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Text Chapter 134: Chicken Feather, One of Hong Kong Entertainment 2

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    "Let's talk about me first!"

    Yang Tianbao was sitting on the sofa, with his legs crossed, cropped trousers, revealing a well-maintained calf, casual sandals, and five short round toes.

    There is a small pink flower tattooed on the right foot.

    "Wang Zulan, do you know?"


    "He has a very good relationship with me. Now TVB is the chief creative officer. TVB is in a downturn, and many young actors have nothing to shoot. He found me, can we use a few more newcomers?"

    "for example?"

    "You Jiaxin, the girl in 2000. He Yiting, the runner-up of Miss Hong Kong in 2017. Xie Jiayi, the champion of Miss Hong Kong in 20 years"

    Zhuang Zhou didn't recognize any of them!

    But it doesn't matter, said: "It's ok, it's no problem to add a few small characters."

    "No no, I mean"

    She paused, and then said: "Sister Kim, Media Asia, Gu Tianle, and Feng Delun jointly founded a company. I am also a shareholder. There is a pretty good artist under the company."

    "Do you want me to pack and receive it?"

    "No, I just show you these candidates, and you decide who to use."

    "A large network, a few passers-by, can't be so introverted?"

    "Wow, you said it lightly! Who doesn't know that this movie was booked by Netflix? Booking is different from buying a movie. Booking shows that the platform is very optimistic."

    She put on a look of "I'm pretending to be indifferent, but I deliberately let you see that I'm pretending to be indifferent", and said: "Wang Zulan asked me to be a favor, and I also want to recommend new people for my company, anyway, you can figure it out  .¡±

    "Which artist is your company?"

    "Xu Enyi, a child in 2004, her mother is Bai Anni, who has acted in "The Sky of Burning Wild Boys", and has a good foundation."

    "In 2004, I was a little younger"

    Zhuang Zhou thought about it for a while, and said: "You and I are so close, and Miss Kim supports the crew, of course you are chosen. How about this, change the setting a little bit, from your best friend to your younger sister, the image will be suitable.

    Don't offend tvb, no female roles, let them choose a male role, just play the younger sister's boyfriend.  "

    Upon hearing this, Yang Tianbao smiled. She likes a man who is considerate and doesn't let her lose face, and said: "Then thank you!"

    "Hi, why are we so polite!"

    Zhuang Zhou yawned inwardly, anyway, he would die as soon as he appeared on the stage.

    He picked up the cup, took a sip of tea, and the two of them sat facing each other, separated by a small coffee table, very close to each other.  He was drinking tea when he noticed that the other party's tiptoes were raised, swaying, intentionally or unintentionally rubbing against his calf.

    Her sandals are very exposed, the friction and itching between the skin and flesh, the small flowers on the feet are getting more and more pink.

    Zhuang Zhou responded, looked at the other party with affectionate eyes, and asked: "What about another matter, who wants to find me?"


    Yang Tianbao was a little emotional at first, but after listening to the question, his watery eyes became a little complicated. This is a deep water area that can only be experienced after immersing in Hong Kong Island for many years. He spit out a name:

    "Zhang Jiazhen!"

    "Mr. Zhang would like to ask you to meet."

    Zhuang Zhou raised his eyebrows, he knew this person.

    Zhang Jiazhen, a veteran producer and publisher in Hong Kong, entered the industry in the 1970s and worked in Golden Harvest, Laidi, and Debao.

    ? You Qi and Wu Yusen have produced "Blood Heroes", "Hot Detective" and "Across the World".

    Later, Wu Yusen entered Hollywood, Zhang Jiazhen assisted, and jointly created "Broken Arrow", "Face Changing" and "Wind Talker".  After Wu Yusen was defeated in Hollywood, he went to the mainland again and released two epic-level bad movies "Red Cliff" and "Taiping Wheel"!

    ?Because Director Wu really couldn't afford to support him, Zhang Jiazhen changed his strategy early on, opened a company in the mainland, took out Huang Yu with both hands, and stuffed it directly into "Operation Red Sea".

    These are only on the surface of the water.


    Early the next morning, the sun is shining brightly!

    After breakfast, artists from Hong Kong came to the hotel's parlor.

