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Text Chapter 158: The Kuroshio 2 (Bandit number Meng Dega)

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    Private cinema.

    Yao Lin, Da Mimi, and all the groups who came to observe have no doubts about Zhuang Zhou's skills.

    In the shot just now, Yang Tianbao showed fear, pain, anger, wailing, clear layers, and powerful contagion, which has beaten most professional actors.

    Who can believe that this is actually Yang Tianbao?  ?  ?

    She herself was dazzled and climaxed one after another.  Da Mimi had a bit of a taste, and whispered: "The acting is really good!"

    "Don't use it if you have the ability!" She snorted.

    "I'm not capable, I just think you have a little less role, not like a leading lady."

    "What do you know, I'm behind the scene."

    Yang Tianbao was very proud, and said close to his ear: "I tell you, don't try to provoke us."


    It's Da Mimi's turn to snort coldly, it's not that she's crazy about sleeping with Zhuang Zhou, but why I didn't take part in such a good thing, and let you take the lead!


    Xia Ye remembered that she seemed to be dead, but suddenly opened her eyes again.

    The room was all white, and sitting across from him was an old man with silver-gray hair, glasses, and a dirty look. His whole body was beating violently and nervously.

    "This is my virtual lab, your stack has been picked up."

    "Who saved me? Who killed me? Why did he kill me?"

    Xia Ye was still immersed in the moment before she died, full of confusion and anger.  And her eyes swept casually, and suddenly collapsed:

    Impressively hanging on an operating table, yes, hanging on.

    Because there is only one head left, pinched by two mechanical arms, and underneath is a disorganized body.  When he spoke just now, it was this head that spoke.


    No matter how uneducated Xia Ye is, she also has some common sense, and said, "Isn't this a virtual space? Why am I like this?"

    "I'm going to perform surgery on you, it needs a sense of ritual."

    The psychiatrist played by Li Naiwen waved his hands and said, "Okay, I have limited time and I have no obligation to answer your questions. Let's start."

    Until this time, the film did not present the specific concept of the prosthetic body.

    "Squid 3-xr, produced by Nomura, is infinitely close to the military-grade hacker-type operating system. But under my transformation, it can completely compete with the military-grade."

    "Mammoth 5000, produced by Black Star Company, is the most cost-effective melee system. Most of the field teams of those oligarchs use this."

    "Recurve ejection, leg modification device, allowing you to easily jump to a height of more than ten meters."

    "Plasma arc cutting, hand modification device, can melt or even vaporize metal casually, but this is a high-end product, I don't have it."

    "VH3 internal organs and digestive system, you install this, you can eat raw meat and blood in the future."


    Xia Ye's expression changed with the doctor's introduction, and finally he couldn't help asking: "Why do I eat raw meat and drink raw blood?"

    "Hey, this is the standard configuration of the werewolf club. I also have a full set of vampire configuration. Drinking raw blood will be as intoxicating as smoking du, hiss"

    The doctor was a little nervous and fell into talking to himself.

    Xia Ye didn't dare to disturb her, she lowered her eyes.

    She still can't forget that her good innocence was tortured and killed, and she can't even find a reason.  This made her full of anger all the time, and her sister seemed to be in danger.

    She raised her eyes again, interrupted the imaginary doctor aloud, and said, "I want the strongest!"

    "what are you up to?"

    "I want revenge, I want to find my sister, I want to find out the truth, I want to know what will happen to me!"


    The doctor turned his head, aimed at her with his bladder, understood her anger, and became more and more happy instead.

    Because he has an anti-social tendency, he is afraid that the world will not be chaotic, and said: "I have a new product, which may be the strongest, but it also has serious side effects. Do you dare to try it?"

    The operating system is the core, controlled by the consciousness of digitized people, coupled with appropriate partial prosthetic bodies such as hands, feet, skin, and vision, it can exert super power.

    "What product?"

    The doctor's face came closer, with a strange and crazy light flashing in his eyes:



    Xia Ye joined the resistance organization led by Officer Tang, and its secret base is underground in the Rose Hotel.

    The ai housekeeper played by Qin Pei appeared on the stage, and the holographic projection??, the temperament of an old-school gentleman, polite.

    The master hacker played by He Saisai also appeared, with a black bellyband, big white legs, choppy waves, and several tentacles-like data cables behind him. It is the squid 3-xr improved by the doctor.

    There are also a few extras, which constitute the core backbone of the resistance organization.

    Xia Ye wanted to investigate the truth, and the only clue so far was the mother of her sister's boyfriend, so Li Qihong appeared on the stage.

    Obasan is old, loves to play, and often flirts in the virtual space, so there is the scene in the trailer: 20-year-old Li Qihong, with bright eyes and bright teeth, a sweet smile, twisting her waist and dancing.

    As if the flowers bloomed, or never withered.

    The netizen threw the keyboard again, and the barrage went crazy:

    "Damn it! I suddenly got a little scared, and my back felt cold, please tell me it's fake!"

    "What kind of black technology is this? Is the earth going to be a mechanical descendant?"

    "A group of people who don't know much, is this also a special effect? ??Hollywood has already played it!"

    "No, no, it feels different, this is so real!"

    "Ahhh! I don't care, I just want my little Guo Xiang, let's play more roles, I don't want to watch those internet celebrity faces!"

    Li Qihong showed off her peak beauty and returned to the state of a teacher in her 50s, which made the audience a big contrast.

    "Amin has been unable to be contacted, and I am also in a hurry. I want to call the police."

    "My sister is also missing"

    Xia Ye didn't have the heart to tell the other party her guess, fearing that she would not be able to bear it, so she said: "Aunt Hong, what unusual behavior has A Ming been doing recently?"

    "Abnormal, it seems not."

    "Then did he leave anything behind?"

    "Uh, oh oh!"

    She took a small box and said: "Amin said that if one day you can't find him, you can take this to someone you trust. I don't understand either. Let's see what it is?"

    Officer Tang opened the box, and inside was a ring with a flower engraved on it.

    Her complexion changed suddenly, and she quickly arranged for Aunt Hong to go to the Rose Hotel, explaining: "This is the sign of the wind media. Your sister's boyfriend is a member of the wind media association."

    Wind Media, a person who specialized in scouting and selling news in ancient times.

    Once something happens to this kind of person, you will definitely get some great news!

    The two continued to investigate and found out that the owner behind the Freshwater Crocodile Bar was a gang in District 13.  The film also shows some freshwater crocodiles in action:

    Female body furniture;

    Transform the uterus;

    ? A real human doll with an AI system;

    Destroying stacks, intentionally killing people for fun

    Just like the Greyhound sisters at the entrance of the bar, regardless of voluntary, forced, or even abducted, sold, robbed, all of these are bloody and skinned, trampling on the bodies and lives of innocent people, for the enjoyment of noble members.

    And the gang surfaced, and Sun Bo, played by Shang Tielong, made an appearance.

    Hall, Mechanical Buddha.

    This Buddha has a silver metal face, a solemn treasure appearance, big ears with pearls in it, and is connected to a silver metal torso, with feet on lotus flowers. The tall body has a faint golden light, which is the symbolic optical feature of polymer metal crystals.

    Put the meat bun on top, put your hands together, and a circle of holographic Buddha light is released from the back of your head.


    Uncle Sun, wearing a gown and a string of sandalwood beads on his hands, worshiped the Buddha statue.

    Qidao and Li Pingan followed suit. Uncle Sun said in a hoarse voice with a blank expression on his face, "All sentient beings are suffering and weak, help them out."


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