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Text Chapter 131 Materials and Preparations 2

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    In the entertainment industry, materials refer to photos, texts, videos and other materials related to stars or works.

    And when a work is announced, the regular drafts, trailers, posters, interviews, etc. that are released regularly can be called materials.

    Lu Ke and He Saisai each took a group of photos, and each selected one from them.

    Zhuang Zhou personally performed the operation, adding post-production effects:

    Lu Ke was sitting in front of a workbench/dressing table, with his back facing him, his beautiful back line slid down smoothly, revealing two sexy waists.

    The long ponytail covers the back and does not look too naked.

    There are some blurry old photos on the wall. On the left side of the table is a set of small mechanical arm devices, holding half of the peeled off face.  And she was facing the mirror, holding lipstick in her hand, and in the mirror was a strange combination of half human face and half mechanical face.

    On the wall on the right, there are two huge, fierce, and very retro shotguns crossed

    He Saisai was sitting on the window sill of a large window, with a bulging apron, and the underside seemed to be concealed but not exposed, and his round thighs were sitting cross-legged.

    The whole person and the background city are immersed in the blurred neon light.

    Her glasses are implanted, and two curved lenses rise from the cheekbones and buckle directly on the eye sockets.  The bright pink flashes on the mirror surface, which seems to show the personality of the owner.

    And behind her, there are a few tentacles protruding out. I don't know if it is a data cable or a power supply or something connected. Its teeth and claws are like a humanoid octopus.

    The stylist lays the groundwork, the photographer completes the big frame, and Zhuang Zhou just adds a little detail.

    He posted the two photos to the social platform with the text: "Concept map, unlock new characters @ºÕÈüÈü!"

    "He Saisai: Memememeda.jpg!"

    What is the cultural trend?

    Many times, there is no specific interpretation of cultural trends, but more of a feeling.  Everyone takes a look and feels right, then ok!  If it doesn't feel right, go to the street.

    The costumes of the two are exposed, but Zhuang Zhou uses light and shadow, color, and decoration to make it look less exaggerated.  On the contrary, it presents a strong color of the combination of flesh and machinery.

    Color is a feeling.

    Pornography is something concrete.

    "There is an inside taste! There is an inside taste! My expectations have already exploded!"

    "Fuck, Saisai, my goddess!"

    "To be honest, I still can't believe that cyberpunk is filmed in China!"

    "Ah, ah, hurry up, speed up the progress!"

    Zhuang Zhou plans to introduce a character every once in a while, and the last one is the big baby.

    How far have the big darlings messed up?

    Some film studios didn't dare to say that she was in the cast when they were promoting, and they didn't announce her until it was about to be released, for fear that the audience would spit.


    In the blink of an eye, it is summer, and the weather is getting hotter.

    Those 13 head-changing dramas appeared one after another. At the beginning, there were two starring second-tier traffic. Like "The World", the acting skills of the protagonist caused a lot of amazement.  The streamers of the two dramas came to look for it together, hoping to continue to cooperate.

    Because changing your head is like wearing women's clothing, there are only 0 times and countless times.

    Zhuang Zhou: Go to the back!

    He has no time to answer now.

    Today, in the morning.

    Shang Tielong drove to a hotel and found a small living room.  He thought he came quite early, but there was already someone inside, Qin Pei.

    The two old men met each other and knew this person, but this was the first time they met.

    "I've seen your play "The Grandmaster", and it's very good."

    "Don't dare, I'm your fan."

    Shang Tielong felt that the other party was older, so he asked a question, and Qin Pei replied, "I'm almost eighty years old."

    "Then I have to call my brother, I'm almost seventy."

    "Ha, they're all old guys!"

    The two old men exchanged greetings for a while and sat down again.

    Not long after, Li Naiwen came in, wearing a shirt, he was taken aback when he entered the door, and then hurriedly said hello.  He is nearly 50 years old and not young, but he is still a junior here.

    Everyone knows the 96 classes of Chinese opera, but in fact, the 93 classes are also very good: Liu Mintao, Li Naiwen, Wang Qianyuan, Xin Baiqing, Zhu Yuanyuan, all of them are acting schools.

    He was the first to act in dramas, and worked his way up in the film and television industry. It was only in his middle age that he became known to people, and he even went to "The Birth of an Actor" to play against Liu Mintao.

    This person has a solid foundation, he can be upright or evil, he can be masculine or feminine.

    & nbsp; After another moment, another person comes in.

    He has a slender figure, a stern appearance, small eyes, and a vicious look.

    "Hello everyone, my name is Qidao."

    Qidao, a drama fan, is not very well-known. He has filmed "Kekexili", "The King's Feast", "Jinling Thirteen Hairpins" and so on.

    His wife is Miao Yiyi, Yue Lingshan of the CCTV version of "Swordsman".

    ?Introduced to each other again, when he and Li Naiwen greeted each other, they were one year younger, couldn't help feeling delicate, and silently calculated: there are four people here, the average age is 61 years old


    Immediately after, there was another one.

    As soon as this person entered the door, everyone was shocked, aha!

    This gentleman is not tall, with a big bald head, the top of the head is raised, light eyebrows, high eyebrows, deep-set eyes, flat nose bridge, upturned nostrils, a pair of thick lips, two big protruding ears, a small mustache under the jaw  Picture above picture!

    Just like a real-life alien!

    "Hello teachers, my name is Li Pingan."

    He bowed again and again, and took the initiative to introduce: "I am Heng Piao. Because of my unique appearance, I have always been a special actor."

    Li Pingan has acted in all kinds of monsters, large and small, even though he is a passer-by, but he has filmed many big productions: "Kyushu Sky City", "Second Generation Fairy", "Sweet Honey as Ashes as Frost".


    Qidao has no expression on his face, and his heart is getting more and more subtle. Good guy, a bunch of middle-aged and elderly people, plus an alien.

    This play is interesting!

    But fortunately, with the entry of Lu Ke, He Saisai, Lao Mo, Zhuang Zhou, and Zhao Jun, the painting style finally became normal.

    After exchanging pleasantries, Zhuang Zhou said: "I invited some teachers here today, mainly to talk about the general arrangement, and then touch the script and roles.

    We will shoot in mainland China and Hong Kong. We will shoot in Hong Kong first, where there are still a few actors.  "

    "Who is there?" Qin Pei asked.

    "Anyway, you are familiar with it, so you will know when you go. Let's talk about the roles first. If any teacher wants to communicate, let's chat together."


    The voice fell to the ground, and after a few seconds, Shang Tielong said something: "I don't understand this story very well. I have sorted out the characters several times, but I can't grasp them well, and I can't grasp the supporting points."

    "Well, let's see it this way."

    Zhuang Zhou fiddled with the computer, and released a photo on the big monitor, which was a still photo of Shang Tielong's "Dry Pier".

    He plays a master, with braids, a satin gown, a goatee, and a face full of dimples, exuding a decadent, sinister, and self-willed old-fashioned atmosphere.

    "It feels right for you to perform this."


    Shang Tielong was even more confused, and asked, "Isn't this a science fiction movie?"

    "Open high-tech society, stale gang boss, that's the kind of comparison I want. And these two"

    Zhuang Zhou pointed at Qidao and Li Ping'an, and said with a smile, "They are your subordinates. They are masters in everything, cheating, murdering and extorting goods."

    Those two people will also come, and they stand up quickly: "Boss!"


    Shang Tielong smiled and waved his hands quickly, then stared at the stills for a while, and seemed to have some inspiration.

    (It¡¯s September and it¡¯s still so hot! ?
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