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Main Text Chapter 123 Storm 1

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    "Red Tide" is over.

    All the viewers, media, up hosts, and marketing accounts who followed it felt like it was Chinese New Year, and all kinds of information exploded on Weibo, Douban, Station B, Douyin, and Zhihu.

    "Sure enough, it's the biggest surprise of the new year! In the past two years, the entertainment industry has been eating melons and getting autistic, and finally someone has returned to the work itself."

    "Suddenly I feel that things like cyberpunk and Cthulhu are fine in Hong Kong, but it really goes against the style of painting in the mainland.

    If you don't give 10 eggs, you will be ashamed to preach. What's even more annoying is that those old men and women just want to get eggs!

    And the grassroots political workers will let you know your way back in minutes, and send a red heart to the motherland Ah, I am already imagining that pla is sending Dongfeng Express to Mr. Ke!  "

    "Ke Ke, I can do what I want; Sai Sai, I can do what I want. If the law allows, I don't even mind the three of us living together."

    "Hahaha, I've said it before, and I'll say it again now: This is called a new era of domestic science fiction dramas!"

    As a staunch supporter, Yamei, Lu Ke's new fangirl, even made a very long video:

    "Let me talk about my mental journey of pursuing the drama. At the beginning, I thought it was a domestic science fiction drama with excellent special effects and a well-intentioned production team.

    After watching and watching, I found that something was wrong. Wait until the last three episodes come out, damn it!  Forgive me for using this word, I just realized that "Red Tide" is the same as "The Wandering Earth", telling a story on the surface, but actually telling a kind of thought.

    What thought?

    Look at the title of the film.

    Specifically, it is eight words: Chinese thinking, Chinese method.  And in my opinion, one of the most prominent advantages of this show, brothers, put the word pattern on the public screen!

    As I said in the first issue, the most taboo thing about sci-fi films is to make a super-large world view, and then shoot trivial stories.

    "Red Tide" is just the opposite. Its world view is not big, even old-fashioned, but it advances layer by layer through a city, a patrol team, and a person, showing an unexpected large pattern.

    To be honest, when I saw the appearance of the Tiankun, the Northwest Water Diversion Project, and the endless joy of fighting against the sky, I was so excited that I shed tears.  I didn't know what the Tiankun was before, so I went to check it out after reading it, damn it!

    Forgive me for using this word again, it is really a miracle of nature"

    Like Yamei, many up hosts and comment articles mentioned the word "pattern".

    Thanks to the relatively rich background setting of "Red Tide", some details are also enjoyed by the party, and they have posted one after another, and even drew out a timeline:

    "In 2008, Chen Lu was born on Haiwang Island. Three years later, her mother died of illness. In 2014, Chen Lu went to the township primary school. Her classmates were Chenchen and Xiaobei. The three of them went to the same school until high school."

    "In 2025, Neptune Island was destroyed by a storm, the era of flood migration began, and Baisha City was first built."

    "In 2035, the storyline of the feature film begins, Barabara In 2037, the trio moved to the northwest."

    There are also egg diggers:

    "In the first episode, the protagonist gets up, opens the curtains, and there is a drone express passing by outside.

    The protagonist's serial number is 11928, which is 81192 after moving it a little.

    The pornographic piece brought back by the protagonist should belong to Mr. Tianhai from the sound.  Hey, don't ask me why I can hear it, Mr. Tianhai's voice is very unique.

    Everyone is familiar with the song sung in the retro club, Wu Bai's "Sudden Self""

    The appearance of these posts not only means that the audience likes to watch it, but also shows that "Red Tide" has become an Internet cultural phenomenon.  And whenever this kind of phenomenon occurs, it will be accompanied by a kind of behavior, over-interpreting, and even spreading rumors!

    "Have you noticed that red tides, which are usually silent, but as long as the environment is mature, will multiply wildly and unscrupulously until they kill themselves, don't they look like those people hanging from lampposts?

    And these people were defeated by the people and the country!  "

    "It is said that the film studio is preparing for "Red Tide 2"!

    The first part is just to test the waters, the second part is the real red tide, try to see the future world, it must be the world of red flags!  "

    Good guy!

    Zhuang Zhou was taken aback. The first part was already on a large scale, but the second part could only be thought about. It would not pass the review if it was filmed, and it would not be written if it passed the review. If it was written, it would be 404.

    But he didn't let the official blog express his opinion, or refute the rumors, he was happy to watch the various performances of netizens.


    Lu Ke officially signed a contract with the company after filming "Red Tide" at the end of last year.

    After signing, only arrangeI made a small play and made tens of thousands of yuan, and the rest of the time has been fine.  But she didn't complain, and any fool knew that she was about to take over.

    At this moment, the mall.

    Lu Ke finished shopping, watched a movie, and was eating a small hot pot in the mall.  He Saisai went to the University of the Arts, and he doesn't have any girlfriends, so he is used to being alone.

    While eating, she swiped Douyin, and from time to time, she swiped to clips of "Red Tide".

    Especially the shot of him manipulating the whale hunting gun and piercing the sea monster was unscrupulously released by various marketing accounts.

    Of course she was very pleased, this kind of treatment had never been done before.  Just as she was watching, a couple on the opposite side was also looking at her, muttering a few words, the girl approached cautiously, and asked:

    "Hello, are you Lu Ke?"

    "Uh, yes."


    The girl wanted to scream subconsciously, so she quickly covered her mouth, her eyes were shining brightly, and suppressed her excitement, she said, "I'm your fan, can I take a photo together?"


    Lu Ke was very, very unskilled, and nodded after a pause: "Yes."

    The girl immediately asked her boyfriend to take a photo, stood next to her, first tentatively stretched out her claws, and seeing that he didn't object, she boldly put her hands on her shoulders, leaned down to get very close, her eyes full of admiration


    Boyfriend on the spot tauren!

    After taking the photo, I signed it with lipstick, and the girl left in a hurry.  Lu Ke thought back, this feeling is really cool!

    She blinked, like a thief and unable to control herself, she began to search for her name on various platforms, the more she searched, the more delighted she was, and then she paused suddenly.

    In his Weibo Chaohua, a post suddenly appeared:

    "Lu Ke's National Fan Support Association is recruiting new members!"

    "Group number: xxxxx."

    "You can enter the group by answering the questions. If you want to apply for the management group and the technical group, the requirements are as follows;

    financial manager:

    1, only fans!

    2. Have a stable job with an annual salary of more than 600,000 yuan after tax (the financial requirements are based on frequent advances for fan activities, and high income can avoid corruption and other problems)

    3, Graduated from 211, 985 or overseas well-known universities, with professional counterparts, and experience in managing money in companies of at least 200,000 yuan.

    The person in charge of offline support:

    1. Living in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is preferred.

    2. At least 90% of the itinerary can be followed.

    3. Good physical fitness (material handling starts at 50 catties)¡±


    Lu Ke was confused and panicked, he had never had a fan support meeting before, it was unimaginable, why are the conditions so high?  !  !  !

    She quickly called Zhuang Zhou: "Boss, have you connected with the fan support meeting for me?"

    "Where are you?"

    "Eat hot pot in the mall."

    "I came to the company after eating, and I just wanted to talk to you about this. ?
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