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Text Chapter 162 Bonus

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    (Chapter 161 has been harmonizedfishbear06 has been updated.)

    Just like domestic popularity, Netflix also has its own calculation method, ranking a popularity list.

    Netflix covers more than 190 countries and regions, and is divided into several regions. Members in each region see different content, but members can watch in different regions.

    So this popularity list is also one for each region.

    The promotion of "Kuroshio" was not very good, and the results were poor at first, but as the popularity of the mainland (over the wall) and Hong Kong fermented, it quickly pushed up the ranking.

    Song Le'an continued to support and increase promotion.

    So after going online for a while, I finally received a reward.

    "Yesterday "Kuroshio" scored 535 points, ranking first in 28 countries and regions. Today it is 658 points, ranking first for two consecutive days.

    ? As of now, it has been watched by 27 million members around the world, and ranks among the top ten film and television lists in more than 80 countries and regions.

    Hong Kong ranked No. 1 for 10 consecutive days, and Japan rose from No. 5 to No. 2"

    Song Le'an looked at the latest battle report, and couldn't close his mouth from ear to ear. The feedback from the audience in East Asia and Southeast Asia was good, especially in Japan, which seemed to hit the g-spot of certain groups and burst out with amazing enthusiasm.

    "Cyber ??monster girl, onboard!"

    "I love the pair of humanoid and dog sisters to death, and the idea of ??the four waves is also great, and the fanbook is charged at a high price."

    "The heroine (Yang Tianbao) is perfect for me. I like girls with big eyes and cute. Is she 18 years old? She looks really young and strong."

    "She's almost 38! ¡ª¡ªFrom an overseas student who did not want to be named."

    "Police sister Si Guoyi, step on me! Step on me!"

    "That Buddha statue is unique, it reminds me of the robot Kannon at Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto, but ours is so ugly, like a cheap sex toy."

    Koreans are watching it too, it's very sour:

    "This must be the effect made by our special effects company. The Korean special effects team is the top in the world!"

    "The Chinese must have swiped their data!"

    "Why are so many Westerners there, and they still speak Chinese? I saw a lot of Japanese signs. Why are Korean elements excluded?"

    "Cyberpunk doesn't have any Korean elements. Isn't it enough for you to live in the cyber world every day? ¡ª¡ªFrom a righteous overseas student who did not want to be named."

    One sentence stabbed the lungs of Koreans.

    If Hong Kong is very cyber-like, then South Korea is a real version of cyber from the inside out.  The boss of the chaebol, the second child of the government, and the king of introversion!

    The feedback from the Asia-Pacific region was expected. To Song Le'an's surprise, audiences from Latin American countries also gave good comments.

    ?Because Latin America is the backyard of the United States, and has been bullied all the time. They may not dare to speak out on the bright side, but those who poke in the dark are disgusting to death.

    "The Kuroshio" is the story of the low-level people who get cheats and turn over the elite.  This kind of story has a common language in all bullied countries.

    Like "Ip Man", which resists the invaders, it is very popular in Latin America and Africa.

    Generally speaking, Netflix is ??very satisfied with the results of "Kuroshio", and even drove the registration of a small number of members. The $12 million is too worthwhile.

    Song Le'an was very relieved when he heard Jin Minying's beating and beating. He had long thought that these Korean high-level officials were not pleasing to his eyes.

    It's just that no one expected that the other party came from the mainland, which has no open market at all.

    Song Le'an quickly ordered Sun Maoxian to tell Zhuang Zhou: "The Black Tide" will be renewed directly for the second season, and he hopes to make more films.


    "Baby is so good-looking, I have been poisoned by her, even if I am called a fan of brains, I am willing!"

    "I twitched and said, this time the baby is really amazing, and it turns black and white."

    "The Age of Miracles is really a miracle, even this kind of thing can be trained. Back then, Tsui Hark had to spend a lot of effort to just turn her into a vase."

    "One thing to say, she is really outstanding this time!"

    "Does anyone think that baby and Lu Ke have a CP feeling?"

    "Fuck you, don't touch me. My family Lu Zonggong, but the match number is yyds!"

    ?In the nanny's car, Yang Tianbao was scrolling through the comments, unable to close his legs. He was in such a good mood that he could even tolerate some harsh words.

    The manager was even more excited and kept talking: "Mango and Lantai each have a new variety show, and they both intend to invite you to stay. Kuaiben wants you, Lu Ke, and He Saisai to make an appearance together. A new product from Dior  Already got it for you?, your business show and e-commerce delivery have been scheduled for the next month!  "

    Every time the agent said a word, she pinched her legs, and the excitement was even higher than the orgasm.

    The person Zhuang Zhou chose is too good for g, if it is changed to someone else, it may not have such an effect of extreme contrast.

    Yang Tianbao became a god!

    "When you see Lu Ke later, you must be careful and be as enthusiastic as possible. She is the heart of Mr. Zhuang, and her popularity is higher than in "Red Tide" now."

    "Oh, I know she's my favorite."

    Yang Tianbao snorted, and said: "But I can tell that they have nothing to do with each other. On the contrary, it's the girl with the big breasts who is so flirtatious that men can't stop her."

    While speaking, the vehicle arrived at the studio.

    Today is a fashion magazine, and she and Lu Ke are invited to shoot the cover, but Zhuang Zhou also puts He Saisai in, so there are three of them.

    "Hello, Teacher Yang!"

    "Hello, Teacher Yang!"

    The staff greeted them one after another with flattering smiles on their faces.  Oh, that refreshing, it's been a long time since she tasted this kind of popularity.

    After entering the studio, Lu Ke and He Saisai have already started to put on makeup.

    "Traffic jam on the road, my fault, my fault"

    Yang Tianbao possessed his acting skills again, and trotted to Lu Ke's side, getting very close: "How long have you been here, I'm really sorry."

    "It's okay, we haven't had a long time."

    "It's good that you don't delay work. Hey, your eyebrow shape is so beautiful. It must look good when you take pictures."

    "Really? I don't quite understand."

    "Sure, you are tall, you are already full of vigor, your eyebrows soften a bit, it can show your different temperament, wow, amazing"


    He Saisai's eyes were about to roll out.

    Yang Tianbao was almost finished, turned to this side, his smile became false again: "Wow, Sai Sai, you are so beautiful today!"

    "Really? I've never photographed for a magazine, and I've always been afraid of being slowed down. I still look like an ugly duckling when I shoot with you two beauties.

    I don't understand anything, even this lipstick number is wrong, baby sister, do you have anything else, can you lend me a try?  "

    Tea can understand tea, bitch can understand bitch.

    Yang Tianbao smiled even more plastically, and took out a few lipsticks of his own: "Of course, I can give it to you if you don't like it."

    "Really? Really? Then I won't be polite!"

    "Oh, of course you are welcome!"


    Lu Ke had a question mark on his face, do they have such a good relationship?  But it seems not very good, subtle~

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