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Text Chapter 114 Science Fiction Theme Season

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    Before clicking on the first episode, Yao Lin was full of anticipation and worry.

    After clicking on the first episode, what she saw were dark clouds, the sea, storms, humid air and cities, a savagely growing heroine, dense steel forests and huge tide gates

    The first impression is that this style is cool!

    The generation gap in the Internet age is simply difficult to bridge. Your parents may say "good looks" and "foodie" from time to time, thinking they are keeping up with the trend. In fact, children know it well and are too lazy to say it.

    ? Yao Lin is about to turn 40, at the same age, trying her best to keep herself curious and understand the present.  She judges it with a professional eye, and it's a subcultural style audiences will love.

    25 minutes was very short, and it passed before she knew it. She couldn't wait to click on the second episode, only to feel her heart beating more and more as the vision continued to be impacted.

    Doomsday-type sci-fi films are often seen in anime and blockbusters, but domestic dramas are the first of their kind!

    Yao Lin also loved to watch dramas when she was young, but later her hobby became a job, and she watched everything with a kind of scrutiny.  But now, she experienced the long-lost excitement of chasing dramas.  When I finished watching the fifth episode and planned to continue watching, I found that it was time to get off work.

    In the past, she would have stayed and worked overtime.

    Working overtime is a blessing.

    Everyone hates working overtime, but in reality, many people can only get a good salary if they work overtime-on the premise of paying enough overtime pay.

    In the past two years, Dachang suddenly began to oppose 996. As a member of Goose Factory, Yao Lin naturally responded to the call.  She packs up her things and leaves, returns home with her notebook, and continues to work.

    After watching all ten episodes, Yao Lin stretched her arms and let out a sigh of relief.


    Huge surprise!  At the same time, I began to curse again, someone with 100 million can make such a drama, and you with 300 to 400 million can only make such rubbish!

    There is no conflict between personal aesthetic standards and catering to the rice circle market and capital games.

    Yao Lin calmed down and began to think about the promotion strategy of "Red Tide".

    Cinema movies, satellite TV dramas, online dramas, and online universities each have their own ways of playing.  The best schedules for web dramas are during summer vacation, National Day, and winter vacation, and there are also Lunar New Year slots, but this Lunar New Year slot is fake.

    Only dare before New Year's Eve, not after New Year's Eve.

    ?From the first and second day of Chinese New Year until Lantern Festival, no one dares to compete with movies!

    Now that the Spring Festival is coming soon, "Red Tide" can't be ranked, so we can only consider another strategy: theme season.  That is to say, the three major platforms launch several dramas of the same type at the same time within a period of time.

    For example, Youku's "White Night Chase" and Qiyi's "Undocumented Crime" were launched at the same time, making the niche urban suspense genre suddenly popular.

    In addition, Qiyi's "Hello Old Times" and Goose Factory's "To Our Simple Little Beauty" were also launched at the same time, which brought a wave of movie-watching for youth school dramas.

    The three major platforms seem to compete, but in fact they are tacit: to drive the popularity of genre dramas, which are often relatively niche genres.

    Science fiction is undoubtedly the unpopular among online dramas.


    As the saying goes: A wise man does not fall in love, but a big goose is stewed in an iron pot.


    Zhuang Zhou, A Yuan, and mother gathered together to stew big goose in an iron pot. It was snowing outside, but it was warm inside and there were many guests.  Goose meat has thick fiber and needs to be stewed for a long time, so it needs to be ordered in advance.

    A long table with a stove at one end, adding firewood to make a fire.  There are two pots on the table, a big pot for stewing goose, and a small pot for cooking rice.

    The time was just right, and when the lid of the pot was lifted, the fragrance was tangy and the index finger moved.  Rice is also good, as the saying goes on the Internet: Only rice cooked with firewood has a soul!

    Calculated by geographical location, A Yuan belongs to the south in the stacked building, and has completely integrated into the Northeast here. He sits cross-legged on the kang and has to sit next to his mother.

    The mother saw her son twice a year, she was as polite as entertaining guests, and asked: "Aren't you buying a house in the capital? Why didn't you buy it again?"

    "It's boring, I have to come back anyway."

    "Come back? Are you not developing in the capital anymore?"

    "Come back after development!"


    My mother used to be the richest woman, and she was the leader in the mahjong world. She didn't understand what it means to come back after development, so she could only pat A Yuan's head: "This person is too incomprehensible, I have wronged you."

    "No way, we all take care of each other and are considerate of each other, there is nothing wronged or wronged."

    "Oh, poor little fellowyou don't know what you've been up to lately, are you free now? Go shopping with me later, and I just want to buy some new year's goods."

    "Yeah, buy some minced meat and eat dumplings at nightAre you okay?  I like the dumplings made by my aunt the most. In fact, I feel homesick at this time, but I have no relatives over there, and you are my relatives"

    She flung herself into her mother's arms and began to rub, Zhuang Zhou was shocked: "How did you become so sweet?"

    A Yuan: "Slightly slightly!"

    Just at this moment, the mobile phone rang. Zhuang Zhouyi came to see the call and went out to answer the call.

    "Hello, Miss Lin!"

    "Xiao Zhuang, I watched your "Red Tide". It's pretty good. But it's not very easy to schedule at this time. If you can wait, wait until the summer is released."

    "Isn't it a bit late for summer vacation?"

    "Yeah, I think so too, so there is another way, which is to have a themed season."

    Yao Lin explained the concept of the theme season, and said: "I have initially communicated with Qiyi. They have been developing small genre dramas in recent years, and they happen to have a few sci-fi themes. We agree."


    ? When several companies have a monopoly, they are both rivals and partners, and the relationship is very delicate.

    "This year's Spring Festival is very early. January 21st is New Year's Eve, and February 5th is Lantern Festival. After the Lantern Festival, the popularity of movies in the Spring Festival file has dropped, so we have initially discussed that it can be launched on February 11th or 18th.  It's all Saturday.

    In this way, there will be a period of publicity. If you think it is suitable, I will send you the contract.  "

    "The 18th is ready."

    "Okay, I'll arrange the publicity immediately, and cooperate with you if you have any actions."

    "Okay! By the way, what's the name of Qiyi's play?"

    "Fantastic Art's main feature is "The Lost City"."

    "May I ask, will the theme season you run communicate with each other in terms of content? In case, I mean in case, we crush each other, isn't it a bit of a bully?"


    Yao Lin laughed like a fairy, and she could imagine how beautiful she was at the other end, and said: "Since it is the theme season, the platform will naturally produce the highest level of works, and the previous results are similar.

    But this time, we are really bullying"

    "Then should we restrain our trailer? So that we can bully people better?"


    Yao Lin was instantly moved, capable, ambitious, aggressive, perfect little wolf dog!

    "I like this proposal, okay, I'll arrange it!"

    After eating the big goose, my mother and A Yuan went to the shopping mall.

    Zhuang Zhou withstood the contemptuous gazes of the two, insisted not to accompany him, and looked up "The Lost City" first when he went home.

    There is no material yet, only a short introduction: The hero's wife died. In order to track down the murderer, he got on a train bound for the west. There was a suspect on the train.

    As a result, the car was driving, suddenly changed its track, and stopped at an old platform. They arrived at a mysterious empty city

    Like the catastrophic nature of "Red Tide", in the mysterious and relatively closed unknown space, various suspenseful stories of human entanglement occur, which is also one of the small categories of science fiction films.

    However, the cast of "The Lost City" is much stronger, and the leading actors are capable and well-known.  Claiming to have also spent a huge amount of special effects fees, opening the door to domestic sci-fi dramas, Barabara

    (In the evening there are ?
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