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Text Chapter 117 Red Tide 2 (9000 words)

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    Lu Ke is responsible for a large area.

    The patrol boat approached a piece of coast, using a thick pole as the coordinates, stopped, and dropped the anchor claw.

    She jumped out of the boat and stepped onto the beach, disturbing a group of happy jumping fish that were catching small bugs.  The fish can walk on shore with its pectoral fins and even climb trees.

    Looking into the distance, the houses are dilapidated, full of traces of being ravaged by the storm.  Roofs, streets, and yards are full of broken bricks and tiles, broken branches and leaves, and household garbage

    This is a small abandoned fishing village.

    Fully armed, Lu Ke walked into the village cautiously, his boots making a clear sound as they stepped on a shallow layer of sea water.

    The air was filled with an unpleasant stench, wet and dark, some doors were wide open, and the inside was dark, as if a water ghost would come out at any moment.

    An area of ??half water and half land is more dangerous than the sea.

    She inspected the houses from house to house, and unknowingly came to the gate of a large courtyard. The inside was very spacious and there were many houses. It should have been a fisherman's house in the past.

    Lu Ke entered the hospital, there was no abnormality, and he entered the main house again.

    Pots, pans, tables, chairs and cabinets that were not taken away, and a set of tattered bedding piled on the bed.  The hostess' dressing table is still there, but the mirror is broken on the floor. There seems to be something on the top of the old wardrobe


    Her eyes lit up, she quickly picked up a chair, stepped on it, and saw that it was actually a backpack with a laptop stuffed inside.

    I don't know if the original owner hid it on purpose and forgot to take it away, or what, but it's hers!

    ? From the first migration of the population to the present, ten years have passed, and history has been re-recorded.  Many people regard this decade as the beginning of a new era. The coast is no longer a golden city, and the population continues to shrink inland, with many contradictions and confused thinking.

    In this environment, it is easy to give birth to groups with strange hobbies.

    Some desperately pursue excitement, some desperately pursue retro Thanks to these people, Lu Ke has obtained a lot of gray income-she will sell the old items she finds.

    She has gained something today, and she became excited.

    But immediately after, his complexion became serious, because suddenly there were several "boom!" "boom!"

    It's like a water ghost knocking on the door.

    Lu Ke went to the yard and found that there was a sound of thumping coming from a utility room, the door was blocked by a broken tree, and something kept hitting behind the door.

    After bumping for a while, it suddenly stopped.


    In just a few seconds, she was ready to fight.

    First take out a smoke bomb, throw it in through the broken window, then kick away the small tree trunk, then quickly back up, flat-end the net gun.

    This kind of gun is very similar to a revolver with a huge head. It has three magazines, a firing distance of 12-15m, and a mesh area of ??3. It is made of high-strength nylon wire.

    Lu Ke held the gun with his right hand, and pulled the casing on the trigger with his left hand. The spring clicked and the firing pin was loaded.


    A large amount of white smoke rose from the utility room, and there were strange noises inside, as if the slippery skin of some kind of mollusk was crawling on the ground.  Then listen to "Boom!"

    The door was knocked open, and a slimy creature popped out.

    Lu Ke's hand was extremely steady, he still had time to aim, pulled the trigger, and there was a bang!  The rope net flew out, covered it firmly, and fell to the ground.


    She stepped forward, frowning!  dislike!  Ugly reject!

    In the net is a dark purple octopus half a meter long, with huge compound eyes and 8 long arms.  The point is, these 8 wrists are divided into many small arms and feet, like the roots of trees spreading.

    The octopus turns a deep purple color, which is a sign of extreme anger and is struggling to escape.

    "be honest!"

    Lu Ke kicked.

    Another kick.

    Kicked again.

    Then, admiring each other peacefully, she roughly counted, there are nearly a hundred main arms plus secondary arms.


    It's all the sins of the Japanese who have a good life~!

    She checked the utility room again, and found that there was a big hole in the roof. The octopus should have been picked up by a storm and landed in the house by chance.



    At this moment, the watch on the left wrist reminded, and the voice of the command center came from inside: "11928, why are you still in Longwan? Didn't you receive the night storm warning?"

    "I just caught a mutant octopus, it's a new species!"

    "The new species doesn't care about the storm? We are halfway through? Accompany.

    Looking around boredly, he suddenly paused, and seemed to see a strange red light.


    Lu Ke stood up, leaned against the cabin, and took a look through the binoculars.

    Under the gradually dimming sky, on the windy sea, I don't know where it came from, I don't know when it started, one o'clock, two o'clock, one group, two groups, one piece, two pieces

    Countless dark red stars fell into the sea and gathered in one place, exuding a deadly and strange light.

    Red Ghost!

    Red tide!



    Yamei slammed the keyboard angrily, and almost threw away her beloved cactus and electric wand.

    Seeing this, the third episode has just ended.  She frantically clicked the mouse and refreshed the page, with a glimmer of hope that the platform would show kindness.

    Unfortunately not.

    If you want to watch the next episode, you have to wait a week!

    The comments also screamed in unison:

    "You are in vain as a son of man!!"

    "Dog Penguin, you have the guts to open advanced on-demand, I am willing to spend money this time!"

    "It's over, I've been poisoned by the heroine, I haven't seen such a cool heroine for a long time!"

    "Tell Sisi, Bingbing and Honghong, I'm going to find Lulu tonight!"

    Yamei was also depressed, but quickly picked up her mood, and started to do a commentary on "Red Tide" as if inspired by diabetes insipidus.

    In the meeting room.

    It was quiet at first, and then everyone started to applaud.  They don't know why they clap, but there has to be a way to express their emotions.

    Lao Mo and Dai Han couldn't help shaking their heads, and kept nodding when they were done.

    Lu Ke and He Saisai were huddled together again, and Qi Wuhai's exclamation was enough to turn over the entire Muye Village!

    "Boss, shall we watch another episode?"

    "It's gone, it's gone, follow the platform."

    "There's no humanity!"

    Everyone complained on the surface, but they were overjoyed in their hearts, but even though they estimated the maximum value, they didn't expect what kind of storm these three episodes would cause.  </div&gt
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