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Text Chapter 107: Big Baby

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    Patrol boat No. 37 of the Offshore Patrol Team of Baisha City!

    The length of the boat is 6.8 meters, the width is 2.45 meters, the draft is 0.547 meters, the cruising speed is 30 knots, the maximum speed is 50 knots, the endurance is 250 nautical miles, and the capacity is 4 people.

    This is a standard model based on the existing patrol boat and artistically processed.

    Small and light, the hull is white, the cabin is blue, the cabin is semi-enclosed, and there are two seats inside.  The steering wheel and a large touch screen are installed in the driver's seat, and there are two other seats at the stern of the cabin, with a small national flag hanging.

    The shape is nothing special, but with a body length of 6.8 meters and a battery life of 250 nautical miles, this kind of performance is very sci-fi.  It's like driving an electric car on a high-speed road from Shanghai to Beijing.

    "Get ready! Get ready!"


    At this moment, the model has been ravaged by mutated creatures to pieces, dilapidated, and floating lightly in the pool.  Following the director's order, Lu Ke emerged from the water.

    She was extremely embarrassed, panting and holding on to the patrol boat, and struggling to climb up, she grinned her teeth in pain as soon as her left leg was exerted.

    First checked the communication facilities, all of them were damaged, but the automatic positioning had been sent out, so he slumped in the back seat, operated the watch on his left wrist, and reported:

    "This is patrol boat No. 37. It was attacked by unknown creatures. Most of the hull was damaged. There was one person on board"

    "Got it, how are you doing now?"

    "It's safe for the time being, I should drift to the vicinity of Island 13."

    "Received, arrange rescue immediately."

    After Lu Ke finished his report, he pressed a switch on the right side, took out the first-aid kit, and cut open the trouser leg first. The calf was already bloody, so he began to apply medicine to bandage himself.

    The background of "Red Tide" is in 2035. In the near future, Zhuang Zhou does not plan to let technology advance by leaps and bounds, especially the "holographic touch screen", which has become a standard feature of science fiction films, is ignored in this film.

    "Okay! Passed!"

    Dai Han waved his fat hand with a serious expression.  The environment can change people, and the atmosphere can drive emotions. In this crew, everyone is upgrading unconsciously.

    Lu Ke went to take a shower and change clothes again.

    She soaked in the water every day, and her skin was a little rotten. Fortunately, the filming of the related scenes was almost over.

    Dai Han directed the staff to pour a sea urchin-shaped fluorescent toy into the pool. The pink plastic texture can emit a slight red light and act as a red tide at night.

    This thing is definitely not qualified, but this crew is ok.  This is his rough idea, leaving the details to Zhuang Zhou.

    Another day is over in the blink of an eye.

    Except for the studio, everyone is ready to return by car.  Coincidentally, the work next door was also closed, and the big baby was the first to come out again, got in the car and left.

    After getting along for a few days, everyone knew that she was filming next door, and she habitually complained:

    "I heard that this time is a real body shoot?"

    "Well, I'm really hanging on to Wia, and I'm really speaking my lines!"

    "Oh, you have suffered so much, and the salary can't be two 80 million?"

    "Do you still think of her as before? I heard people say that her salary has fallen below the second-tier now. If it weren't for the fashion industry still has some resources, who cares about her!"

    "Isn't her agency awesome?"

    "It's broken early, behind the back of Hong Kong capital, promoting mainland artists to the top, giving awards to promote coffee, and laundering money with high remuneration. How do you think the little yellow duck won the award? How do you think the vice president of bona jumped off the building?

    After the company's accident, all the top stars left, and now Bytedance has taken over, it has become a talent show and Internet celebrity company.  Big Baby is now a personal studio.  "

    Tut tut!

    ?Everyone discussed it, and then they were dejected: "It doesn't matter how they mess up, they can still make a lot of money, and they will beat us for the food!"

    "Oh, it's not fair, Temian!"

