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Text Chapter 161: Give up fantasy and continue fighting

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    "'Good works done before justification are displeasing to God, because they do not spring from faith in Christ Jesus, nor do they fit a man to receive grace.'¡ª¡ª

    Article 13 of the Thirty-nine Canons of the Anglican Church

    What is justification?  Human beings are born sinful, and only through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ can they become righteous from sinners. This process is called justification.

    To put it bluntly, you can only be considered a human being if you believe in God.

    If you don't believe in God, no matter how good you are, you are still not human, and you may even go to hell.

    Since they are not counted as human beings, they cannot be treated in the same way as human beings. Therefore, what I do to those heretics, such as killing people, robbing property, and enslaving them, is all correct.

    This is the foundation of monotheism, double standards.

    Because they need a reason to allocate resources and legally exploit the heretics.

    With the development of the times, especially after the Renaissance, the theocracy declined, and the new aristocracy and bourgeoisie came onto the stage.  They need a new discourse system to give a reasonable explanation for their bloody and brutal bandit methods.

    At this time, the double standard is no longer religious and pagan, but civilized and uncivilized.

    If you are a "civilized" country under the Western discourse system, you can do anything to any "uncivilized" country!

    So when they slaughtered Indians in North America, sold slaves in Africa, and even invaded Chinathey won't have any burdens, because we are not human.

    In 1920, when Churchill ordered the gas bombing of Iraq, he said:

    "I don't admit that it's wrong to do this to these people, when a stronger, higher and wiser race does it to them, to come in and replace them in this way."

    As the saying goes: I am a civilized person, so I can be uncivilized!

    This set of things has run through the entire history of the West and has long become the official yishi form.  And today, a more beautiful method of packaging hierarchy and hierarchy with universal values ????has evolved

    If you are not within my universal value system, you are the enemy!

    Like China.

    Therefore, don't always think about using our logic to understand each other, and don't think that the other party can understand us.

    ?It is full of noble words and anti-humanity. The West is born with double standards.

    Well, the background is finished, back to the topic.

    In the past 30 years, we have solved the problem of being beaten, in the second 30 years, we have solved the problem of starvation, and in the next 30 years, we will solve the problem of being scolded.

    That is: regain the lost right to speak.

    Our right to speak in society, economy, culture, customs, national quality, etc. was once lost in all aspects. Of course, today we only talk about film and television.

    Needless to say, the basic concepts of cyberpunk are generally recognized as "high technology and low life" and "control and resistance".

    I have watched almost all cyber-element film and television dramas, and they have indeed exposed some real social contradictions, but they will only give a symbolic symbol: resistance.

    But if you don't show up to resist who, how can you resist?

    Because they know very well that this thing will inevitably involve the fundamental contradictions of Western society.  So when you look at every cyber work, you resist loneliness in the end, and nothing changes.

    Of course, it makes sense if it is explained by Western universal values.

    Although they are at the bottom, unable to buy prosthetic bodies, addicted to the virtual world, and alienated, they are free!  Does mechanical control count as control?  That is obviously the convenient life brought by high technology to human beings!

    So, even if I live in such a shitty society, I can still think about the proposition of whether bionics are human right?  The man who said philosophical speculation!

    Cyberpunk is not a science formula, it must be followed.

    When it was born, there was no specific concept at all. It was the continuous improvement of so many works over the past few decades, and the continuous addition of its own elements to form today's cyberpunk.

    Why has it become a golden rule when it is our turn to make domestic cyber?

    Can't we just add our own?  We have to follow the foreigners, to discuss what philosophical speculation?

    Remember, this is their logic, not ours!

    Westerners say that a flat face, squinted eyes, and flat nose are the high-end beauty of the East.  Why did you really get a group of squint-eyed models to lick the hearts of foreigners?

    Is it cheap!

    In recent years, high-level leaders have been emphasizing self-confidence, going out, exporting, and the Chinese method.

      But the vast majority of film and television practitioners haven't realized it yet, or they don't have the money to invest in them, so that they can make some solid products.

    The reason why I mentioned a bunch of background factors before is because I didn¡¯t make it clear, some people don¡¯t understand how important it is to be strong and confident, and to walk your own way!

    What's more, "The Kuroshio" was originally a serious cyberwork.

    It's just that its resistance is not scratching the surface!

    Do you see the overwhelming omnic at the end, does it look like a vast ocean?

    ? I scanned the analysis articles, and there are many people who understand it. I dare not say if I dare to say it, but I will make a prediction.

    I heard that "The Kuroshio" is a trilogy, and the first one is about the protagonist's awakening. I think the title of the film may be like this:

    "The Kuroshio Awakening"

    "Kuroshio Starfire"

    "The Kuroshio World"!  "


    As soon as this article came out, the noise disappeared.

    Those who oppose dare not be wrong, and those who support silently give a thumbs up.

    "I don't say it, I just watch it, I support it, and I even call on my relatives and friends to watch it together."

    "It's the second time in my life that I've become a member. The last time it was the bathing city's promotion."

    "There are too many interesting details in it. I made a small website, including all the current materials of "Red Tide" and "Kuroshio Tide". Comrades are welcome to communicate with each other."

    "Quickly publish the original painting collection!"

    The influence of the film continued to spread, and like "Red Tide", it also alarmed the official media.

    "The Kuroshio" is even more explicit, which made the official media quite embarrassed, so they agreed, no longer digging deep into what it has, and focused on the performance.

    ? At the same time, through the relationship of seven turns and eight turnarounds, I brought a message to Zhuang Zhou: "The original intention is good, and the direction is right, but it is a bit radical."

    Zhuang Zhou was terrified, and immediately expressed his opinion: "Oh, then I won't be filming, and I'm going to make a lot of money with the entertainment industry."

    "Don't tell me, at least the filming of your trilogy is finished!"

    For so many years, except for "The Wandering Earth", it is him, how could he let him run away.

    ?As for the results, the mainland platforms are making great strides, even breaking the records of the NetUniversity, yes, this is still the NetUniversity!  The netizens complained again: "Please don't impersonate, go to the cinema!"

    Previously, the record of Wangda's accounting was "Hualong".

    The web drama is "Red Tide".

    "Kuroshio" easily killed "Dragon Transformation" at an astonishing speed, and went straight to 100 million, raising the ceiling of account sharing by itself.

    Of course, Zhuang Zhou doesn't care anymore, and pays more attention to the movement on Netflix.

    Netflix did not give any promotional resources in the early stage, but the daily data grew extremely fast, and both he and Song Le'an were full of confidence.


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