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Text Chapter 160 Do you think this is just cyber?

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    The mainland version of "The Kuroshio" is a whole movie, and Netflix is ??in the form of short dramas.

    But unlike other platforms, Netflix releases one or two episodes every day or every week. It is used to releasing all of them at once.  So no matter at home or abroad, I finished watching "The Kuroshio" in one go.

    Inside the private theater.

    A group of people had different thoughts, and there was a brief silence.

    This film is still a commercial film in essence, but Zhuang Zhou added a little private stuff, but it is this private stuff that makes it completely different from other works of the same type.

    What's more, it's not cryptic, it's very direct.

    Even Yang Tianbao understood it!

    She couldn't help but think of Zhang Jiazhen's evaluation of Zhuang Zhou that Zhang Jiazhen often puts in words: this man's works have no petty love and love, his domineering air is exposed, and his aggressive posture is extremely strong!

    On the other side, Yao Lin's wonderful mind is also thinking about this issue.

    She watched Zhuang Zhou walking all the way, except that "Desert Scorpion" is a silly film that only makes money, "Transforming Dragon", "Red Tide" and "Black Tide" all have unique perspectives and patterns in them.

    Being able to make such a work is only for making money?  Or lead a bunch of goofy dogs in the industry to make money together?

    Inexplicably, she was a little scared.  But the fixed cognition formed over a long period of time allowed her to convince herself: there are still people in this world who are not for making money?  !

    In short, the movie is over.

    After bidding farewell to Zhuang Zhou one after another, Da Mimi and Yao Lin came over and said, "When we're done with this part, shall we talk about the new drama series?"


    After they left, Yang Tianbao also came over. If there were no outsiders, she would have died, but she also secretly grabbed his collar and bit her lip: "You didn't lie to me, you really did it!"

    "I never lie."

    "Hmph, how do you want me to thank you?"

    "I didn't think about it, anyway, you should enjoy success first."

    Yang Tianbao loved hearing these words so much, he possessed his acting skills in an instant, rolled his eyes, followed his neckline, and left reluctantly.

    The exciting night is over.

    What awaits them is a more violent cyber storm than ever before!


    "The Kuroshio" is a movie masquerading as a commercial.

    Those viewers who are too lazy to use their brains and just want to watch popcorn will be satisfied first.

    Not to mention the high-level action scenes in it, not to mention the superb special effects scenes, the most superficial gimmick elements alone can attract a large number of netizens.

    There are at most three waves in Hollywood, and that is in the old and new versions of "Total Recall".

    But these are four waves, can you see them?

    The first thing that became popular was dodo.

    She seized this opportunity perfectly, and every day after the live broadcast was sprayed with water, she would publicize, "Wow, big guy, go watch "Kuroshio", I'm so excited to hold four waves!"

    In the Internet age, things cannot be hidden.

    Just like we are in the group, we often receive the latest welfare videos sent by enthusiastic group friends, and a large piece can be spread quickly.  So the old perverts acted first, and the curious ones also acted, and the passers-by couldn't help but take a look

    Keeping pace with the times, dodo customized two fake waves and restored them on the spot!

    The status of Fuli Ji's coffee soared, and the rocket flew up, and the eldest brother came to sleep with her overnight carrying the train.

    Next is Li Qihong.

    She was not considered a big hit back then, but after all, she had masterpieces that were deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and returning to youth is still very novel in the Chinese entertainment industry.

    The dancing scene in the film went viral on all major platforms, and also aroused the curiosity of a group of viewers.

    Originally thought it was a marketing gimmick, but after watching the feature film, damn it, it¡¯s more real than a real person!

    "My little Guo Xiang ah ah ah!"

    "Don't make a fuss, this is just a special effect, Hollywood has already played it, "Rejuvenation" and "Gemini Man" Barabara!"

    "Fart, I think this is an AI face swap!"

    For a while, there were various discussions about technology, and there were brainstorming shouts:

    "Since there is such a technology, let's do it more violently!"