    Qin Pei was afraid of embarrassment, so he took the initiative to help reception.  Because Hong Kong is so big and there are so many celebrities, he has worked with almost everyone.

    Tang Yingying and Qian Jiale were the first to come in. The moment they saw Qin Pei, their two confused faces turned into smiles: "Uncle Pei, you are here! I feel more at ease when you are here."

    "Why do you feel uneasy after filming for so many years?"

    "Being a mother, my mentality is different."Qin Pei hurriedly introduced each other again. Although it was the first time we met in the inner place, they were old acquaintances on the screen for a long time, and they were very enthusiastic: "Wow, Liu Pipa! Yang Jian! I grew up watching your dramas."

    "Oh, it's old, we have filmed many scenes."

    "Yes, yes, I also like "Gold Medal Iceman" and "Legend of the Dragon"!"

    After chatting for a while, Li Qihong arrived.

    Finally put on some makeup, but it still couldn't cover the freckles on her face, and she was dressed casually. If it weren't for the bright eyes, she would be no different from those mistresses on the streets of Hong Kong.

    ? Lu Ke and He Saisai were young and didn¡¯t understand it. Qidao and Li Naiwen lit up after swiping, secretly communicating:

    "Guo Xiang?"

    "It's Guo Xiang."

    "Time is not forgiving!"

    "Hello everyone, hello everyone"

    Li Qihong waved her hands stiffly, with a restraint visible to the naked eye, and she didn't know what to say when she sat down.  She still can't believe that she still has the opportunity to film.

    The atmosphere on both sides is very delicate.

    One side is looking at youthful memories, while the other is looking at unfamiliar mainland counterparts.  Chin Ka Lok and the others are not like Chun Pei, they often film in the Mainland, so they really don't know how to communicate.

    After waiting for a while, another person came in.

    Everyone take a look, wow!

    Long and thin, 190cm in length, with an extremely long face, gray hair, and glasses.

    Fat Toutuo in "The Deer and Ding Tale", Che Baobao!

    ? With his superhuman appearance, he once had a job every day, but also fell down to the point where he had no money to bury his mother.  In recent years, he has worked as a market supervisor in the vegetable market, patrolling in uniform, reminding everyone to beware of thieves.

    But occasionally I also filmed movies, and I went to the mainland to shoot online movies.

    Wang Da really likes to find the older generation of Hong Kong stars, cheap and easy to use, and can also sell feelings.  Zhuang Zhou is very tired of showing his feelings now, but it doesn't prevent him from making plans.

    Not now, in the next stage, all the works that play the emotional card will be able to roll smoothly!

    Cyberpunk is a grotesque person, and Paul Che is very suitable. He also wanted to find Ba Liang Jin, but Ba Liang Jin didn't agree.  He has a net worth of over 100 million, lives in a mansion, lives with three girlfriends, and is old enough to make you look ugly.

    Zhuang Zhou talked about the shooting schedule.

    For the drama in Hong Kong, there are only two words: Huang!  violent!

    Yang Tianbao promised to find an actress who was willing to show her breasts, and Qian Jiale was responsible for the action design.

    Qian Jiale was born in martial arts and has a very good reputation in the industry. He has a high opinion of him: "If Qian Jiale can't do this action, then don't design it."

    He has an older brother named Qian Xiaohao.

    The experience is extremely rich, and upon hearing Zhuang Zhou's needs, he immediately said ok and could design.

    Therefore, the team of this film is roughly: Yang Tianbao - the protagonist, Lu Ke - the policeman/resistance organization leader, He Saisai - the rebel organization hacker.

    Li Naiwen - mad scientist, Shang Tielong - gang boss, Qidao, Li Pingan - gang killer.

    Qin Pei¡ªthe hotel owner, Li Qihong¡ªthe mother of her boyfriend, Tang Yingying¡ªthe old bustard, Che Baoluo¡ªthe brothel thug.

    Xu Enyi - the protagonist's younger sister, and her younger sister's boyfriend, played by a certain tvb niche.

    After finishing the meeting and finalizing the specific schedule, Zhuang Zhou announced the end of the meeting, but called Li Qihong again: "Please stay for a while, I have something to do.?¡­
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