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Text Chapter 127: Playing Cyberpunk?

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    Sun Maoxian and Zhuang Zhou met, not only failed to finalize the film purchase agreement for "Red Tide", but brought back a new cooperation intention.

    He immediately reported to the headquarters.

    The headquarters was also very surprised. In the past, those mainland movie dealers all had the mentality of making a little money and selling movies at a cabbage price.  No one proposed a more in-depth cooperation, because they knew that Netflix would not be able to enter!

    This company is different and does the opposite: I want your international platform to provide you with content.

    Netflix's annual content investment is as high as more than 10 billion US dollars, part of which is used for production and part for purchase.  Always generous, no expense spared.

    The cost of the first season of "Lee Corpse North Korea" is equivalent to RMB 12 million for a single episode, and 18 million for the second season.

    In the second season of the Indian drama "Sacred Games", Netflix invested 10 billion rupees, about 900 million yuan!

    In other words, as long as you can come up with good works, Netflix will never hesitate to spend money.  From this, we can understand Mr. Zhuang's mood, his mother wants to earn money again!

    And there is also an advantage that Netflix can't enter, it can be broadcast in the mainland, and it can be broadcast overseas, without conflict.

    After Sun Maoxian asked the headquarters for instructions, he gave back a standard message: cooperation is possible, but it depends on the quality. You first come up with the script and the specific plan, and then we decide whether to order.


    So Zhuang Zhou met Yao Lin again.

    Yao Lin couldn't imagine what would happen. She still had her own thoughts and thought she was well prepared.

    The world is changing so fast!

    A year ago, she attracted Zhuang Zhou because of "Transformation of the Dragon" and regarded him as a potential stock.  A year later, "Red Tide" became popular, and the position changed, to the point where it was necessary to keep the other party in the goose factory.

    Otherwise, the other companies will rush to grab it like crazy.


    Because the ip of "Red Tide" has been formed!  Whether it's the second film, the theatrical version, animation, or merch, you'll make a lot of money.

    What's more, this is a super production company, and the platform must be desperate to win over.  At this time, Yao Lin would complain about one or two things, complaining about why she didn't have a monopoly alone, but there were still a few opponents!

    Today she made three preparations.

    The most ideal, of course, is for Goose Factory to take a stake in the Age of Miracles, but it probably won't succeed.

    Secondly, Goose Factory participated in the investment and jointly developed the "Red Tide" IP with the other party.

    ?For the last time, book the next work and increase the share of accounts.

    Yao Lin specially wore a casual dress of Xiao Lu, and her hair was done, soft and charming. After sitting alone in the restaurant with light music playing, she saw Zhuang Zhou.

    "Sister Lin!"

    "Wow, your look fits so well, the icing on the cake is radiant."

    "Your boy can talk. The last time we met was before the Spring Festival."

    "Yeah, I've always wanted to thank you in person."

    "Hey, I am the one to thank you. "Red Tide" has already ranked first in online dramas, and you alone occupy the double crown of online dramas and online dramas. Everyone says I have a good eye"

    The two talked politely and chatted for a while. Zhuang Zhou didn't care, but Yao Lin couldn't help it, and said, "I'm meeting you today. I mainly want to talk about the IP development of "Red Tide" and the future cooperation."

    "IP development?"

    "That's right, "Red Tide" is a big trend now, and there are too many projects that can be done, and any one of them is a new profit growth point. For example, the second part, anime adaptation, games"

    "I never thought about making a second film."

    "You haven't thought about it?" Yao Lin was taken aback.

    "The ending of the first part has already been said to be dead. The protagonists have all gone to the desert. What about the red tide? Others, I plan to publish an original painting collection, but I don't want to charge a fee. I will make an electronic version and put it on the Internet.  Let's see."

    "Oh, how can there be no charge?!!!"

    Yao Lin hated that iron could not be made into steel. The other party did not follow the routine at all and disrupted her own rhythm, saying: "Xiao Zhuang, you can't be arrogant. Developing a good work requires cost. If there is a cost, there must be a return. This is  Normal business logic, you"

    "Sister Lin, Sister Lin"

    Zhuang Zhou interrupted her with a smile, and said: "I understand what you mean, how about this, I will first give you the right to adapt the animation of "Red Tide".  Make a theatrical version.

    I accept your investment on the condition that Lu Ke remains the absolute protagonist and He Saisai has a female supporting role, and you are not allowed to add traffic to it.  I don't use any cash, I only invest in special effects fees.  "


    Yao??Just as he was about to bargain, he was interrupted again, Zhuang Zhou said: "Actually, for me, "Red Tide" is over, and the conditions are like this, you think about it, let's talk about the next one?"

    "What do you want to film next?"

    "I want to make a film with a unique style in China, and the current plan is cyberpunk!"

    It's over!

    It's over!

    Yao Lin sighed secretly, this kid was completely lost.

    If it is said that the conditions for "Red Tide" are still within the estimated range, this girl's cyberpunk is completely beyond her reasonable judgment.

    What a mess!  So far, there has not been a real cyberpunk film and television work in China.

    Political risk, review risk, content risk, box office risk No matter how big the company is, it will not engage in cyberpunk, except for the second dimension.

    She has seen too many things that failed because of the success of a work, bursting with self-confidence, doing things beyond her own size.

    However, "Red Tide" is popular, and she will not disappoint. The defensiveness and discomfort caused by the position change just now have suddenly eased a lot.

    "If you want to innovate and break through yourself, we will naturally support you."

    "That's good, I want to continue the account sharing model in the next one."

    "Well, of course."

    Zhuang Zhou didn't tell her about the conversation with Netflix, nor did he say how he filmed.

    Yao Lin also secretly withdrew her bargaining chip of "increasing the proportion of accounts", and only brought up the second plan: jointly develop the IP of "Red Tide" with the other party.

    So she brought the topic back to "Red Tide".

    "This theatrical version, what do you think of making it into a theater movie? Now it is incubating movie IPs generated by online dramas and animations, such as "Luo Xiaohei Ji Ji", with a box office of 311 million.

    There is also "Bear Infested", which earns a fortune every year on time.  And "Red Tide" has grand special effects, which is more suitable for making a theater movie.  "

    "You'd better do a survey, how many people want to watch its theater movies."

    "Naturally, we have always had the habit of doing market research. As for the conditions you put forward, Lu Ke is definitely the protagonist, no problem. He Saisai's female supporting role is also no problem.

    Do not add traffic, we need to study.

    There is another investment method, you said that you don¡¯t take cash, only special effect fees, this"

    "My special effects fee is not necessarily cheaper than your investment. The effects are all there. This is the foundation! Besides, it's not I who want to make a theatrical version, it's you who want to make it."

    "Okay, okay, we will study carefully"

    Yao Lin shrugged, and said half-jokingly: "You are a promising kid, and your confidence is also hardened. It's not like when we first met."

    "No, no, I've been around for so many years and suddenly became popular, so it's inevitable that I'm a bit over the top."

    Zhuang Zhou was also half-joking, and raised his wine glass: "Okay, today is considered a preliminary agreement, how about one?"


    Yao Lin drank wine, pondering and mocking inwardly.

    It's not that she doesn't believe that Zhuang Zhou can handle it, but she doesn't believe that Chinese people can handle it at all. Pity a promising young man, what kind of cyberpunk is he playing?
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