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Text Chapter 133: Chicken Feather, One of Hong Kong Entertainment 1

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    Have you noticed that in the past two years, especially after the promulgation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, the concept of Hong Kong has gradually faded, and the term Greater Bay Area has been frequently mentioned.

    ?The Greater Bay Area refers to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Region, centered on the four major cities of Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

    Including this year's (2021) Mid-Autumn Festival, the title is "Greater Bay Area Mid-Autumn Festival Gala"

    International Airport.

    ? Yang Tianbao is wearing sunglasses and looks like a catwalk show. Returning to Hong Kong Island is like returning home.

    On both sides of the aisle, as usual, Hong Kong reporters who were running fast were ambushing, taking pictures and asking questions in Cantonese.  She ignored it and just walked forward.

    ?Because she knew that the Hong Kong media had always ridiculed her and tried her best to belittle her.

    She knew even more that when she made her debut here, her underpants had already been stripped clean, and everyone knew about that dark history.

    The crew followed behind, and the reporter did not know anyone else. Only Qin Pei stopped and answered a few words.  Zhuang Zhou pushed the luggage and looked at it all the time, until he got into the car, he was still watching through the window.

    Dense buildings, narrow streets, taxis, double-decker buses, busy pedestrians and shop signs It seems to be like this all the time, nothing has changed.

    Now it is always said that Hong Kong is in decline, yes, but its strength is still very strong, the per capita gdp ranks in the forefront, and the degree of introversion is also among the best.

    He Saisai has been to Hong Kong and kept introducing it to Lu Ke.

    Shang Tielong also looked out very curiously. In the era experienced by his generation, wow, this place was once synonymous with unattainable.

    Lao Mo yawned, lacking in interest: "Look, let's see, I'm very energetic when I first came here, and it's boring after a few days. There's really nothing, and the quality of Loufeng is not as good as before."

    "What is Loufeng?" Lu Ke asked.


    Lao Mo scratched his head and said, "Sai Sai, please explain."

    Lu Ke turned his head, and He Saisai was worthy of a fierce man: "A prostitute who picks up guests at home."



    The people in the car sprayed together, and Lao Mo became more and more embarrassed: "I didn't ask you to explain like that!"

    "Then how do you explain it? There is nothing to tweak, why don't you tweak it when you are happy?"

    Well, Lao Mo didn't dare to say anything.

    Lu Ke covered his mouth and laughed, hugged He Saisai and patted him. In fact, he was a little envious of his character.

    The team turned around and arrived at a hotel, where a woman was waiting.

    He has short hair, hard facial lines, neutral clothes, and is very capable.  The big baby rushed over as soon as he saw it, and hugged him warmly: "Sister Kim!"

    "Baby, long time no see!"

    This woman is Zhou Yougen, Taiwanese, developed in Hong Kong, opened a brokerage company, discovered the big baby with one hand, is the first broker, and has always had a good relationship.

    Mandarin is good, communication is no problem.

    "It's the first time we met, sorry to bother you."

    "It's okay, as long as I can help, I have arranged everything, and I can start work at any time. What are your plans here?"

    "I want to meet the actors first and communicate."

    "how about tomorrow?"


    "OK, I'll arrange it."

    After finishing speaking in a few words, leave without wasting a minute.  As soon as everyone arrived in Hong Kong, the rhythm suddenly accelerated, which was fresh and a little uncomfortable.

    The Hong Kong side is connected with Zhou Yougen.

    She is purely helping, the big baby must have put in a lot of effort, and these efforts are considered favors, which Zhuang Zhou wants to make up for.



    Zhuang Zhou called A Yuan, and after taking a shower, he lay on the bed and watched TV.

    TVB's drama.

    The male lead doesn't know each other, and the female lead doesn't know each other either. After looking for a long time, I couldn't find a familiar face.

    He shook his head and simply turned it off.

    The decline of Hong Kong entertainment is well known, but no one can tell how it has fallen and what the status quo is.

    Take TV as an example. ATV, which released "The Silkworm", "Fearless", and "I Have a Date with a Zombie", has closed down.  The days when ATV and tvb fought each other, creating countless classics and gossip, are long gone.

    tvb has been losing money year after year and struggling to support it.

    ?Run Run Shaw and Fong Yat-wah, who left traces among many online writers, have both passed away, and the current major shareholder is the Chinese Culture Group.  The first chairman of this group was the deputy minister of the Ministry of Radio and Television, and the director of CCTV.?

    In other words, it is mainland capital that controls TVB now.

    Therefore, the overall wind direction is naturally moving closer to the mainland, especially during the turmoil period, it has been constantly speaking out as a window, guiding public opinion, and even filmed a documentary focusing on poverty alleviation in the mainland.

    In terms of stars and TV dramas, the top management did not interfere too much.

    The older generation must either retire or come to the mainland to provide for the elderly.  For example, Li Yaoxiang settled in Zhongshan, Mai Changqing lived in Guangzhou, Li Zixiong bought a house in Beijing

    ? These people usually play everywhere in the north and south of the river, and occasionally do commercial performances and bring goods. They are stress-free and easy to work, which is many times better than in Hong Kong.

    The younger ones, such as Chen Hao and Ma Guoming, are still sticking to TVB because the contract has not expired.

    And the new generation of actors is the hardest.

    Don't think that no one joins tvb, there are still a lot of newcomers joining, and most of them sit on the bench.

    For example, Ms. Hong Kong. In the past, if Ms. Hong Kong won the award, it meant that you had opened the door to acting. Now Ms. Hong Kong, even the top three, cannot guarantee performance opportunities.

    Newcomers can't get ahead, and old people can't retreat. This is the status quo.

    Different from Taiwanese dramas that cannot be broken or established, Taiwanese dramas have already bottomed out after the golden age, but have bottomed out and rebounded to produce several good dramas: "The Distance Between Us and Evil", "Want to See You", and "The Cultivation of a Vulgar Girl".

    Although tvb is in decline, but the blood is thick, and the quality of the episodes has always been good.

    Just in terms of tone, in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to realistic themes, such as "Hong Kong Love Story".

    Still the same sentence: Hong Kong entertainment has returned to its proper cultural status.

    The older generation can still rely on familiarity to mix some pension funds in the mainland, but newcomers can't get in at all, including actors and singers.  Now that the door is closed, the small door and the small family are enjoying themselves, and they are having a good time.

    Generally speaking, TV has been educated to follow the motherland in terms of big aspects; in terms of entertainment attributes, it is still losing blood year by year, but it is not known whether it is returning blood or dying.

    In contrast, the water in the movie is too deep.

    "Boom boom boom!"

    Zhuang Zhou was thinking about it, when he heard a knock on the door outside, he looked into the cat's eyes: big sunglasses!

    He frowned for two seconds, then opened the door, and the big baby slipped in: "Close it quickly, so that no one can see it!"

    "Why did you come here suddenly?"

    "Are you not welcome?"

    "I'm ready for bed¡­¡­"

    The big baby took off his sunglasses, and saw that Zhuang Zhou was wearing a nightgown, clean and fresh, he should have just taken a shower, exuding a scent of shampoo.

    She has piercing eyes, this man is on time!

    "I am also temporary"

    She tilted herself on the sofa and said, "Someone asked me to bring you a message, so it's not easy to refuse. Besides, I have something to do with you."

    "How long will we talk about?"


    "I mean, if it's too long, I'll make a cup of tea."

    "Clubbing, clubbing!"

    With n times of contact and constant changes in his mentality, the big baby became more and more relaxed in front of him.  Zhuang Zhou quickly made a pot of tea and put it on the table.

    "Come on!
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