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Text Chapter 121 Chinese Method 2

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    "Recently, a large area of ??red tide has appeared in the coastal waters of our city The Municipal Marine Ecological Monitoring Research Center and the Coastal Protection Command Center are actively carrying out disaster prevention and treatment work. The State Oceanic Administration has also set up an expert team and will soon go to this city"

    "A red tide information acceptance platform has been established to release disaster prevention and treatment information to the public every day. The public can also report relevant situations through telephone, Internet and other channels"

    Early in the morning, the sun was shining brightly.

    Lu Ke was bombarded by various information loops, walked out of the house, and walked through the long corridor.

    When we arrived at the square downstairs, a promotional animation was played on the public display screen: "Some red tide organisms secrete toxins, which can accumulate in the body after ingestion by fish and shellfish.  In severe cases it can lead to death"

    Several old men and old ladies were exercising, and one stopped: "Xiao Lu!"

    "Second aunt!"

    Lu Ke leaned over and said with a smile: "Introduce me again? All right, what time is it, I'll go and see."

    "Bah bah! I'll introduce you to ten, and you can run eight out of anger I just want to ask, is it serious this time?"

    "I don't know, and we don't have much information."

    "Oh, so are we recruiting volunteers now?"

    "Don't use it without notice."

    "Count me in when I use it. I used to be an activist in public security. I haven't had a chance to make use of my spare energy when I moved here"

    "All right, all right, let you play your best!"

    Lu Ke chatted for a few words, and drove to the "Longwan Brigade of Offshore Patrol Detachment of Baisha City".

    Dozens of people were neatly organized in the courtyard, and the team leader gave a lecture: "From today on, we will patrol 24 hours a day, and we will temporarily divide them into three groups. The first group, Chen Lu!"


    "Guide and clean up the distant sea creatures that break into the inspection area, and protect the cleaning ship to complete the cleaning work."


    "The second group, Zhao Xiaomu!"


    "Cooperate with the technical staff of the research center to complete disaster prevention and treatment work."


    "The third group¡­¡­"

    After allocating, Lu Ke waved: "Let's go, change boat!"

    Previously, they used light and small patrol boats. This time, new boats will sail out of the dock one by one. The hulls are larger and similar in shape, but the stern is equipped with a weapon like a whale hunting cannon.

    The streamlined body is shaped like a missile, and its power can directly penetrate a creature as big as a whale. The diameter of the penetrating body is 1.5 meters!

    Her partner, Xu Kai, who had a bad stomach, has returned to work.

    The two of them drove the boat out of the base, and the redness visible to the naked eye was a little closer than when they first discovered it.  The sea area near the island chain has already been filled with dead fish, and the cleaning boats are constantly salvaging them.


    A speedboat passed by on the right, and she saw Xiaobei above, who was also fighting on the front line as a technician.  The two of them waved their hands at the moment they crossed each other.

    Lu Ke's task is to lead a team to guide and clean up those fleeing distant sea creatures.

    So there was the scene in the trailer:

    "You sail!"

    Lu Ke carried a harpoon gun full of metal, which looked like an assault rifle, and accurately shot a double-headed mutant fish.

    But the more ferocious one is not in the trailer. Immediately afterwards, another huge white wave hits, and the black shadow underneath is full of oppression. It is obviously a sea monster-level mutant creature.

    "Get rid of it!"

    "Received! There was a big battle just after coming back, and I really can't do it without me!"

    Xu Kai pressed the button and released a sound wave to attract sea monsters. At the same time, he was sitting in the driver's seat and operated extremely skillfully. One ship and one monster began to soar on the sea.


    Lu Ke manipulated the whale hunting cannon at the stern to observe the sea monster's swimming track, suddenly raised his eyebrows, and shouted with great experience: "It's about to jump!"


    Xu Kai deliberately slowed down and chased for a few seconds, sure enough, boom!

    Like a storm coming, the turbid waves are churning, and a grotesque mutant sea beast with a mouth full of tentacles leaps up from the sea, trying to crush the ship directly with its pressure.

    I don't want to hear another violent roar!

    The boat accelerated almost instantly, leaving the attack area quickly.

    The hull of the ship was seriously tilted, and Lu Ke's body was twisted into an abnormal angle, supported entirely by one leg, but holding the whale hunting gun firmly with both hands.Not only did the animals not disappear, but they were swept up the island chain by the storm.

    The dense mangrove forest has been covered by denser red creatures, and some have even been swept into the inland sea.

    They seemed to be a group of silent devils who only knew how to reproduce and destroy, and they finally approached Baisha City, especially the citizens!

    After the storm, the sky is still clear and the temperature is rising.

    On the man-made island, some people were cleaning up red tide creatures and dead fish that washed up on the shore.  Working alone, I only feel itchy throat and tears in my eyes

    The other two felt dizzy and fell down with a plop.

    The screen turns:

    "This unprecedented global red tide disaster has caused incalculable losses to many countries"

    "On the coast of Sydney, more than 1270 tons of dead fish and marine life have been cleaned up locally. Among them, 850 manatees died, a record number."

    "On the coast of Florida, hundreds of sharks are constantly charging against the protective belt to avoid red tide. Local animal rights activists held a demonstration to call for the opening of the gates to allow sharks to enter the port.

    After all, the life of sharks is also life, and it is an extremely inhumane act to watch them being harmed and poisoned by red tides!  "

    "The head of Tokyo's xx sewage treatment plant publicly apologized for dumping 215 million gallons (814 million liters) of 'slightly radioactive' wastewater into the ocean to prevent the collapse of two very large wastewater reservoirs  "

    "Research institutions in various countries have detected new mutants in this red tide.

    These mutated species will release more intense neurotoxins and paralytic toxins, pollute the seawater, and distribute them into the air, directly affecting humans!  "

    In the news, one after another shocking screen switching.

    Huge numbers of dead fish, sea turtles with white eyes, manatees and dolphins circling in circles due to toxins affecting the central nervous systemand humans who died of eating poisoned fish by mistake.

    Of course, those bright and terrifying red ghosts are also indispensable!

    (In the evening there are ?
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