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Text Chapter 113: Ready to go online

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    There is a term called subculture, which refers to a partial cultural phenomenon that is different from mainstream culture.

    Since the birth of some subcultures, they have gradually developed, and have backlashed against the mainstream culture, or have become quasi-mainstream cultures, such as the second dimension.

    Some have been developed for many years and have many fans, but they still feel very unorthodox, such as cyberpunk.

    Before the Internet age, the mainstream and non-mainstream were clearly divided. After the Internet age, especially after young people became the main force, they are extremely inclusive and accepting, and they absorb more and more diverse cultures.

    Hip Hop, Crusu, Wasteland, Ripped Jeans, JK, Foley Ji, Master's Quest, etc

    Zhao Jun made up his mind and thought that Zhuang Zhou wanted to shoot a popular concept work for Da Baoer, which is not accurate, to be precise, it should be a subcultural work.

    The output of domestic dramas ranks first in the world, and the fragility of themes is also estimated to be the first in the world.

    Due to the loose platform, online dramas are relatively broad, but unfortunately most of them are still in love, and few people invest money in expanding new genres.

    Those who dare to try are commendable for their courage, but limited by funding, team members and other conditions, they are often unsatisfactory, and instead provoke ridicule: "Toads are like frogs, ugly, and playful."

    "Red Tide" is a test of a new genre, and so is this one for big babies.

    However, due to the exchange agreement, he had to help the other party make a play first.  After the two talked last time, Da Bao Er's agent kept in touch frequently, and soon sent a new play information.

    An urban romance drama, "Sunshine Coffee Shop".

    The hostess is a single and independent professional woman in her 30s. One day, she ran into a company newcomer in a coffee shop, and found out that it was a child from the neighbor¡¯s family.

    The teenager went abroad to study, and just came back, his feelings for the neighbor's big sister gradually deteriorated.

    So the male and female protagonists, who are one round apart in age and actual age in the play, start a workplace romance

    "This is sibling love!"

    The agent said excitedly on WeChat: "Sister-brother love has been very popular in China in the past two years. There are usually two combinations: a tsundere little wolf dog and a gentle big sister, a pure little milk dog and a domineering royal sister. What you want is contrast and cuteness  Have you read "The Witch's Condition"?"

    "Uh, I've seen it."

    "The Witch's Condition", a 1999 Japanese drama, starring Nanako Matsushima and Hideaki Takizawa, which combines teacher-student love, sibling love, and child love in Dacheng.

    The theme song is Utada Hikaru's first love.

    "This drama is a tribute to "The Witch's Condition". Of course, the content is very different. In short, it is a"

    "Okay, okay, just say change one, change two?"

    "Two, hero and heroine."


    Isn't this the end!

    Zhuang Zhou looked through the information again, "Sunshine Coffee Shop" was invested by a mainland company, but the director is Taiwanese, and the male protagonist is also Taiwanese. After 00, he made his debut in the draft.

    The content is nothing new, and the investment in Taiwan's small romantic idol dramas is not even second-rate, at most third-rate.

    Tut tut!

    He thought that Dabaoer's film and television resources would be miserable, but he didn't expect it to be so miserable, and almost sent him back to Xinshou Village.


    Zhuang Zhou took over the big baby's business, plus the 13, that's 15.

    He sorted the 15 dramas in order of progress, and there were two fastest ones, which had already entered the late stage. He heard about "Legends in the Entertainment Circle", so he temporarily added more.

    One is called "Youth Sisters Amoy".

    One is called "The King Resigns When All the Blossoms Are Falling".

    Zhuang Zhou knew just by looking at the name that the sisters must play the female card. I have said many times that "independent women" are a business these days.  .

    Prosperity is gone, it must be an ancient puppet, the kind of ancient puppet that is very bloody.


    If there is really quality, who will change the head!

    These two dramas will be broadcast in the first half of next year, then in June and July, in the second half of the year, and at the end of the year A list is made, and the time is marked for each one. What does this mean?

    Simply put, by letting the film studios line up, he has already invisibly intervened in the scheduled broadcast of these dramas.

    After "Red Tide" was finished, Zhuang Zhou stayed in the capital all the time, coordinating various affairs and doing special effects at the same time.  Several months passed in a blink of an eye, and as the Spring Festival approached, he finally returned to Lingshui.

    Before returning, he sent "Red Tide" to Yao Lin.

    "elder brother!"

    Still a train station?A Yuan ran over in a hurry, took off, put his legs around his waist, and spun around in one go.

    The youthful vitality of a girl is a good spiritual comfort. Zhuang Zhou felt that he became younger, and even his waist became lighter.

    A Yuan drove her little Tiida, wearing black-rimmed glasses, like a grown-up Alalei, and chattered all the way: "This year is different from last year. Both doors are open this year. We have to celebrate the New Year in both worlds.

    During the day on New Year's Eve, you and I will go to the building for a few laps, and eat dumplings at your mother's house in the evening.  On the morning of the first day of the new year, first pay homage to your relatives, and then go to see Lord Qian and the others"

    "I don't care, my mother started playing mahjong in the second year of junior high school, and I don't have many relatives to call on."

    "How can I do that? Your father's relatives should also contact me. I can't do it if I want to."


    Zhuang Zhouyi heard that this was wrong, and asked: "You mean, you want to go with me to my dad's place?"

    "I want to go, can I?"

    "Yes, of course!"

    He touched his forehead, sweating, and heard a message between the lines: When will you get married?  !  !  !

    A Yuan registered for a household registration here, and his age was reported to be one year older. After the Chinese New Year, he just met the legal marriage age.


    At the same time, the capital.

    Yao Lin, the senior project manager of Goose Factory Video, is still busy with work.

    Her position is very interesting. Whether it's an online university, an online drama, or a small producer worth cultivating, as long as she thinks it's okay, she can take it over and take charge of it herself.

    ? In recent years, NetU¡¯s Spring Festival stalls have taken shape rapidly.  In 2021, the three major platforms jointly launched the "Online Movie Spring Festival File Plan" and announced a list of 43 movies.

    ?There are two paid for simulcasting on three platforms, "Legend of Debao of Shaolin Temple" and "Fat Fortune Diary".

    In contrast, there is still no subdivision of TV dramas, only the rough division of summer vacation, winter vacation, and National Day, and the top dramas are all crowded into the summer vacation.

    In the office, Yao Lin finished her online movie list for the Spring Festival, got up to relax, and returned to her seat.

    After taking a few sips of water, I suddenly remembered that I found the short drama "Red Tide" sent by the Age of Miracles. There are only 10 episodes in total, each episode is 25 minutes long.

    The biggest name is Lu Ke, a young eight-tier actor.

    There is also He Saisai, with the No. 1 box office title of "Hualong" and the magnificent Nai, he has been doing well recently, and he is close to Xu Dongdong, the first sister of the Internet University!


    Yao Lin flipped through the information and wrote: "This drama is co-produced by Age of Miracles and Red Fox. It is devoted to creating a sci-fi masterpiece, with an investment of over 100 million yuan, and the production cost accounts for as much as 90%!"


    Do you have the nerve to brag about over 100 million?

    But the production cost is high, she believes that they are all young actors.

    ? Then I looked at the materials of the film, such as posters, stills, extras, etc. First of all, the color tone is very dark, without bright colors, and feels depressing.

    Yao Lin couldn't help but feel a little worried, this kind of route is not flattering.  She found Zhuang Zhou herself, so she naturally had great expectations, so she clicked on the first episode.  </div&gt
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