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Text Chapter 125: Storm 3

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    Since the official title is not allowed, use a second-rate newspaper instead.

    Although second-rate newspapers are second-rate, they still possess a strong sanctity in the eyes of the masses.  In recent years, several major official media have commented on the affairs of the entertainment industry from time to time, and the second-rate newspapers have the most speeches.

    Whenever a star or work is praised by reviews, the person and fans will beat drums and gongs to tell everyone.

    But in fact, the official blogs of second-rate newspapers are obviously unprofessional to the entertainment industry, and are easily misled by marketing accounts, making some inferior behaviors.

    For example, about Gou Hanjian, its official blog commented: "I need to apologize, and I need to make up lessons"

    There is a feeling that big things are turned into small things, and small things are turned into small things.  Then it was sprayed wildly by netizens, and the official blog silently deleted this sentence.

    Of course, it's a good thing for Red Tide to get its reviews right now.

    Zhuang Zhou and Lu Ke came to the office area, and everyone was very excited. An employee was reading aloud: "After the Spring Festival, an online drama unexpectedly triggered a movie-watching frenzy. "Red Tide" has more than 1 billion on-demand views, and countless netizens spontaneously  Publicity has become the biggest surprise at the beginning of the year."

    1000000000?  ?  ?

    He turned to Lao Mo, and Lao Mo had a laugh: Yes, I swiped the data again!

    "At the beginning of the episode, a relatively clich¨¦d narrative was started: the climate deteriorated, sea levels rose, and humans built a large number of coastal protection belts. The patrol members whose homes were destroyed were fighting natural disasters while fighting with their own.  Painful memory battles, and finally together with my partners, with the strong support of the country, I overcame the disaster and started a new life

    But what is surprising is that the pictures, special effects, stories, and artistic conception are embedded in such a clich¨¦ background, but they are extremely grand and rich.

    This is a story with infinite possibilities. What "Red Tide" opens may be a new film and television world

    Today's China has a strong "future sense", and technological innovation has attracted the attention of the world.

    Today's Chinese science fiction literature and art creation not only has the giant shoulders of the giant scientific and technological progress in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, but also has the deep soil of the public's ever-increasing scientific yearning.

    Chinese sci-fi professionals and film and television practitioners have the ability and responsibility to seize opportunities, provide more and better Chinese experience and stories for the world's sci-fi literature and art creation, and expand human imagination for the future.

    "Red Tide" is still far from a classic, but the fact that a work can become a public topic means that it is worth discussing.  Less sensationalism and emotional disputes, more pertinent suggestions and rational words.  Only by neither sticking out nor flattering them can the improvement of the quality of cultural products be encouraged.

    We look forward to seeing more Chinese values ??and oriental concepts extending in the realm of human imagination.

    We look forward to our imagination stirring together with literary works, welcoming the real spring of Chinese science fiction.  "


    When the employees were reading, Zhuang Zhou listened carefully, and he felt like, why is it not over yet?  At the end of the reading, he suddenly realized that this was not a Weibo of one or two hundred characters, but a long review.

    "Boss, how should we go back?"

    "For forwarding, just say thank you for your support, we will definitely make persistent efforts."


    The staff crackled and operated a few times, and there was a bang, and the voice was trembling: "The Huahua Club also commented!"


    "For a long time, many Chinese films have used IP and storylines with Chinese characteristics to embody non-native values, which makes the overall film feel contrary.

    "Red Tide" handles this point very cleverly, so that what we see in the sci-fi scenes are still pure and pure Chinese, and what we experience is still the Chinese people's principles and moral standards.

    Whether it is the spirit of struggling against the sky and the foolish old man moving mountains, whether it is the persistent family bond, nostalgia for the homeland, whether it is the Tiankun and the transformation of the Great Northwest When the audience sees it, they will feel very cordial and achieve great aesthetics.  fit.  "

    "The sixth princess has also posted!"


    "Chinese science fiction has always had a cultural core that is different from European and American science fiction.

    We are used to watching Hollywood blockbusters of "one person opens and hangs to save mankind", we are tired of watching the clich¨¦ plot of "never cut the bomb wire until the last second", and we are also tired of watching "for love, I can give up everything"  The vulgar plot where the male protagonist puts all mankind in a dangerous situation in order to save the female protagonist.

    Science fiction films originated in Europe and the United States. For a long time, everyone felt that China lacked the soil for science fiction, but Liu Cixin won the Hugo Award and "The Wandering Earth".It shows that we can make a difference in the field of science fiction.

    And "Red Tide", with the size of a web drama, has brought audiences far more enjoyment than those 300 million big productions and top-tier leading actors, and they have to be amazed and praised"

    The voices of the second-rate newspapers and Huahuashe represent the approval of the two authoritative official media.  The six princesses came across the border to comment on the web drama, which also shows their affirmation of "Red Tide".

    For a time, the company was filled with a strong and weird smell.

    It is the secretion of the smell that human beings are excited to the extreme, more joyful than the most perfect sex ever tried in this life.

    Zhuang Zhou swiped Weibo, and those shits that were dancing happily not long ago, those who used the fan support meeting incident to slander Lu Ke and the company, quietly removed the trending searches.

    Just as he was about to speak, the phone rang again:

    "Hey, Mr. Zhuang, I must have misunderstood it before! We sincerely hope that Ms. Lu will join this work. 20 million yuan is not a lot of money, and 30 million yuan can also be negotiated"

    "No discussion!"

    Zhuang Zhou hung up, shrugged his shoulders, and waved his hand again: "Leave work early and have dinner together!"

    "Wow, long live the boss!"

    "Long live "Red Tide"!"


    When "The Wandering Earth" was successful, it was also praised by several major official media.

    Everyone thought it was the first year of Chinese science fiction, but with a click, "Fortress of Liu Hai" was born, bringing the audience back to before liberation.

    In the following years, no decent sci-fi films appeared.  This year is finally here, but contrary to everyone's expectations, it is not a movie, but a web drama!

    The previous "Why did you pretend to be an online drama" was brought up again.

    "Red Tide" really set off a storm and became a social and cultural phenomenon, unstoppable!  And in the Goose Factory video, there was a sound of frogs, who would have thought of that?  !  !  !

    A group of executives were delighted to see the public opinion, not to mention the real profits.

    From the launch of "Red Tide" to the end, the recharge of new members driven by this drama alone has generated a platform revenue of 30 million!

    30 million is nothing, but it is a big deal to put it on the platform.  Because when the number of members exceeds 100 million, there is almost no growth. This is the first large-scale growth in several years.

    Fantastic Lemon!

    Obviously it was a theme season organized by the two families, but Qiyi was unilaterally beaten.

    Yao Lin has become even more popular, a model of insight, and she is in a meeting at this meeting.

    "Four things!

    The General Administration is now elated and intends to hold a "Red Tide" seminar. As a broadcasting platform, we will also participate and officially issue an announcement.

    "Red Tide" has broken through 100 million accounts, so it needs to be publicized on a large scale.

    Netflix is ??inquiring about the copyright of "Red Tide", so let's help to get the line.

    Most importantly, this Zhuang Zhou!  Be sure to give me a deep bond!  !  !  ?
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