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Text Chapter 122 The Chinese Method (End)

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    Director Guo Fan seems to have become a fan of the drama. When new episodes are released, he will definitely repost them. The big baby is not far behind. He even expressed his intimacy with the popularity of the drama.

    "Sister Lu, I love you!"

    "This episode is so good~"

    More and more netizens believe that it's over, this must be a cooperation.

    When "Red Tide" premiered, everyone thought it was a sci-fi disaster film with excellent special effects and full elements.  But when three weeks passed and the seven episodes were finished, the audience suddenly realized: "Oh, so it is like this!"

    Zhuang Zhou wanted to express the Chinese method.

    What is the Chinese method?

    Take the epidemic as an example, is it just to concentrate on big things?  No, it includes many aspects, from ideological to substantive.

    The first is the scientific point of view.

    From the very beginning, we have used scientific viewpoints to face the epidemic, and quickly formulated precise and effective countermeasures such as "early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment".

    Then more than 40,000 medical staff rushed to Wuhan, and 19 provinces supported each other, cooperated with each other, and helped each other.

    In "Red Tide", Zhuang Zhou tried his best to express what he could express due to the limitation that many sensitivities could not be shown.  So in the last three episodes, Red Tide is fighting against Red Tide!

    In addition to confrontation, there are more far-reaching development considerations

    At the beginning, two lines were ambushed, one was the disaster, and the other was the relocation of the people in Baisha City. When the disaster approached the inner sea, the problem of relocation also broke out.

    "I'm not leaving! Where else can I go when I'm 80 years old?"

    "Ten years ago we left our homes, and now we have to leave our homes? I don't have such a big life, I'm afraid of dying on the road."

    "That thing has poisonous gas, if you don't leave, it will poison you to death!"

    "I will not leave even if I am poisoned to death!"

    In the shabby room, an old couple with white hair were arguing.

    "Hurry up and pack your things!"

    "What are you doing?"

    "You didn't hear people say that the outside is full of poisonous gas, all evacuated, tonight will be the first batch, and the first responders will be allocated rooms first!"

    "Oh, don't listen to the wind and the rain."

    "You fart, hurry up and help!"

    A middle-aged couple was also arguing.

    ?There are also a lot of people, panicked, rumors everywhere, collectively blocking the gates of relevant departments, as if if you don't give me a satisfactory answer, I will die for you.

    Another group of trendy humans wearing metal prosthetics, yelling and swaying.

    "Brothers, our time has come!"

    "Go, have some fun!"

    At the same time, Baisha City has also been fully upgraded.

    "The toxin produced by the new mutated species will indeed pollute the sea water and disperse into the air, but as long as you don't come into close contact with it, it will have no effect, and it will not float to the urban area through the inland sea."

    "Understand science, listen to official announcements, don't make rumors, don't spread rumors."

    "Use the police stations of each street as a unit, quickly organize volunteer teams, arrange community patrols, and never tolerate illegal and criminal acts."

    "Relevant department personnel should visit markets, catering units, shopping malls and supermarkets in depth Do not drive up prices, make huge profits, or spread rumors about price increases, to ensure a stable supply of vegetables, grain, oil and other livelihood materials!"

    If we say that Baisha City was like a big machine before, now the power of this machine has been turned on to the maximum.

    In the bedroom, the second aunt rummaged through boxes and cabinets and shouted, "Old man, where are my red cuffs?"

    "Didn't you throw it away earlier?"

    "Oh, what should I do then?"

    "You don't have red armbands, so you won't be a volunteer? Hurry up and sign up, you won't be able to grab it at night!"

    The second aunt walked out, took two steps and came back: "No, no, you can find me a piece of red cloth. I don't feel safe without red armbands!"


    "Sister Lu, do you have any news?"


    "Now we can talk about everything, we can't really evacuate urgently, right? How can people in a city evacuate?"

    "You know it's not easy to retreat with a head like yours, so what are you worried about? Work!"