    "Xiayu Fanghong, Xianzhen Minxin, all returned to the screen. I'm tired of those Internet celebrity female stars whose skin is so smooth that they can't even see the bridge of their noses!"

    "Don't engage in gender discrimination. South Jiao North Ancient, Tianya Simei, Zheng Shaoqiu, He Jiajin, Wu Dairong, Zhang Zhiyao, Huang Haibing, Zhao Hongfei, Ren Quan can also have it!"

    "Ancient puppet and ugly man, fuck off!"

    However, netizens who watched the mainland version heard that the overseas version was more exciting, crying for skills to bypass the wall, orPirated resources.

    These are commercial elements, accumulated feedback from the audience, and after a few days, a group of netizens who control details, analyze streams, and like to dig out the connotation also made efforts together, and the discussion direction began to become high-end.


    An article appeared on Zhihu: "The Kuroshio" is not a cyber at all!

    "There has been a lot of discussion about "Kuroshio" recently. As the first domestically produced cyber movie, I am delighted to see the breakthroughs made by practitioners in genre films, but I also maintain an objective attitude and talk about my opinions without praising or killing.

    The background of cyberspace is mostly based on high technology and low life.  With advanced science and technology, collapsed social structure, and a variety of visual effects as the main elements.

    "The Kuroshio" does a great job at this point, full of elements, strong visual impact, and wonderful play, which satisfies me, a kung fu fan who has been hungry for many years.

    In the story, there is no mystery, very straightforward commercial routines.

    As for the actors, their acting skills exploded collectively. Yang Tianbao was shocked to heaven, Li Qihong missed his youth, Qin Pei, Li Naiwen, Tang Yingying, etc., also fit their respective roles very well.

    On the novelty hunt, after I watched the mainland version, I watched the overseas version, and I have to say that it is even better than the foreigners. I was so surprised that I ate three more bowls of rice.

    All of the above, I give "The Kuroshio" 8 points.

    But I want to talk about the kernel.

    Cyber ??has never been a kind of appearance, not to say that you can call it cyber with neon lights or holographic advertisements.

    What really supports the cyber world is the philosophical speculation in it, which can be briefly summarized as follows:

    1. What is the nature of consciousness?

    "The Matrix" mentioned the human-machine interface, and "Transcendental Hackers" directly combined human consciousness with the brain

    Can human consciousness be digitized? Is consciousness equal to memory?  Is memory equal to soul?  Your memory has been changed, are you still you?

    2. What is the essence of emotion?

    In "Ex Machina", the AI ??robot Ava not only successfully passed the Turing test, but also successfully cheated the hero's love.

    Can cry and laugh, dare to love and dare to hate, are these emotions that human beings are proud of, are they really the patents of human beings?

    3. What is a human being?

    Thinking robots and bionics who can give birth to offspring, are they considered human beings?

    There are too many discussions on this, so I won¡¯t give examples one by one.

    4. Do we really exist?

    In "The Matrix", the seemingly normal real world is actually controlled by an artificial intelligence system.  Is Zion Base, the last human stronghold on earth, real or part of a virtual world?  Is Neo the real savior, or a subroutine of the intelligent system?

    This is an eternal philosophical question: how do we know the world is real?

    So I say that visual elements have never been cyber, and these philosophical speculations are the support of cyber.

    I was in "The Kuroshio", unfortunately I didn't see these support points, so that they looked like castles in the air, beautiful, but floating and crumbling.

    At best, it's just a popcorn movie.  "

    Once the article comes out, those who agree with it will not count:

    "Finally someone spoke my mind, and I dare not say a bad word, for fear of being sprayed."

    ""The Kuroshio" looks okay from the front, but the more you look at it, the more wrong it becomes, and it deviates by a hundred and eight thousand miles."

    ""The Kuroshio" is too shallow, it's just a b-movie in cyber skin!"

    But soon, someone posted another article, which was obviously tit for tat:

    "You think this is just cyber?"


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