    The meal label is the daily meal allowance, a few hundred yuan for small stars, more than 1,000 yuan for red dots, more than 2,000 yuan for red dots, and more than 3,000 yuan for the most popular ones.  And it's not a team, it's a star alone, 3,000+ per day.

    The small crew of "Red Tide" eat box lunch together.

    Coupled with Lao Mo's personal supervision, eating, drinking, and sleeping, Zhuang Zhou has finally seen how much money can be saved by a crew that really saves money.


    That night, the hotel.

    Yang Tianbao was very dissatisfied after eating more than 1,000 yuan of meal labels. She used to pay 3,000 yuan+.

    Even if it is 3,000 yuan a day, the play for 3 months is only more than 200,000 yuan.  Do celebrities lack this meal allowance?  There is no shortage, what is fighting for is face!

    Of course time has changed, she can bear it.

    She took off her makeup, lay on the bed and checked the messages, and the person she was chatting with was her former manager, Sister Zhou.

      Sister Zhou is Taiwanese, works in Hong Kong, and runs an artist and model agency. She likes to bring girls from mainland China to Hong Kong for training.

    ? Last year, Hong Kong's Media Asia Media, Tianxiayi, Fengshang International, and fmp jointly established an entertainment company, Cool Style.

    Needless to say, Media Asia knows it all.

    The world belongs to Gu Tianle.

    Fashion International belongs to Sister Zhou.

    fmp belongs to Feng Delun.

    At the same time, Yang Tianbao is also a strategic shareholder of this company.  What does this company do?  Traditional entertainment + internet celebrity incubator.

    ? Times have changed. In the past, starting a company was for filming and promoting newcomers, but now it also needs to add online celebrities, short videos, and live broadcasts to bring goods.

    Although her own film and television resources are not good, she debuted in Hong Kong and has always had a good relationship with Hong Kong capital.  Now it is always said that the Hong Kong circle is in decline, and the Hong Kong circle is in decline, but it has not.

    ?It is the Hong Kong star that has declined. Hong Kong capital has only changed from the bright side to the dark side, and has always existed.

    Hong Kong stars are all old, and newcomers can't afford to be the leader, so Hong Kong capital changed its strategy and began to support mainland stars, linking up with mainland entertainment companies to seize the market.

    For example, Yang Tianbao, Little Yellow Duck, Huang Yu and so on.

    At the same time, Hong Kong capital has never given up promoting its own newcomers, just like this cool style company, signed a newcomer Xu Enyi, her mother is familiar with Hong Kong movies, and her name is Bai Anni.

    This girl played the heroine of Zhang Yibai's "The Sky of Burning Wild Boys" as soon as she debuted.

    What is a resource cafe?  This is called a resource coffee.

    Let's talk about Yang Tianbao, nowadays all smart stars are engaged in the industry, but she is not as lucky as Da Mi Mi, and she is not very successful.

    The reason why she joined cool style is also because after the divorce, the resources in the mainland have been greatly reduced, and Hong Kong capital has to be maintained.

    While chatting about related matters, the agent suddenly started swiping his phone, and said after a while: "The boss of a film and television company wants to meet with you."

    "which company?"

    "The Age of Miracles."

    "I haven't heard of it, what's the source?"

    "Not long after it was established, they are still a special effects company. I checked the information and found that the technical evaluation is quite high, but there are not many works. They only shot two online movies."

    "Net University?"

    The big baby rose up against the case, furious: "Even if I'm not as good as before, I won't be able to shoot online! It's ridiculous. In the eyes of outsiders, have I already fallen to this level!!"


    The agent did not fluctuate much, and persuaded: "Actually, Wangda is also developing. Many celebrities have filmed, and the film salary is several million. The cycle is short and it is very easy.

    The Age of Miracles performed well, and just broke the record of the net account.  And he didn't talk about filming, he said it was a business cooperation, and he wanted to meet and chat.  "


    Both of them don't understand, what kind of business cooperation can a film and television special effects company have?
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