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Text Chapter 135: Chicken Feather, One of Hong Kong Entertainment 3

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    Li Qihong came from a poor family and came out to work at the age of 13.

    In 1994, she ran for Miss Hong Kong, and in 1995 she starred in "The Legend of Condor Heroes". After that, she became popular and was nominated for several awards, but she never won an award, and she was still a little short of the big hit.

    Suffering from depression in 2002, he recuperated for 9 months. When he came back, he found that there was no place for him in the entertainment industry.  Because she debuted very late, she was already 25 years old when she played Guo Xiang.

    At that time, Hong Kong entertainment was in decline, and domestic entertainment was booming. She also came to the mainland to film a few movies, but did not cause any splashes, and then gradually withdrew from the audience's field of vision.

    Now, Li Qihong has half-length hair, wrinkles are hard to hide, and her voice is still very nice: "Mr. Zhuang, what else can I do?"

    "Talk briefly, what do you think about this story?"

    "I don't really understand it, but my kid understands it very well. He told me it's called cyberpunk. I went to find a lot of information, uh"

    She compared it with her fingers and said with a smile: "Now I understand a little bit."

    "What are your thoughts on the character?"

    "She is a mother whose son was killed. She wanted to avenge her son and helped the protagonist do some things. She looks like a housewife, but I always feel that the script is not written in detail, as if there is some hidden identity."

    "This is a series of stories, and your character will appear later, and there will be more revelations at that time."

    "Oh, it looks like this"

    Li Qihong blinked and laughed when she realized that she was still filming.  She always smiles subconsciously, and when she smiles, it's like a different person, and she looks younger.

    tvb's number one sweet girl, even if she is getting old, she is not in vain!

    Zhuang Zhou asked some questions, and said: "This is a high-tech background, there is a so-called virtual space, your character often plays in the virtual space, turns into a youthful appearance, and flirts with boys.

    We will use technical means to restore, so we need your image authorization in the series.  "

    "It's the kind of movie special effects, right?"


    "Okay, no problem!"


    Zhuang Zhou took out a contract, Li Qihong flipped through it, and happily signed it.  She only thinks of it as a means of special effects for movies, and it is indeed a means of special effects, but it will shock everyone's attention.

    After seeing off Li Qihong, he also went downstairs after checking the time, and took a taxi to the Peninsula Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Opened in 1928, it was once synonymous with Hong Kong style.  The Rolls-Royce Phantom downstairs is a custom-made dark green version, which is dedicated to pick up and drop off guests. The round trip to the airport costs about 2,900 Hong Kong dollars.

    There is also a helipad, open to ordinary tourists, who can experience a circle around Victoria Harbor in 15 minutes.

    In the past, these were really awesome. Now that the upstarts of hotels are emerging one after another, the status of the peninsula is no longer obvious, and it has become a check-in place for tourists.

    Zhuang Zhou went straight upstairs to the open-air restaurant, where a man was already sitting.

    With thinning hair, wearing glasses, and casual suits, he looks like an old-school guy who was born and bred and deeply influenced by Western culture.

    Zhang Jiazhen!

    "Mr. Zhuang, nice to meet you!"

    The two shook hands and sat down. Zhuang Zhou ordered a cup of tea casually and looked around.

    The location of this terrace is very good. It can be seen that it happens to be Victoria Harbour. Many landmark buildings are along the coast, which can be called the most essence of Hong Kong.

    "I used to come here for afternoon tea every week 30 years ago, but now it's rare because it's too noisy. But I always feel that the peninsula is unique in Hong Kong. I hope this place I chose didn't offend you."

    "I often see this restaurant in Hong Kong movies. It's the first time I come here. It's nice to see the sea view."

    Zhuang Zhou is neither enthusiastic nor deliberately pretending to be aggressive, just like chatting with a chess player on the street.

    Zhang Jiazhen laughed and said, "Mr. Zhuang is also a fan of Hong Kong movies?"

    "Well, I've generally watched Hong Kong movies at my age, and I've basically watched all the movies you produced. My favorite is "Across the World."


    "There is an indescribable smell in it. The three of them, Chow Yun-fat, Leslie Cheung, and Zhong Chuhong, feel very subtle."

    "Heh, Director Wu's last film was "Blood Heroes", which ranked eighth at the box office this year, and its reputation is not high. It is far from what it is today.

    At that time, he was very frustrated, and he was discouraged by the shootout film, and he was unwilling to direct "Across the World".  I, Chow Yun-fat and Leslie Cheung worked together to convince him that Wu would not act in this film, and the remuneration was negotiable, and we also joined forces to invite Zhong Chuhong.

      That's how this movie came into existence, and the final box office was pretty good, getting more than 30 million"

    Zhang Jiazhen was talking, and suddenly said: "When people get old, they like to recall the past, I hope you don't mind."

    "No, no, I like to hear it. I heard that you entered the industry in the 1970s?"

    "I studied film production in New York. I returned to Hong Kong in 1978 and helped Golden Harvest make two films. Later, I worked in Li's Voice for two years and partnered with McDonald.

    Afterwards, I did my best in Debao and Tsui Hark's studios. Of course, Director Wu has cooperated the most Up to now, it has been going around for more than 40 years!  "

    Zhang Jiazhen took out the cigarette and motioned to Zhuang Zhou. Zhuang Zhou waved his hand, and he lit it himself. He looked like an old Hong Kong veteran, and continued:

    "When I entered the industry, there were only dozens of theaters in Hong Kong. In 1978, more than 7 million yuan could win the championship. At that time, Xu Guanwen was the most popular, and Cheng Long had just started to improve.

    Later, there were more and more theaters, more and more stars, and Hong Kong movies were sold all over the world. If we released a film and reported it to Chow Yun-fat, Southeast Asian film dealers would rush to give money.

    To be honest, we don't understand why.

    Hong Kong is sandwiched between Chinese and Western cultures, and there is a quack problem of wearing a suit, which is neither fish nor fowl, especially for those who mix with us.

    The market is booming, everyone has jobs and food, and no one thinks about what will happen in the future.  As a result, the society ran rampant, eager for quick success and instant benefit, and went too crazy, tossing himself away and ruining his reputation.

    Coupled with the large-scale invasion of Hollywood in the 1990s, which robbed the East Asian and Southeast Asian markets, Hong Kong films fell into a slump.

    I saw with my own eyes that Shaw Brothers closed, Xinyi City disbanded, Debao rose and fell, Golden Harvest was sold to a mainland company, only Yindu is still there

    Looking around, Hollywood dominates the rankings every year, and pure Hong Kong films are already finished.

    Audiences are always talking about the spirit of Hong Kong films.  In fact, in the eyes of us insiders, how can there be any spirit of Hong Kong movies?  Do you know that the environment was bad back then?  How arrogant will Hei Shi be?

    Do you know that when Chow Yun-fat was filming "The True Colors of Heroes", he was still involved in several films just to make money?  He had ten films released that year!

    So I said, we don't know why Hong Kong movies are popular.  If you really want to talk about the spirit, it is just the spirit of unity of the filmmakers.  "

    "But at least he made money back then." Zhuang Zhou laughed.

    "Yes, the best thing back then was making money!"

    Zhang Jiazhen also smiled, and said: "So thank the government for giving us a hand, so that we can still beg for food."

    (Also ?
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