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Text Chapter 130 Materials and Preparations 1

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    Lu Ke is doing a set of strength training.

    With a height of 173, solid dance skills, and love of sports and rock climbing, she has a physical fitness far beyond that of ordinary actresses.  Coupled with the slightly dark skin in the recovery period, and the smooth and powerful muscle lines, she looks like a female warrior.


    Lu Ke breathed in and out rhythmically, and kept moving, but he was thinking about the conversation that Zhuang Zhou had with him on the day the big baby came to the company.

    "According to the structure of the story, this is a drama with two protagonists, but in name you are the second character. Ms. Yang will not take too many roles, mainly as a stand-in, and there will be emphasis on publicity. I hope you understand."

    "Yes, I know."

    "You don't ask why?"

    "I'll follow you."


    She finished a few sets of strength training, took a break, put on the bandages again, put on the gloves, and started practicing with the fighting coach bang bang bang.

    Every move has a shape and style, and the movements are stretched and powerful.

    In the past, it would definitely attract the attention of the crowd, but not today. Almost all the creatures in the gym focused their attention on He Saisai.

    He Saisai is pressing a yoga ball, rolling on it, kneading, rolling, kneading

    As long as you are not embarrassed, others are the ones who are embarrassed!

    As long as you are not ashamed, those who have benefits are old perverts!

    "Xai Sai, let's go!"


    After Lu Ke finished today's training, He Saisai yelled, and He Saisai responded, and the gym was instantly filled with the inner barrage of the crowd:


    Arriving in the dressing room, Lu Ke was about to take off his clothes and take a shower, but He Saisai grabbed him, took out his mobile phone and skillfully took a selfie, and sent it to Weibo:

    "Working hard for the new play, the two big faces without make-up are still beautiful, what.jpg."

    Then @Lu Ke.

    "Hurry up, hurry up, forward it."


    Lu Ke had no choice but to forward it, and there were already a lot of comments in a short period of time:

    "Sisters, do you want a second match? Is it a miracle cyberpunk?"

    "Ah, Sai Sai is in good shape!"

    "My friends, am I the only one who finds them very CP?

    "The one upstairs is outdated. Station B already has videos of pulling mothers, and this couple is an official match. There is a lot of sugar in "Red Tide""

    This is an era when you will die if you don¡¯t fall in love, and you won¡¯t watch dramas if you don¡¯t drink CP.

    Everything can be cp, everything surrenders to the brain.

    What about Lin Daiyu and Voldemort, Sa Beining and Gollum, Liu Yifei and Monkey King These can still be considered spoofs, but some are disgusting.

    Even fucking drug dealers, undercover policemen, anti-epidemic doctors and viruses can be CPed by some idiots!

    "Coco, can we form a CP?"

    "not good!"

    "Why? We are very popular now, and we all have super chats, called Kesaihao."

    "Kesai, I'm still a cannon in the world, don't pull me, I want to take a shower."

    "Oh, it's a huge profit to speculate on CP. Lily and Danmei are the big trends. I'm upside down. I can sleep with you. My skills are very good!"

    Lu Ke just ignored it.

    The two of them took a shower, changed their clothes and went downstairs, where the company's nanny car was parked.

    Zhuang Zhou didn't favor anyone, he allocated resources according to his contribution, He Saisai also had his own assistant and nanny car, "Red Tide" got 2 million bonuses, not as good as Lu Ke's 666, but he was already very satisfied.


    In the studio.

    The makeup artist and photographer got ready, and Zhuang Zhou was fiddling with a laptop, which contained the outline of the movie version of "Red Tide" sent by Yao Lin.

    The time entry point is when Chen Lu just joined the patrol team, adapted to the new life, and met a teammate, the male lead.

    Both of them have a strong competitive spirit, and after all kinds of competitions, they developed feelings for each other.

    ? In the last operation, the hero sacrificed his life to cover Chen Lu, Chen Lu wiped away his tears, and decided to continue walking with the will of the two of them!

    There is nothing to praise or complain about, just quite satisfactory.

    The Goose Factory is eager to reap the benefits of "Red Tide", and has already started to cast roles when there is only a rough outline of the script.  The first male lead candidate was a traffic deeply bundled by the platform.

    Zhuang Zhou said to climb!

    theThen I changed a few more.

    He said keep climbing!

    Another one was changed this time, Topaz.

    It is the buddy who filmed "Love in Military Uniform" with Li Xin earlier. He has always played the so-called tough guys like policemen and soldiers.

    Zhuang Zhou refused again, but this time it was different, Yao Lin called directly and said, "Xiao Zhuang, what do you mean?"

    "what do you mean?"

    "I admit that the few we looked for at the beginning were indeed traffickers, and their acting skills were not good. But Huang Yu is not bad. He is familiar with this kind of role, his acting skills are passable, and his topicality is also high."

    Zhuang Zhou didn't really want to make a movie version at all, so he joked, "But I didn't see the acting, I don't think it's good. The script is also bad, so it needs to be rewritten."


    Yao Lin remained silent, seemingly suppressing her anger, and explained in a good way: "Many big directors are interested in the movie version of "Red Tide", we have contacted Tsui Hark and Lam Chaoxian, and they have a strong desire to direct.

    Moreover, several big companies such as China Film and Bona also want to jointly invest, with a budget of at least 500 million, and promise to let you do part of the special effects.  "

    "A part?"

    "Because you don't take cash and invest in special effects fees. For such a big cake, you have to share it with others."

    "But this cake is mine!"

    Zhuang Zhou heard that there was no movement from the other party, so he stopped amused, and said with a smile, "Okay, okay, let me think about it? I'm not in a hurry to cast a role. This drama will take at least two years to complete. You should do the early stage first."

    hang up the phone.

    According to Yao Lin's attitude, he can estimate that Huang Yu was finally selected as the hero after various exchanges between several major factories.  Of course it's not absolute, if the benefits are exchanged, Huang Yu will also be replaced.

    The director may be Lam Chiu-hsien, because Tsui Hark is old and has not achieved outstanding results in recent years.

    In any case, the big manufacturers have already made their own plans.

    "It seems that no one takes me seriously"

    Zhuang Zhou pondered for a while, let's continue to stretch, until he visits every house.

    After waiting for a while, Lu Ke and He Saisai arrived, and immediately began to make up.

    He is going to release the materials little by little. So far, he hasn't even revealed the name of the new play, only the subject matter and Lu Ke.  Today is a preliminary makeup test for the two of them, and He Saisai is pushed out by the way.

    The two put on their makeup and went in to change clothes.

    To be precise, I took off my clothes. I was surprised when I saw the clothes, and I put them on very professionally.

    Zhuang Zhou had already avoided it, he specially found a female photographer, and the staff were all female, but when they saw the two came out, they couldn't help it:


    Lu Ke was almost naked, with a pair of white underwear and a chest sticker all over his body, bare feet, slender and straight thighs, and his hair tied into a ponytail.

    He Saisai went even further, and came out wrapped in a black bellyband.

    This apron is very tight and slightly long, covering the lower body that is also wearing a pair of panties, and wearing two long black leather gloves that can only cover the elbows.

    Wig, silver-gray, half-short down to the shoulders, with a pair of weird glasses stuck on the nose.

    (Also ?
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