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Text Chapter 129: Old, weak, sick and disabled

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    Cyberpunk, cyberpunk.

    This is a coined word, cyber means control, and punk means rebellion.

    In 1983, Bruce Bosk created a short story called "cyberpunk", which first brought the word into the public eye.  Over the next 40 years, as a sci-fi subculture, it sparked a very rich wave of cultural movements.

    For a long time, cyberpunk has been keen to explore its own philosophical issues, such as:

    "Are replicants considered human?"

    "When your memory is digitized and can be transferred to another body, is this person still you?"

    "Is memory equal to soul?"

    In the early and middle period of cyberspace, these ideas had great connotations, and the audience was also addicted to them.  But today, come on, dated!

    If today's cyberpunk is still discussing the above things, it will only make people feel old-fashioned.

    Because after decades of baptism in the works, the world view of cyberspace has already been formed. If you take it out and say it is cyberpunk, then it¡¯s ok!

    Zhuang Zhou didn't intend to discuss any philosophy. That thing was popular but not popular. He just wanted to make a cool film: the protagonist with a low-level identity ¡ú being persecuted ¡ú obtaining cheats ¡ú investigating the murderer ¡ú revenge and killing!

    That's all.

    Of course, private goods still have to be added, otherwise he will not be on Netflix.

    Night, hotel.

    Zhuang Zhou sat in front of the computer desk in the luxurious bedroom, clacking on his notebook:

    "The absolute protagonist¡ªthe big baby, a status peddler, has no father or mother, and lives with his best friend."

    "Protagonist No. 2¡ª¡ªLu Ke, identity policeman, leader of the true identity resistance organization."

    "Actor No. 1 - Crazy Scientist. Actor No. 2 - Rose Hotel Owner, Artificial Intelligence. Actor No. 3 and No. 4 - Gangster Killer. Actor No. 5 - Gangster Boss. Female No. 1 - Girlfriend  Boyfriend's mother. Actress No. 2¡ªthe bustard. Actress No. 3¡ªgirlfriend"

    There are many characters, and he plans to make a series of films.

    Then came casting.


    On the set, Shang Tielong just left the scene.

    This is a TV series with the main theme, the team is excellent, and the filming is comfortable.

    He is in his 70s and has countless works, such as "Oolong Breaks Through Love", "Qiao Family Courtyard", "Crossing the Guandong", "Mountain and Sea Love", "A Great Master" and so on.  The reputation is not obvious, low-key powerful faction.

    ?In recent years, the old man may have taken on a few online dramas in order to earn some extra money, but the main force is still traditional film and television dramas.

    Sit on a chair and rest, with an assistant next to him looking after him, pouring some hot water or something.  Suddenly the phone rang, the assistant answered and chatted for a while, and said, "Teacher, there is an Internet University looking for you."

    "What drama?"

    Shang Tielong drank the water and heard that Wang Da did not fluctuate.

    "For a sci-fi theme, I'm looking for you to play a villain leader. The film crew is the team that made "Red Tide"."


    Shang Tielong was taken aback, "Red Tide" was too popular, and he had watched it a few times. He was too old to understand some things, but he could understand the Tiankun and the Great Northwest.

    This is enough.

    So when he heard that it was the team of "Red Tide" and the villain of the Internet, he didn't even ask to read the script, and said directly: "Yes!"

    "Okay, I'll call back now."

    "Hello, is this Teacher Li Naiwen?"

    "We have a movie, it's the Internet University hey, don't rush to refuse, we are the producer of "Red Tide" and we are preparing a new movie. If you think the role of a scientist is very suitable for you, you should at least take a look at it first."

    Capital, residential.

    Qin Pei, who is almost 80 years old, is making soup.

    Wearing home clothes, wearing a printed apron, with quick hands and feet.  With black and white hair, the skin on the face has sagged due to the years, but it does not look old, and it is full of energy.

    An old actor with such qualifications and strength will never be short of filming. Since the focus of his work is in the mainland, he simply bought a house in the capital.

    His father is from Suzhou, and his mother is from Beijing. He moved to Hong Kong when he was a child, and he speaks authentic Beijing movies.  His real surname is Jiang, and Qin Pei is his stage name.

    There is a younger brother named Jiang David, and a half-brother named Er Dongsheng.

    The famous three brothers in the entertainment industry.

    At this moment, Qin Pei turned on the fire, cooked soup, and read the script while humming a little song.  In the scene I just made an appointment with, I asked myself to play the hotel owner, not a real person, but a holographic projection of artificial intelligence.

      Having experienced the madness of old Hong Kong films, he is not surprised by any subject matter, and just treats it as a routine job


    Yingying Tang is over 40 years old.

    This can be regarded as one of the most familiar faces on tvb. He has played mistresses, vixen, and villains all his life. Now he also has two daughters and lives a life of husband and son.

    Her husband is Qian Jiale.

    She joined tvb in 1995 and is still in tvb now. Her family is rich and she doesn't want to make money, she only likes to act.  Of course, the workload is now reduced and the family is the center.

    "Do you think I can accept this drama?"

    "Where is the filming?"

    "In Hong Kong, there are not many roles. Play a mother-san."

    "Wow, the starring role of the big baby, who can't get along in the mainland and then returns to Hong Kong? Then someone will definitely praise it! You can accept it if you want, and forget it if you don't want to."

    "No, not only me, but also looking for you as a martial arts instructor!"

    Canada, own home.

    Li Qihong came back from running, finished breakfast for her children, and then had her own leisure time.

    ? Yang Paifeng in "The Female General of the Yang Family", the little pepper in red in "The Peerless Twins", and "The Stormtrooper Fury Street", "Self Comb", "Golden Branches and Jade Leaves 2" and so on.

    The most imprinted in the hearts of the audience is Guo Xiang in Gu Tianle's version of "The Legend of Condor Heroes".

    ?She came from a poor family and came out to work when she was young. She participated in Miss Hong Kong and entered the show business circle. She was once popular, but unfortunately later she suffered from depression.

    Her last play was a guest star in "Beijing Meets Seattle".

    Now in his 50s, he lives in Canada, with sagging skin, wrinkles around the eyes, spots on his face, and no makeup.  For many years, the audience thought she had quit the circle, but she didn't.

    She said on social platforms:

    "Many comments say that I am old, I am indeed old! Time flies, in fact, I have always wanted to continue acting, but I have no job to look for.

    ?Maybe I'm getting old, there are no suitable characters, and I live far away, the producer doesn't want to waste air tickets"

    Fortunately, she has a very happy family now, so she will send the children away. She was watching TV when she suddenly heard the notification sound on the computer. When she went over to take a look, she first widened her eyes and covered her mouth, as surprised as that little Guo Xiang.

    "Someone asked me to film a movie!"


    Zhuang Zhou found several mainland actors and several Hong Kong actors.

    The unified feature is that it is cheap. Li Naiwen's salary may be higher, but there are not many roles, so it can be talked about.

    This time, it can be said that people (old) talents (weak) help (sick) help (disabled)!

    Zhuang Zhou was eyeing on Da Bao Er at the beginning, in addition to her own excellent standards, there are also Hong Kong capital factors behind her.  Although Hong Kong's entertainment industry has declined, it is an important part of his grand plan.

    I'm going to check it out this time.
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