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Text Chapter 159: The Kuroshio 3 (Tony Twain Plus)

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    Auspicious apartment, blood flowed like a river.

    Xia Ye tremblingly stepped over one corpse after another, looking at the faces, the stacks were all damaged, and felt a great sense of desolation and grief filling his whole body.

    When she ran upstairs, she pushed open the door.

    The blood-red and blue phosphorus-like flames shone on the small bedroom, still as demonish as hell, a shadow huddled in the corner, but could no longer cry.

    The pink hair was shaved, the hands and feet were cut off, and the head was cut off, like a pile of building blocks, neatly stacked there.


    Xia Ye covered her mouth.

    She has never hurt anyone, relying on her ugly body that was deceived and transformed, she barely survived being bullied every day.  As long as someone gives her a little friendly smile, she can be happy all day.

    But even so, she died.

    Like a toy, dead.

    Xia Ye knelt on the ground, tears fell like broken beads, it shouldn't be like this!  It shouldn't be like this!

    Clues came up: Amin was the backbone of the Wind Media Association, accidentally obtained some important information, and was killed in a freshwater crocodile, along with her sister.

    The information was sent to a certain terminal for storage. The gangsters were obviously looking for that terminal, and they killed all the people who were related or not, but they still couldn't find it.

    The Wind Media Association is not good at force and has already hidden it.

    Aunt Hong was sent to the Rose Hotel for protection, and the war came.

    The first night, in the secret base, Xia Ye and Officer Tang drank wine and chatted against the railing.

    "Hey, as a policeman, why did you set up a resistance organization?"

    "It belongs to my father. I just inherit my last wish. Uncle Pei is also left by my father. It seems that he has really become the old housekeeper of our family. He is called Miss Tiantian."

    "Then why did your father build it?"

    "I don't know, maybe it has something to do with my mother, we rarely communicate."

    Police officer Tang held a can of beer and laughed at himself: "To be honest, I don't even know what the meaning is, to resist and resist, what is it to resist? They don't know, at most they use this place as a shelter"

    "What a shelter, you hurt people's hearts too much!"

    The hacker woman turned her waist and came over, a tentacle opened the interface, like a monster opened its mouthparts, and grinned at Officer Tang.

    "I stayed because of you!"

    She teased the beautiful woman, giggled, and writhed away.

    Officer Tang was a little embarrassed by Xia Ye's strange gaze, and hurriedly said: "Don't think about it, she loves to play pranks the most. You can see that she is as beautiful as a flower, but she is actually 70 years old."


    Xia Ye choked: "70 years old?!"

    "Anyway, she said it herself"

    Police officer Tang looked at the back of the hacker woman and sighed: "In this world, nothing seems to be important, gender, family, value, ethics, appearance, body crazy people go crazy, make money, make money, and enjoy yourself now.  The gullies in the Upper and Lower Ninth Wards are deeper than the bay.

    Just like her, she said she is a 70-year-old old woman, is that true?  She used to be a man or a woman, where did she hang out, what's the story?

    Who knows?  "


    Xia Ye was also silent, drinking wine silently, said: "I don't read much, I only left District 13 once, and I usually play games, the games are wonderful and vast, I thought the world was like that.

    But during this time I discovered that I have never really seen the world.

    District 13 is so small!

    It's so small that some people can kill people recklessly just because of a piece of news; so small that some people don't care about our existence at all, so small that some people take it for granted that we should live like this, like reptiles!  "

    She shook her head: "I don't understand why, I just think it shouldn't be like this!"

    Just for this bit of vinegar, Zhuang Zhou made this dumpling!

    The barrage was quiet for a while, and then surged like a tide:

    "Gah! Get off your fucking soul body, get off your fucking bionic, this is what you call resistance!"

    "I always thought cyberpunk was awkward, but I couldn't explain the reason. Now I understand, it turns out that they are all scratching their heads, diverting their attention, and pretending to be confused!"

    Some people also commented below:

    "I went to private school, elementary school, middle school, and was a soldier, but I never saw a map of the world, so I don't know how big the world is. In my mind, Xiangtan County is bigger, and Hunan Province is bigger the library  hanging on the wallOn the one hand, we firmly resist the implantation of AI into the human body.

    Finally, a dancing robot wrapped in sequined costumes tightly wrapped its four arms around Uncle Sun. Uncle Sun threw his head upwards and opened his mouth, as if trying to squeeze some air from his throat.

    The last thing he saw was the mechanical Buddha, still majestic.

    At this moment, the chanting suddenly sounded, and the extremely brainwashing electronic sound, with a strong and pure cyber temperament, rushed out of the screen and hit the hearts of every audience.

    "All the mistakes of all living beings are caused by cause and effect,

    There is no dispute and no disaster,

    The turbid flowers hang in the blue sky,

    Where to hide in scattered.

    buzz da la doo da la

    Du la nanmo ha la ho la

    Hum, ha, ha, ha, ha"

    "Lan Ruo Tara", the whole film is over

    There is an easter egg at the end, which is also a preview of the second part.

    "Where did Amin send that message?"

    "Oh, by the way, does he usually have a job?"

    "It seems to be working in Ocean Paradise."

    "Ocean Paradise?"

    The camera zooms to a water park in the distance, in a large pool, a semi-mechanized beluga whale swims underwater.
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