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Text Chapter 124: Stormy Storm 2

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    Although Qiwuhai has a small number of personnel, it has complete functions.

    Front desk, planning, copywriting, beauty editor, finance, etc., everything, and even a programmer.

    This little brother just left school, young and immature, with a standard market salary, digging his feet in confusion every day His work since he joined the job includes building a simple official website and changing the water for the water dispenser.

    He couldn't figure it out, why did this small broken company want to hire a programmer?  ?  ?

    ? Of course, life is very comfortable, and the boss hardly raises any demands, which greatly reduces the chance of my hairline receding.

    At this moment, the little brother was happily fishing, when suddenly a big hand was patted on the shoulder, Zhuang Zhou's face came closer, and he didn't care whether he scared the child or not, and asked, "Do you have a YouTube account?"

    "You oil pipe?"

    "Youtube, account number."

    "Boss, that's illegal."

    "Hey, station p has no good content recently, and it's getting worse and worse."

    "Yeah, it's just like that after watching too much"

    The little brother was shocked and almost cried: "Boss, you are fishing!"

    "Let me ask you, has anyone posted clips of "Red Tide" on Youtube?"

    "There are a few."

    "Then I will give you a task, and you can also send some clips of "Red Tide" to it, and then look at the feedback regularly."


    "No more, work hard."

    Zhuang Zhou patted his little brother, just after he finished speaking, Lu Ke happened to come in and called her to the office.

    Sit face to face, observe one or two, and ask: "How long will it take for your skin to recover?"

    "It will take half a year."

    "Oh, I'll find you a makeup artist. You'll have a lot of events to attend, so you need to take good care of them."

    Zhuang Zhou turned on the computer, clicked a few times, turned the screen to the other party, and said, "You had 1.03 million Weibo fans before, and your activity was extremely low. There were only dozens or even a dozen comments on each Weibo."

    "It's a zombie fan bought by the previous company." Lu Ke was embarrassed.

    "From the start of "Red Tide" to the present, your number of fans has increased by 113,000, but the retweets and likes of each Weibo have skyrocketed by more than 100 times, and your popularity is comparable to second-line traffic.

    This so-called National Fan Support Association has just been established and already has more than 6,000 people.  Recently, I¡¯m always on @¹Ù²©, or sending private messages, you can read the content"

    Lu Ke took a look, to the effect that:

    "The company is required to assign a special contact person to do some necessary communication on the future development direction of my sister, how to carry out data support, birthday party, class visit, pick-up and drop-off"

    She scratched her head and asked, "What does my development direction have to do with them?"

    "It doesn't matter."

    "What does data support mean?"

    "Take a shot."


    Lu Ke has never been popular before, but he has heard of all kinds of flamboyant operations by the fan club, and it will be his turn not knowing how to deal with it.

    "If you want a fan group, I'll send someone to connect with you. If you don't want it, I'll refuse."

    "I'll listen to you."

    "You can't listen to me about this kind of thing. Our contract is only for two years. During these two years, I will try my best to make you more money. But only if the data is good and the fans are strong, your commercial value will be high."


    Lu Ke rubbed his fingers, and expressed his thoughts a little bit coyly: "I want to make money, but I want to make money from filming, and I can't handle those social scenes with my personality."

    "Then I will decline?"


    "Don't be, if I refuse, you will become the target of public criticism."

    "Didn't you promise me to make more money? What am I afraid of?"


    Zhuang Zhou was happy. In front of her, he directly sent a Weibo with his company account:

    "The actors of our company do not recognize or accept any fan group and data investment. If anyone uses the name of supporting idols to raise funds, please be careful and be careful not to be fooled."

    After posting, he said, "Wait and see."

    Lu Ke didn't understand what he meant, so he had to go around the company and chat.


    I don¡¯t know how many people dropped their keyboards, how many people gloated at their misfortune, and how many people took advantage of the problem to make trouble.

    The fan group has long been a business, with a strict system, clear responsibilities, and various ways to cheat money, which are not uncommon, so there is no need to waste saliva here.

    about 2Hours later, Zhuang Zhou asked her to read the comments:

    "This company is awesome! It's the first time I've seen such a sarcastic person, offending everyone in the circle!"

    "I don't know how Lu Ke got into such a stupid company. Our fans are all for her. If the fans turn black, I'll wait for her to cool down!"

    "To tell you the truth, she has only become popular for a while, and she hasn't reached the point where she doesn't rely on fans. Without fan marketing, she will soon pass away."

    "Nowadays there are always some celebrities who are blown up for no reason, including Lu Ke and Jay Chou.

    I have always heard that Jay Chou's concert tickets are hard to buy, so I checked his data, and the Weibo super chat rankings can't be ranked, and the official endorsement endorsement comments don't exceed 10,000. Does he really have so many fans?  "

    "A group of people are blowing "Red Tide", I am a 10-year-old drama fan, and I can't even watch it for five minutes!"

    This matter even became a hot search:

    #Luke Statement#

    #Lu Kefan Turns Black#

    #Luke Fan Support Club Disbanded#


    Lu Ke was in a daze and didn't turn his head around for a moment. Zhuang Zhou said: "Hot search relies on buying. We didn't buy hot search. Who bought it? Naturally, it's the one who thinks you're blocking the way.

    And these comments, do you think they are really your fans?  No, there are still a lot of sailors inside.  "

    While talking, the phone rang.

    Zhuang Zhou opened the public release and asked her to listen, and a man's voice came from inside: "Hey Mr. Zhuang, why are you so irrational? Miss Lu has such a good time to be in the top position, but she has self-destructed her future. She has a very dangerous reputation now.  "

    "What do you mean?"

    "At least it has to be halved. This is what I strive for. Maybe it will only be one third in the end."

    "Oh, forget it then."

    Zhuang Zhou hung up and explained: "This is for you to make a movie, the heroine of the puppet, the salary has been paid to 20 million, and now it's gone."


    This series of operations can be described as a god pit!

    Another person might jump up and hit him. Lu Ke sat firmly. Of course she is not a fool. She has already turned her head and asked, "Then what is my lower part?"

    "No rush, let's talk about something else first."

    "From today, you will have a full-time assistant, a full-time stylist, a caravan, and I will act as the agent myself."

    "I have already accepted an endorsement for you, a domestic brand, the price is not bad, and the main period is very long."

    "The results of "Red Tide" are good, you and Sai Sai will both have a bonus, and yours is 6.66 million."

    "You are not the heroine in the next play, you can be regarded as the second female lead, but this is the company's strategic plan, even the second female lead will keep you entertained for a long time."

    Lu Ke digested it for a while, and the treatment he gave was definitely not as good as that of the ancient puppet heroine, but he had an inexplicable feeling that the boss had already regarded her as one of his own.

    This feeling made her feel at ease the most.

    "What about those fans and comments?"

    "Ignore those stinky shit, when we come up with crushing works, everyone is a clown"

    Just as we were talking, someone knocked on the door, and an employee reported excitedly:

    "Boss, do you want to read it? "Red Tide" has been reviewed by "People's Daily"!"?
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