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Text Chapter 154: Earning Foreign Exchange through Export

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    When there was a lot of disturbance outside, Zhuang Zhou had been retreating, and finally finished "The Black Tide" after going through untold hardships.

    Sun Maoxian, the China representative of Netflix, received a sample.

    The opening and ending credits are removed for each episode, and the main film is 20 minutes long to 6 episodes.

    He read it twice seriously, amazed by both the work and the efficiency.  He understands the status quo of the Chinese film and television industry. For example, in TV dramas, the studios often reduce the time of the special effects team to complete dozens of episodes of special effects shots in half a year or even a few months.

    And those teams can actually handle it, it's just that they are a little rough.

    ? In fact, American dramas are similar. American dramas are filmed and broadcast at the same time, with obvious advantages and disadvantages. They often start like gods, unfold like crazy, and have various unfinished endings

    However, "The Kuroshio" is not rough at all, and its standard is extremely high.

    ?Sun Maoxian searched for information on the Internet, and the public information found:

    About a few years ago, the boss Zhuang opened a technology company called Xiaoyaoyou in Shencheng, and then opened a miracle era in Beijing, entered the film production industry, and achieved success.

    Perhaps after making money, Xiaoyaoyou moved away and moved to an industrial park in Shencheng, where it became a large-scale technology company, including an "ai R&D center".

    That is to say, Boss Zhuang has two companies in his hands, Xiaoyaoyou is in charge of technology, and Age of Miracles is in charge of production.

    Sun Maoxian is very interested in this getaway, but the current task is to send "The Kuroshio" back to the Asia Pacific headquarters.

    The Asia Pacific headquarters is in Singapore.

    Netflix's strategy is localization, using the top local talents to shoot the top works and attracting local audiences to recharge their members.  This creates many factions:

    The content director of the Asia-Pacific region is a Korean named Kim Min-young.

    There is a vice president of South Korea, a vice president of Japan, a vice president of India, a vice president of Thailand, and a vice president of messy area.

    ?Because the mainland market cannot enter, Japan, South Korea, India, and Thailand have become the four major granaries, and the rest of Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc., are classified into messy areas.

    The person in charge of each district is naturally a local.

    So the audience can see that Netflix's Korean dramas in the Asia-Pacific region are overwhelming, and the momentum is extremely strong.

    ? Sun Maoxian understood this, and passed it directly to the person in charge of the messy area, a Malaysian Chinese named Song Le'an, whose ancestors were Cantonese.

    Song Le'an is looking at the reports of the previous quarters.

    The situation is not optimistic. Netflix is ??no longer the dominant company. Disney, Warner, Amazon, and Apple are chasing and blocking, and the market pressure is huge.

    "The cost is too high!"

    Song Le'an shook his head.

    Netflix spends more than 10 billion U.S. dollars every year for original production and movie purchases. How can others not figure it out? Anyway, he thinks his family is stupid, has a lot of money, and is famous all over the world!

    For example, in the Japanese drama "The Naked Director", there is a scene describing the protagonist's childhood. Netflix spared no expense to build a 300-meter-long building complex, just to present a picture of more than 3 minutes.

    And the single integration cost of this drama is 100 million yen, which is ten times the production cost of Japanese TV stations.

    Another example is the second season of the Indian drama "Sacred Games", Netflix invested 10 billion rupees, equivalent to nearly 900 million yuan.

    There is money to burn!

    In order to show its wealth and power and quickly capture new markets, Netflix's most direct strategy is to burn money.  And those local practitioners, how could they be so rich before?

    In line with the idea of ??not being in vain or in vain, everyone is dying.

    But the problem is that what is made with a lot of money is not necessarily a high-quality product.

    Song Le'an has always wanted to suggest that the headquarters change its strategy, but there was no suitable opportunity.  After reading the report, he remembered what Sun Maoxian had sent him, so he clicked on the sample.

    It's only 120 minutes in total, not long, and I finished it without knowing it.

    He controlled his excited expression, immediately contacted Sun Maoxian and asked, "How much is the other party asking for?"

    "Overseas special edition exclusive broadcast, including "Red Tide" packaged together, 12 million US dollars."

    $12 million!

    For Netflix, it is not expensive, but for Chinese films, it is sky-high.

    "What do you mean by overseas special edition?"

    "The content in mainland China has been deleted, but the full version is given to us."

    "How many films do you plan to make?"

    "3-4 parts."

    Sun Maoxian paused, and said: "The other party also said that we spent too much money, as if we were taken advantage of. If we cooperate deeply, he can provide cheap and good-looking episodes and special effects services.



    "He can kill the Koreans and Japanese, and help us capture the Asian market and even Hollywood."

    "I disagree!"

    Kim Minying slapped one hand on the table aggressively: "We have always used two strategies to buy movies and make originals. Buying movies wins by quantity, and originals strive for high-quality products.

    The price of 12 million has never been seen in the Asia-Pacific region, and it is a Chinese film!  "

    "Let me correct it, there are two Chinese-language films, and the average is only 6 million each, which is not much at all."

    "Even if it is 6 million, it is too high for your market. The top priority in the Asia-Pacific region is to continue to tap the Korean market"


    The vice president of Japan coughed.

    "As well as the potential of the Japanese market, the Indian market, and the Thai market, we should not spend time and money in the Chinese-speaking area."

    Kim Minying publicly suppressed it, while the rest watched.

    Although Song Le'an is used to it, he can't help being angry. The mainland market is not open, and the members from Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas Chinese are fragmented and very passive, and he has no right to speak.

    But this time, he had to support it, and he thought it was a good opportunity.

    So I replied forcefully: "I remind you, as the person in charge of a large region, I have every right to sign this agreement. Notifying you is just a procedural courtesy."

    "Huh! If the grades are not good, will you bear it all?"

    "Why should I take it?"

    Song Le'an didn't fall for the trap at all, and asked instead: "Every one of your Japanese and Korean dramas has been successful? Why didn't you take responsibility?"


    Song Le'an left after speaking.

    Shrugging the shoulders of Japan, India, and Thailand, they also flashed away, leaving two Koreans behind.

    ?Since the Han Dynasty was restricted, the Korean wave has been unable to enter the mainland, and it is introverted to death. It is easy to catch Netflix and start to develop overseas.

    ? At present, the two major drama genres in the Asia-Pacific region, Korean dramas and Chinese dramas, are in full swing.

    Those ancient puppet shows in Chinese are sprayed like shit in China, but they are quite popular overseas, because there are few such shows overseas.

    Seeing the puppet fantasy, wow, so beautiful and novel!

    Seeing the ancient puppet fairy, wow, so beautiful and novel!

    Looking at the ancient puppet danmei, wow, there are obsessed with danmei all over the world.

    The popularity of Chinese ancient puppet shows has made Bangzi start plagiarizing shamelessly again. Why?

    Because they also want to shoot ancient puppets, but they don't have the background, they don't have the obedience, the traditional costumes of the Bangzi Kingdom - breast-showing clothes, let's find out.

    Therefore, in our opinion, the Fuhuadao of the 80s and 90s, the stereotyped, beautified, superficial and meaningless modern ancient puppet Fuhuadao have become the targets of crazy plagiarism in Korean puppet dramas.

    Even forcing Hanfu to belong to their family.

    Having said that, as the content director, Jin Minying must vigorously support domestic works, but Song Le'an's position is not low. If it is forcibly suppressed, it will not be easy to speak at the headquarters.

    I only hope that the failure of this "Kuroshio" is called.

    the other side.

    Song Le'an contacted Sun Maoxian again and said, "12 million US dollars, promise him, and talk about how to in-depth cooperation by the way?"

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