    The task of cleaning up the sea creatures has been completed, and the entire patrol team is desperately trying to prevent the red tide from spreading further.  Lu Ke jumped onto the boat, picked up a protective mask similar to a transparent mask, looked at his companions again, and asked:

    "Where did we get so many devices?"

    "Ninghai City provided overnight support."

      "Red Tide" draws to a close and reaches its climax.

    ? Although at the beginning, the protagonist's strength is shown in full detail, but there is no personal heroism, nor is there any deliberate sensationalism. Everything is to the point, leaving a blank.

    And with the development of the plot, the collective image of the patrol team is also highlighted.

    In the end, the elements of the yishi form are more straightforward.

    The savior is not an individual, not a small group, but the country's powerful mechanical engineering strength is built on the basis of all of them.

    "Attention all team members, disperse left and right along the island chain!"

    "what happened?"

    "Why did you spread out?"

    The team members who have not received the news looked confused, but Qi Qi obeyed the order, Xu Kai drove the boat away from the work area, and asked: "It seems to let us make way, is there a big guy coming?"

    "What big guy?"

    "Tsk, what big guy are you talking about, I just saw it a few years ago, today"

    Suddenly, he was interrupted by a low and long siren sound, and the two looked up, only to see large ships slowly sailing out from behind the island as if covered with golden light on the setting sun.

    There are three huge characters printed on the bow: Tiankun!

    ?The total length is 140 meters, the width is 27.8 meters, the maximum digging depth is 35 meters, the total installed power is 25843 kilowatts, and the dredging capacity is 6000 cubic meters per hour.

    The ship carries a bridge weighing 1,600 tons, with a giant hinged suction head at the front end, presenting a huge heavy metal violent aesthetic red fruit in front of the audience.

    The Tiankun has a prototype in reality.

    What are the heavy marine engineering equipment independently developed and built in China for?

    Dredge and build islands!


    Several large ships entered the red tide and honked their horns for a long time to express their respect.  Nearly a hundred patrol boats scattered around and honked their horns in response.

    The voice of Tiankun came from the communication channel: "Thank you for your hard work, leave it to us!"


    ?The huge hinged suction head penetrates into the sea, easily breaks the bottom layer, removes the polluted bottom mud, and accelerates the decomposition of seabed pollutants.

    Then turning the sediment and crushing the rocks is equivalent to plowing the sea thoroughly, directly destroying the living environment of the red tide.  Those poisonous algae and pollutants were smashed and sucked away.

    The cleaning ship, which looked awesome before, looks like a well-behaved child in front of the Tiankun

    They will stay in Baisha City for a long time, further build islands, expand the island chain, not retreat, defeat the red tide, and even compress the opponent's activity area.

    The sunset, the sea, the country's most important weapon!

    Beautiful and picturesque!

    Yamei didn't know why, her nose was sore and her eyes were red.

    She seemed to think of the Spring Festival in 2020 again We are invincible!

    At the end of the end.

    The screen went dark, and the subtitles below:

    "In 2 years."

    Lu was the last group of citizens to relocate. She did not choose to go to the coastal cities and continue to be a patrol member, but chose the Northwest encouraged by the state.

    Along with them are those two little friends.

    On the plane, a sweet voice announced: "The plane has begun to descend, please return to your seat, fasten your seat belt, and straighten the seat back"

    He Saisai and Chen Wei became a couple, sitting together flirting.

    Lu Ke lost his hometown and lost his second habitat. Now he is leaning against the window alone, looking out of the window in ecstasy:

    The earth is like the sea.

    On one side is a vast green territory, and on the other side is a continuous desert. The people here are fighting against the desert like white sand against the sea.

    But the difference is that the lens gives a large panorama, which can be seen as the plane slides down.

    Forests, rivers, roads, cities, majestic and shocking water diversion projects, sturdy and mighty mechanical vehicles, and the people who fought in it

    Lu may feel that this city has a lot of vitality, which is a lot of fun!


    The plane landed.

    The whole drama is over.

    (The entertainment industry in 2021 will be recorded in history ?
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