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Text Chapter 144 Oh my God!  Traffic has acting skills 2

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    "The General's Little Cook".

    It's about a gourmet anchor who travels to the ancient world, by chance, he sneaks into the general's mansion to be a cook, and then falls in love

    Contains many elements:

    The domineering president understands everything.

    Food flow, I understand it all.

    ?Sweet pets refer to the kind where the male protagonist loves the female protagonist infinitely, only giving sweets but not cruelty.

    Raising buns, buns refer to children.  The general had a child born to his first wife, but his first wife died, and the bear child was surrendered by the heroine Barabara.

    ?The real daughter and the fake daughter mean that the wrong child is held in the arms, the real daughter is left outside, and the fake daughter is much loved.  But the amazing thing is that this family knows that they have the wrong child, but they make things difficult for their biological daughter and dote on their false daughter in every possible way, usually appearing as villains.

    In this play, the daughter of the Hou Mansion was dropped, the real daughter begged and died of illness, and the heroine happened to be exactly the same as the real daughter.  The Hou Mansion and the fake daughter are naturally villains.

    These are the popular elements of the female channel, and they are of the same nature as the sign-in stream and invincible stream of the male channel. Regardless of the logic, they are talking about routines.

    The male protagonist is often an all-around talent, capable of everything except having children, with a taciturn poker face, and resists everything alone. Only the female protagonist finds out his fragility and loneliness Barabara

    The heroine is often a female goose (daughter) type, the style of "The Little Wu Zuo of Yuci".  Clever and cute, beautiful in the world, and strong professional ability, the audience has the mentality of raising a daughter goose.

    The above is the standard template for such works.

    Today's idol dramas have no creativity.

    One by one ready-made templates, just put them in, half open book exam.  But even so, most people can't copy, and it's so bad that there is no lower limit.

    "The General's Little Cook", with a medium cost, Bai Yilin and Yu Tongtong are both from the talent show, the male is handsome, the female is cute, they meet the role standards, but the acting skills are not good.

    Yamei clicked on the first episode.

    The food anchor played by Yu Tongtong, wearing a Hanfu, accidentally slipped into the water while visiting the food in a certain place, and wore it to ancient times.

    "Where am I?"

    "Am I dead?"

    "I haven't finished my task today!"

    The heroine woke up from a coma, walked out of an alley, and an ancient street came into view, followed by the usual "swish swish" screen switch.

    I don't know when, when many domestic film and television dramas switch screens, they have to be accompanied by "嗖" and "嗖" sound effects, just like mental retardation.

    Yamei is a very professional up host. She even pays attention to camera work, editing, color matching, and persuasion. First, she found a bright spot: the heroine's style is very carefree, showing Yu Tongtong's petite and cute temperament.

    Second, it's scary.

    She looks!  out!  up!  play!  technology!

    "Have I worn it to ancient times?"

    "I have worn it to ancient times!"

    The heroine stands on the street, screaming madly and wearing a mask of pain.  Hey, there is no exaggeration, it is very natural!

    This is impossible, when did Yu Tongtong have acting skills?

    Yamei continued to watch, the heroine sneaked into the general's mansion, and the hero Bai Yilin appeared on the stage. He really had the poker face of a domineering president. After some pretense, he began to eat dinner.

    According to the routine, here is a blunder:

    For example, the servant took the wrong late-night snack prepared by the hostess, for example, the chef had diarrhea, and the hostess took over temporarily, and ordered a bowl of delicious love noodles

    In short, the general ate the meal cooked by the hostess.

    He stared at a plate of cold salad in doubt, but still picked it up and put it in his mouth. At this time, the room should be very quiet, and it is best to hear his chewing sound, and then close-up his face, micro-expression:

    Taste, it seems to be interesting.

    Taste carefully, um, not bad.

    Taste it wholeheartedly, wow, this dish is shining!


    Yamei was also shocked, Bai Yilin, this guy who is recognized by fans as having no acting skills, he actually came to perform!

    For a moment, Yamei felt that something was a little strange, so she quickly checked the information.

    When I looked at the director, I was an expert in bad movies;

    After watching several episodes, Yamei fell into deep thought.

    But no matter what, she upheld her professional ethics and quickly made a video, praising "The General's Little Cook".


    Old puppet, look at it?? is a feast for the eyes.

    The two protagonists have online appearances and online acting skills. In each episode, they change their ways of giving out sugar. Coupled with the marketing of the navy, the popularity quickly rises.


    #Sweet to physical discomfort#


    "Great future, bright stars. In the past five years, you have grown from a little boy on the stage to a big star. You are still the same you. You have been working hard. We have seen today's rainbow together."

    "The folk girl would like to exchange her best friend for ten years without being able to find a partner in exchange for a cute goose girl like Tongtong. I hope the heavens will see you."

    "You have been poisoned by the general! You are young and frivolous, and you have experienced vicissitudes, but you are still clear and bright. The years that have passed by cannot take away your cold and beautiful eyes. I would like to be a Yangzhou skinny horse. The mountains are high and the waters are far away, and I will come for you  , accompany you through the wind and frost of the world."

    "Brother never bothered to argue, he only used his strength to shut Heizi's mouth!"

    "Hahaha, my brother has acting skills, and the sunspots will only jump in anger!"

    "The General's Little Chef" is a Mango TV drama. It was not planned to be broadcast on satellite TV, but only on the Internet. The results far exceeded expectations.

    Now always talk about the big three platforms, Aiyouteng.

    In fact, Mango's strength is also very strong. Backed by Mango Channel, it firstly solved the big problem of the broadcasting channel, and secondly, it has many years of experience in making shit out of stoves.

    Another is the industrial chain. Mango can complete the closed loop by itself, and it is also the only online platform that achieves profitability.

    So when a drama hits the air, it brings a chain effect.

    The manager was just announcing the good news to Bai Yilin, saying: "You and Yu Tongtong feel very good about CP, and our two families have already agreed that we will speculate on CP for a while.

    Happy Camp has already invited you, and there is also a new variety show on Mango Channel, which is also considering allowing you to join in the performance together.  In addition, there is a modern drama, which is also in the style of sweet pets. I didn't plan to find you at first, but now that I see the popularity, I guess I can almost talk about it.  "


    Bai Yilin was overjoyed. He belongs to the waist flow. Although he has a financial backer, he doesn't have a big platform for in-depth cooperation. It would be great if he could hug Mango's thigh.

    "That's right, that's right!"

    He suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly said: "We must contact you in advance, that"

    "The Age of Miracles."

    "Yes, Age of Miracles, you must find them first and take a front row!"

    "I have already called, and the other party's quotation has changed."

    "Price increase?"

    "no no……"

    The agent frowned tightly, and said: "The other party said they would sign a contract with them. For artists who do not sign in the future, they will not provide technical services."


    In the hot summer, the tragic summer vacation kicked off.

    "The General's Little Cook" is just the first one.

    (Also ?
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