifeguard looked terrified, and was about to shout to stop, when Zhuang Zhou waved his hand suddenly, and the wave-making machine stopped.

    "Stop, stop, stop! Come to the rescue!"

    "Cough cough coughcough cough cough"

    "How is it? Is there anything wrong?"

    "No, it's okay, I'm choking."

    "Go over there and take it easy, deal with it!"

    Lu Ke was helped away, and the onlookers, He Saisai and others, were convinced. They tried too hard, and they fell into the water and got wet, which was incomparable.

    "Wow, didn't I see that you are a pervert?"

    During the short break, Dai Han was shocked.

    "I am maximizing her potential while ensuring her safety."

    "Shit, you just want to drill people!"

    Dai Han was indignant, Lu Ke joined the group these days, and quickly conquered all the staff, everyone lamented that such an actor is not popular!

    There are bathrooms and changing rooms in the studio. Lu Ke quickly changed his clothes, wiped his hair with a towel and walked over, still a little out of breath.

    "How do you feel?" Zhuang Zhou asked.


    "Then keep going!"



    Dai Han is making fun of himself, one shakes m, the other shakes s, with mortise and tenon joints.Perfect fit.


    The crew went on to shoot.

    Zhuang Zhou went out of the shed alone and stood at the door watching.

    This area is full of studios, big and small like square boxes, neatly arranged, with smooth roads, traffic of people and vehicles, and a busy scene.  Not far away is a studio under construction, and a large construction site wrapped in dust-proof and noise-proof facilities.

    Hengdian is the first local group to enjoy the dividends of film and television, and its development is close to saturation.

    The advantage is that it is complete, cheap, and one-stop service. The disadvantage is that the technology is backward and cannot keep up with the development of the industry.  Of course, Hengdian has noticed this problem and is upgrading its technology.

    For example, the one next door is a brand new digital virtual studio.

    I used to shoot special effects, use green screen, and do it later.

    This is not used, but surrounded by a led wall.  If you want the scene of the snow mountain, the LED will display the scene of the snow mountain. This scene is combined with the camera to directly generate the lens.

    It is indeed developing.

    Zhuang Zhou stood at the door, watching the people coming and going, as if he was silently mourning for them and for the imminent turmoil of a large number of industries.

    ?Because Zhao Jun has already sent the news that "The World" will be broadcast at the end of the year, probably in November, and there will be Jiang Chuan and Li Weina who have changed their heads

    One is top-notch, the other is popular, and has countless fans.  And unlike Li Jingyu's scandalous head change, this drama is a serious head change. He also used some techniques to improve the acting skills of the two.

    Red represents heat.

    Your own planning process will be greatly accelerated by one step.

    Just as he was thinking about something, the door of the studio next door suddenly opened, and it seemed that work was over.

    A group of people came out huddling around a female star, dressed in ancient costumes, with a slender figure, flat eyebrows, big eyes, and an eternal smile, and got into the nanny's car and drove away.

    Zhuang Zhou was startled by a glimpse, and he was astonished as a man of heaven, earth-shattering!


    Big baby!

    She is filming next door?  ?  ?

    Zhuang Zhou leaned over, grabbed a passer-by casually, and asked, "Brother, is that Miss Yang?"

    "Who are you?"

    "I was filming in this studio, and when I saw her coming out, I didn't dare to recognize her."

    "Oh, it's her."

    "Are you a fairy tale drama?"

    "Xian Xia, there is no Xian Xia who is not in love!"

    "Ha, you are so funny!"

    In a few words, Zhuang Zhou made some general inquiries. It was indeed a fairy tale drama starring Dabaoer, adapted from ip, with an average team and low investment.


    He was heartbroken that he had gotten into this.

    There is one thing to say, Zhuang Zhou really likes Yang Tianbao, and every book hates her.

    And Xu Cairen!  Zhao Junqi!

    He squatted towards the door, crossed his hands and put them in his sleeves. He was a handsome farmer, murmured for a while, and felt more and more that Yang Tianbao was an excellent target for the next stage.

    That's it, it's you!  </div&gt
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