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Text Chapter 115 Reverse delivery

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    Zhuang Zhou received a detailed information.

    From February to March, Goose Factory and Fantastic Art will jointly hold a sci-fi theme season, each launching 3 works, with "Red Tide" and "Lost City" as the main ones.

    All are account sharing models.

    Goose Factory is a member who has watched for an hour in total, and it is counted as a valid on-demand broadcast, and 2 yuan is given.

    There are also advertising sharing, subsidies and the like.

    The happiest thing is the checkout, which turned out to be a monthly settlement: since the launch, it will be settled on the 1st-5th of each natural month from the next month, and the rest day will be postponed.

    Yao Lin didn't fool him, web dramas rely more on the core of Taiwan than web dramas.


    New Year's Eve, Beijing.

    The high-rise buildings in the city are gradually covering up the taste of the New Year. There are only red lanterns and Spring Festival couplets all over the streets to exaggerate the festive atmosphere.

    Lu Ke came out of the supermarket and got into the taxi with a few big bags. The driver and she looked at each other, looking at the big masks on each other's faces, as usual.

    Back to the rental house, tidy up and prepare to celebrate the New Year alone.

    Her family is out of town, and the recent epidemic situation is not very good. She has been designated as a high-risk area, and in order to avoid being urged to marry, she simply did not go back.

    If people don't go back, money has to be given. Her family is mediocre, and she transferred 10,000 yuan to each of her parents.

    Compared with before, I am quite confident now, lying on the bed while swiping my phone while humming, checking from time to time to see if the trailer of "Red Tide" is online.

    She paid 250,000 yuan for the filming of "Red Tide", 40% to the platform, and 150,000 yuan left for herself.  After the filming was over, the company picked her up as a female lead from an online university, for 70,000 yuan, only 10% of the money was drawn.

    She and He Saisai had a lot of discussions. Boss Zhuang, he doesn't like money, is not lustful, doesn't drink, doesn't gamble, and doesn't bully his subordinates. He seems to be here to do good deeds.

    It's not true!

    A guy like a saint, why would he want to be in the entertainment industry?

    There is also the "2-year contract" that she can't figure out no matter how hard she thinks, why only sign for 2 years?  Lu Ke thinks Mr. Zhuang admires him a lot

    Just thinking about it, a message came.

    In the WeChat group of the "Red Tide" crew, Dai Han posted a message: The trailer is online!  !  !

    There is a slip of expression packs underneath.

    Lu Ke also posted one. Ma Liu clicked on the Goose Factory video and found the trailer. It took only 20 seconds.

    There is a very depressing soundtrack at the beginning, and the narration is serious: "In 2035, the global climate will further deteriorate, and the sea level will rise, flooding a large area of ??offshore areas, and people will have to abandon their homes and move to centralized resettlement sites"

    Then there were several muffled "dong dong dong" sounds.

    A speedboat rides the wind and waves, with pitch-black tones, a group of people are shouting madly, and they can't hear what they are shouting, anyway, they are shouting.  Finally, he showed himself, with a terrified expression, and screamed loudly:



    Gone?  ?  ?


    Lu Ke's eyes widened, and he resisted the urge to drop his phone, what the hell is this motherfucker?

    Looking at the group again, the atmosphere is subtle and quiet, and everyone is holding back and not talking.  Lu Ke thought for a while, and chatted privately with Dai Han: "Director, you didn't make a mistake with the trailer, did you?"

    "I'm also wondering, I didn't cut it, Mr. Zhuang did it himself."

    "That's too subtle"

    "I'll ask him."

    After a while, Dai Han directly posted a message in the group: "It's okay, publicity strategy! I've seen the finished film, it's absolutely top-notch, don't worry."

    Another emoticon pack at the bottom.

    Lu Ke was speechless, carefully glanced at the netizen's comments:

    "Another bad drama disguised as a sci-fi film! Hey, when will the first year of domestic sci-fi dramas come?"

    "It feels very ordinary, and there is no content displayed."

    "I don't recognize any of the actors, so I definitely won't watch them!"

    Feeling overwhelmed, Lu Ke watched the trailer of "The Lost City" again, feeling completely different.

    The sound effect, the color tone, the fast and sharp editing, the exciting narration, the imposing acting skills, and two proud characters written all over his face: Blockbuster!

    The comments are also enthusiastic:

    "I've been looking forward to it for a long time, and it's finally going online!"

    "Thank you for the drama shortage!"

    "For the two leading actors, I'm chasing this show!"

    Even if she knew it was a publicity strategy, she still worried about overturning.

    It just so happened that Zhuang Zhou made a phone call and said concisely: "After the new year, you and Lao Dai will shoot an interview and put it in the surrounding area in five parts. What do you two talk about?what topic.  "

    "Oh, Mr. Zhuang, I think that preview, I think"

    "Beep beep!"

    Depend on!

    Lu Ke was depressed, and suddenly found that Mr. Zhuang had one of his biggest problems: he didn't listen to other people's opinions, and he didn't like to tell others what he wanted to do.


    The peripherals of "Red Tide" and "The Lost City" were posted one after another.

    The former continued to play around, pitch-black, playing tricks, and yelling.  The latter went on to blockbuster, magnificent, superb, great blah blah blah.

    The comment area of ??"Red Tide" is very bad, but unconsciously, I bought a lot of resources in the short video, and I can often get it.

    The crowd is disgusted!

    Very serious consequences!

    This trick is not surprising, it¡¯s a reverse delivery¡ªthe big sister who eats black garlic, raised her hand if she saw it.

    In order to exaggerate the atmosphere, Zhuang Zhou also found a few unscrupulous up masters to blackmail "Red Tide".  This wave of operations, some people knew it was speculation at a glance, but the film crew of "The Lost City" was very happy.

    This is called crushing!

    "The Lost City" was launched first, and it is also a short play, with 12 episodes and 30 minutes each.

    Due to the two powerful leading actors, they have received a lot of attention, and two episodes will be released first: a group of people are sitting on a train, suddenly deviate from the track, and drive into a mysterious deserted city.

    There are various dangers and supplies in the deserted city, a group of people seem to be playing an escape game, and the first to be attacked by bats

    "There are quite few such sci-fi + suspense dramas in China. The rhythm at the beginning is okay, and the characters are shown one after another. It is not in a hurry. I hope it will not be delayed later."

    "The special effects are good, the bats are very realistic!"

    "I just want to ask, why didn't you go back to the train? Why didn't you call for help? Your mother has artificial intelligence, and the train doesn't even have a satellite tracking system?

    Ok, even if you don¡¯t have any of these, you can definitely find a signal if you walk along the track, and you can call for help. You have to trust the national infrastructure!  "

    "Uh, but the director doesn't believe it."

    After the first two episodes came out, the popularity of Qiyi broke through 4,000, which is not as good as the popular romantic drama, but for a sci-fi drama, the results are very good.

    However, complaints are still very active, mainly targeting major logical loopholes, as mentioned above: Did you know that the control center can know the specific location of each train at any time?  !

    The current audience is easy to fool, and the current audience is not easy to fool.

    ?Because the trend is to the left, everyone is eager to see different content, ranging from the eating and drinking of ordinary people to the rise of national passion.  Those who know the film have made it, which is also called catering to the market.

    Filmmakers who don't understand, like "The Lost City", are still using their old brains to make so-called science fiction dramas.

    There is no thought in it.

    Of course the results are good, Qiyi and the film crew are quite satisfied, and according to the schedule, "Red Tide" will be officially launched next week.  Before going live, the last trailer was unveiled first.

    This time, Zhuang Zhou will not play reverse delivery

    (The weather has turned hot again. ?
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